Well, I guess this is it. OK, that’s a bit dramatic. But it’s that time of year for egg nog self-reflection (and also egg nog). How was 2012 for you? Did you have a Channing Tatum year that blew away all of your expectations and made you feel like the surprise king of the world and who even saw that coming but that’s great congratulations? Or did you have a Taylor Kitsch year where you started off full of hope and promise only to kind of wither on the vine and make you second guess everything that you thought you knew? Of course, a year is a long time and you might have had a little bit of both. A little bit of grinding the floor into dust here, and being in fucking Battleship there. One day you blow everyone’s minds and win a Peabody award, the next day you are shouting “BARSUM!” and everyone is like, uhhhh, dude? Either way, guess what: next year is a whole new year. (You read Videogum because we tell you things you didn’t know.) One year’s Channing Tatum is next year’s Taylor Kitsch, and vice versa. Don’t even sweat it! But how was it? You can be honest. My year, for example, was a little bit of both! (Clever girl.) I feel like if I really had to categorize it, I actually had more of a Richard Jenkins year, just putting in the work, showing up on time, some days being better than others, with the hope that in retrospect the whole thing will prove to have been Channing Tatum in the end, although you can never shake the fear that it’s just been Taylor Kitsch all along. (This metaphor works, and is great, and is clear and concise and NOT super-confusing.)

You? Which one was it? Show your work.

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  1. Either way I wasn’t wearing a shirt.

  2. Wow! Well I got to go to Iceland for a swim meet with a bunch of friends. I spent time in LA and San Fran with some friends, and saw Yosemite and the Red Woods. My parents came up for thanksgiving and met my partner’s family for the first time ever in our 7 years together. I got to spend a weekend in Boston with my Cuban family and got to see how big the kids have gotten and bond with them.I took 3 classes and I think I got all As in them (still waiting on the last one). I saw a whole bunch of music shows and good movies and commented with a bunch of cool people on this site. My job could be better, but nothing is perfect. Wow again, didn’t realize how much I had to be grateful for – thanks for making me think this through Gabe!

  3. This was a good year! I was able to take a few trips, including one to NY which was great, as I got to go back to my hometown for the 1st time in over 10 years (Florida, NY, home of Jimmy Sturr!). Grad school continued to be pretty great, made some good wedding plans, watched Peep Show and a lot of Frasier, lost some weight, gained some back, met a Videogum monster in real life for the first time, read some stuff that #literally changed my life.

    I am not sure what type of celebrity this year was, maybe a Tina Fey year? You know, like a solid, nothing too unexpected but still very good year?

    • Me! That was me! HAHA you’re all so jealous because I got to hang out with topknot. You should be very jealous.

      • I liked when the brewery kicked us out. #PartyAnimals

        • Oh man you guys should’ve seen topknot. It was his commitment to his Kelsey Grammer impression that got us thrown out. (There was a baby, and also some weird wife stuff.) (Haha I’ve never seen Frasier but since I know topknot loves Frasier, I decided to work it in through the two things I know about Kelsey Grammer, which are from two Videogum posts.) (Happy holidays, guys.)

    • I just learned that the character’s name is Super Hans, not Super Hands. Whoa.

  4. Between a family member’s extensive health problems, my summer rabies vaccination saga and this weekend’s surprise trip to the ER (that WebMD scare last week was at least somewhat merited), 2012 has been the year of hospitals for me. And if 2013 can be the year of no hospitals that would be TERRIFIC!

    • Oh catweazle, are you okay?

      • I’m fine, nothing super serious, but bad enough to be a huge pain in the ass (what with follow-up doctor’s appointments and stuff). Really terrible timing too because now I’m super behind on Christmas stuff. I never really understood people who get super cranky around the holidays, but then I became one of them when I almost had a nervous breakdown at Sears last night when trying to buy a hand mixer for my mom.

  5. This year was good, but 2013 will be better! In 2013 I will finally: learn to ice skate, make my own cheese, go to Carnaval in Quebec City, get a better job, maybe buy a house.

  6. I lost 20lbz then gained 15 back. Battleship was my favorite movie of the year. I think it was an OK year, it went by really fast.

  7. The pluses outweigh the negatives, so all in all it went well. I’d say it was a pretty solid Angela Lansbury, in terms of celebrity grades.

    Although last winter was really, really difficult, and y’all helped me through, so thanks for making me less of a gibbering mess. Pat yourselves on the back and have a nice fresca, you deserve it!

  8. Well I had one kid graduate for college and I moved him to the other side of the country. I had another kid graduate from high school and then moved him to the other side of the state. I got stranded in Vegas for the storm of the century, resulting in my 16 year old cocker spaniel’s death from pneumonia. (He was too old to be in a kennel that long). Tough end to a busy year.

  9. This yer was busy. Went through surgery and 4 months on crutches, during which I sold my old townhouse, bought a new house by the beach and got engaged. After that I finished my 2 year training program and now I’m in a permanent position at work and went to my first Springsteen concert. Overall, a great year.

  10. so my dumb band finally pulled it together and finished our dumb album, and now i’m just sort of embarrassed for whining about our stupid band drama here a few weeks ago. “how do you delete comment history?” — chet haze or father time, world-class JERKS.

    we’re currently waiting on it to be pressed, and it will actually be released sometime next month, i think. BUT—not to get all selfpromotiongum—i’ve uploaded it here on the off chance that any of you might like to hear it, as a gift (“gift”) to you monsters for all the years of laffs:
    i’d love to know what you guys think!

    in other news, all my gift-wrapping is taking forever because, for some reason, i though it would be a good idea to draw intricate little cartoons of me saying “to ____, from me” on all of them using paint markers and technical pens (except for my brother’s, which i wrapped up with nice pretty paper and then cut blood splatter out of red tissue paper and glued it all over the front), which OBVIOUSLY is a very good idea but it is also VERY time consuming.

    it’s hard to even remember what the rest of the year has been like at this point. working in retail this time of year is a nightmare, obviously, but my job in particular starts in with christmas stuff in JULY, basically, so i feel like it has always been this way. i was born covered in glitter and i will die covered in glitter. but it has been a pretty okay year, i guess. i mean, definitely not a channing tatum, but, you know, not bad.

    • I tried to listen to your music but I am old and I don’t understand how that link works :(

      • OMF, just click on the green “Download (75.97)” link and you will download a .zip file of the album.

        Father Time, I like your music! My first reaction is that it sounds like Interpol if they were still good. Thanks for posting it for us to listen to and good luck promoting it and stuff – I am part of a college radio station and we would probably play it sometimes if we got sent a copy (ooh, NOW look who’s all selfpromotiongum).

    • ooo, I love new music! I’m excited to listen to it.

  11. It was good, guys, it was good. My husband and our cats and I moved from west Michigan to midtown Manhattan over the summer and it’s exactly what we needed. We both have jobs (woo!), and we have a handful of friends in the area, and we’re doing what we can to appreciate a thoroughly non-Midwestern place. Also, I started reading again–comic books AND novels!–and I fell in love with Sherlock. Just like all of you.

  12. My year would have been a lot better if
    A. People would have just shut up about that stupid Downtown Abby show. Hate it.
    B. Was tired of hearing about that bat-man movie. Didnt see it.

    That’s about it. Not much else to add.

    • You’re going to love my Wayneton Manor parody I’ve been working on.

    • Steve, did you read any good graphic novels this year?

    • Steve, I started watching Deadwood last night and decided that I liked it. Thanks!

      • Deadwood is highly excellent and segues well to the next Timothy Olyphant lawman series, Justified. We never talk about Justified here because it is a good show (even better than Burn Notice), and we here tend to like our TV desperately flawed. Or British.

        I don’t know if you would like Justified but I bet Winwood would credit it with many excellent episodes, friend, like The Shield meets Kentucky. I bet he also has been disappointed in it. I would like to “hear it from the horse’s mouth,” though, so I don’t have to guess his opinion. Having to guess Winwood’s opinion has been a bane, for me, in 2012. Also I would like to hear his opinion of the pretty girl who is in Justified.

        • I finished Deadwood last week and am really jonesing for some more. Should I watch Justified?


            Walton Goggins, aka Google Watkins as I like to call him, is great in EVERYTHING.

        • I dont care for Justified. Only saw a few episodes. Didnt like it.
          Anybody “jonesing” for more Deadwood should read Peter Dexter’s Deadwood novel that was published back in the 1980s. It is like getting any extra season of the show except its very very different with Sol Star kind of evil Francais Wolcott type of role and Al Swearengen in sort of homosexual role. Very very odd and different but also perhaps equal in quality if that is possible.

  13. Fuck it, I’m just going to embrace it and say I had an awesome year. I hosted my teenage niece this summer and had tons of fun with her. I got a smart phone. I became a too-often Vgum commenter. I became obsessed with a tv show and then made out on the regular with a dude who looks like one of the characters. And tomorrow I’m heading home for Christmas, with a detour from the airport to Henry Ford Museum, my favorite place on earth. 2013 will be the year I accomplish long-term goals. You heard it here first. Thanks for a year of thoughts and laughter, you guys!

  14. I was typing something about how this year seemed pretty not-so-great for me, actually: lots of health issues with my parents/in-laws that probably won’t get better; another year at a job I hate but I stay at because it makes (barely) enough money for me to stay in my house/feed my kids; just a general anxiety about the lack of control I have over literally anything, and how I feel like I’m one misstep away from everything derailing at any given moment, but then I remembered this was the year I heard Jurassic Park played on the melodica, sooooo: B, maybe B+

    • It probably doesn’t mean anything, but you seem like a really awesome dude. If the Mayan’s don’t kill us all tonight, I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed that your 2013 is nothing but awesome.


    • thank you; obviously, by almost any standard, I am doing phenomenally well, GIVEN EVERYTHING, and I appreciate/secretly make out with print-outs of the avatars of everyone here (even the jerks!).
      Have a good holiday, everyone

      • As stated above, I know a dude who looks like a real-life version of my avatar, if you end up with too many paper-cuts on your lips.

    • patrick, jurassic park on the melodica has, no joke, become my preferred therapy. whenever i feel really terrible and depressed, i watch that clip, and i appreciate how absolutely fucking absurd and wonderful humanity is.

  15. I graduated college, got a job, and just finished my first full construction set of a building/project I’m running! So pretty awesome! And I still have my birthday to look forward to providing the world doesn’t end.

    Downside is that I’m now paying student loans :(

    But the :) :) :) definitely outweigh them.

  16. 2012: Overcame a long spell of depression in the spring. Graduated college. Got a job. Moved to Manhattan, something I have wanted to do for a really long time. Got a girlfriend that meant a lot to me, and for maybe the first time in my life, that feeling was mutual. She broke up with me a couple weeks ago and I am still really hurting, so the end of this year sucks a lot but other than that 2012 was probably the best year I have had in a while.

    • Also, I just want to say that this website definitely helped me get through some tough times, both this year and years past. I really like how nice and civil everyone is on this site for the most part, and so while nobody was really aware of your help, thank you all for being here.

      • Hey buddy, sorry about the breakup. I’m with you on the support of Videogum–when I lost my job for five weeks once (long story), it was an extremely helpful place; just by being so positive and existing on the web, it helped me. If you ever want to hang out with a couple other recent Manhattan transplants, Scott and I are probably bored!

        • Hey thanks, it sucks now but I’ll be fine. And I appreciate you reaching out – I would definitely be interested in meeting up sometime. What area of Manhattan do you live?

          • We’re in Midtown East (Turtle Bay specifically). You?

          • Oh thats a nice area. I live not terribly far from there, in Spanish Harlem but sort of bordering the Upper East Side. I am going to be traveling for the holidays, but sometime afterwards I would like to hang out with you guys. I was just thinking earlier this week how it can be tough sometimes to meet new people when you’re new to an area.

          • There are a lot of us up here, and we hang out on the regular. We’d love for you to join!

          • I also live in Manhattan and would like to meet up (I am a big ole lurker/creeper)

  17. This has been a really good year and a really terrible week.

    The weather has been scary as hell for the whole driving 12 hours to see my parents thing, so we cancelled Christmas. Actually I did tentatively on Monday night and they didn’t fight me… then absolutely seconded it on Tuesday morning after a 60-car pileup happened on the scary pass I would need to take to see them. (And that’s the easily-traveled, in my opinion NOT scariest pass of the trip.) It’s been sleeting for what feels like two weeks and I’ve kind of lost my mind. I was really looking forward to warm California weather and going wine tasting and eating crab (our yearly tradition), but nope.

    And while I have plans set up for a Christmas with friends and stuff to keep me busy here (I might go skiing!!), I’m still really bummed… especially because I had been planning for this all year. And I know it sounds stupid (because it is), but all my presents were shipped there instead of here and my favorite thing is wrapping presents. I get fancy bows and make my own paper and do really elaborate stuff. It makes me so happy. And my dog’s favorite thing is unwrapping presents. We actually just have started arbitrarily wrapping things so he can unwrap more because, seriously, that is his FAVORITE.

    But not all is lost. I just got the idea to draw a Christmas tree on my easel and put lights around it and buy more presents for my dog because he’s the best. I also just ordered some wine from where my parents live (because you can’t get it here) and stuffed pizza from Chicago… so there’s also that. And I will probably watch every single dog-centric holiday movie on Netflix and review them for MOBFD.biz or just write weird comments on the Netflix site. Either or.

    Anyway, generally a good year. Thanks everyone, because you were all in the good parts!

    • I’ve would comment the heck out of your post if you post them on MOBFD. I wanted to do the same thing, as I like watching dog movies while I work but I never got the time to get past the name. I think you’d do a better job, anyways. It was going to be called Dogsplotation theater.
      Anyways, you should do it and If anything at least a totes chillaxed, non-forced millenial term will be coined.

      • Awesome! I already have some written up, but wasn’t sure how to post them. I’d rather do them individually, but that will take up all of the room on the blog and I want everyone to see the cookbook — is there a way to lock that in as the #1 or #2 post so if I did individual posts it wouldn’t go crazy? Or should I post them together and add alerts when a new review is up? I don’t want to mess with the WP format if I didn’t build it myself…

        • Don’t worry about that, I have to redesign MOBFD soon because the rankings are kind of irrelevant now that WerttreW doesn’t do them and the lists are outdated. Post away. I just hadn’t done it because it took me ages to design the current layout since I am kind of a dumbo when it comes to computers. If only I knew someone who designed webpages for a living. Oh well.

    • I also drew a tree and decorated it instead of getting a real one! Mine has popcorn strings and tinsel made of duct tape and “ornaments” made from wrapping paper and santa chocolates and a wrapping paper angel on it!

      • Oooh. I used to string popcorn and put it on my parents’ real tree when I was a kid. I actually considered getting a tiny real tree for me or even a tiny fake tree that I could use as-needed, but then I got really sad about waste and landfill stuff. I think the easel tree is the best way to go. Plus I keep knocking over my chalk so I should probably use it up before I just smash it all into my floor.

        • I bought a tiny potted tree at Trader Joe’s for Christmas 2004 and it is still alive. It’s in a much bigger pot now and it has outgrown its ornaments. It takes up most of my kitchen table, which is fine, since usually I eat in the other room while watching awesome DVDs. Carpe diem.

    • I would like to read an in depth essay comparing the relative merits of the Buddies films vs. the Air Bud films. Yes, the buddies has more puppies but the Air Bud series are more ideologically pure.

      • I feel like Air Bud is not technically a dogsplotaion movie (though Air Bud 2+ are). I feel like a true dogsplotation movie has to not give a fuck about the humans, be magical somehow, or have highly anthropomorphic animals. You could argue that Bud is supercanine but I feel like there’s too much non-dog story in there to be a true dogsplotation movie. But this is exactly why we NEED this post. This is a very important genre that need to be explored by our community.

        • I am not going to lie, I am considering adding Air Buddies in with the mix… not just because I watched ALL OF IT and actually rewound some moments to see them again as they were adorable as they were hilarious, but because it’s the strongest of the franchise. It’s kind of a caper and many hijinks ensue. Plus the buddies’ individual personalities aren’t as strong as in other movies and B-Dawg isn’t as Chet Hazesque as he is in later films. Plus Don Knotts narrates and they learn wisdom from a wise wolf who is played by the late, great Michael Clarke Duncan.

          Of course this could be a whole other post in which I compare ALL of the Buddies movies as they really do deserve their own kind of recognition.

    • Merry Christmas! You should go back to the Butterly Flaven post because there are TREATS for YOU there.

    • Yes good year!! You guys are the best

  18. I had a great year, really. I bought a place with my boyfriend, got engaged to that boyfriend, and then my fiance and I got our dog, with whom you are all well acquainted because I am just a super obnoxious mom. I worked a few boring temp gigs, and I spent the rest of my time writing, which is what I would like to do full time one day. I read a lot of good books, and I read a lot of funny things on Videogum.

    One day, as I was reading funny things on Videogum, I decided to take a look at the comments. I am so glad I joined this community. It has added a lot of giggles and real joy to my day to day. As mentioned above, I met topknot and his fiance, and this past Sunday, I met a whole group of L.A. monsters! Good times were had, and I expect good things from 2013.

  19. well, i graduated from grad school. went through a pretty ridiculous break up. got to move home to the city i love which is filled with people i love. i’m plowing headway through the inevitable existential crisis over what exactly it is that i am doing with my time here on this weird earth. i’m trying to stay busy, stay connected to people, and trying to make music and art that makes me feel a bit okay. i’m terrified that things are just going to get harder and sadder, and i’m trying to figure out how to either be okay with that or how to make it end differently. it’s dark and cold today, but there’s nothing i can do about that.

  20. It’s been mixed! Health issues, work trauma, and serious heartbreak on the one hand; awesome grad school and work excitement on the other hand. It’s been a long year, is what it’s been.

  21. Pretty good year, dudes. Went to Spain with my wife, which was the best. Did a lot of fun stuff, like surfing tons and playing my guitar. Got a new kitten that my other cat has grown to tolerate. Also, my President won the election (you’re welcome). Pretty psyched about going home for the holidayz. The beginning of the year was kind of shitty- lost some beloved family members and hurt my knee pretty bad playing basketball. So, I suppose it started out Kitsch and is ending up Tatum.

  22. Stayed busy at work, lost some fat, added some muscle, met some fitness goals like finishing a few 100+ mile bike rides and doing the first pull-up of my life (seriously). Made some new friends, kept some old friends, trimmed back some relationships that needed pruning. Watched some great movies and saw some great bands. The short flasks are thriving in school, thriving in health, and beating me at chess. A successful year i think.

  23. Was this a good year for America? I for one would like to hear from An American Patriot.

  24. It’s been pretty awful. Semi-suicidal family members, unplanned heart surgeries for my father, the death of the only grandparent I’ve ever known, lay-offs and the subsequent understaffed-and-overworked office environment, depression, health issues, several friends just checking out on acting like friends and someone I thought was a best friend dumping me the week after my mother sent her flowers and then stringing me along for months claiming that her silent treatment after I told her she was hurting my feelings was “nothing personal”, and general national fuckery (mostly at the hands of straight white dudes). This is going to be one of those years that’s discarded when computing the final score.

    • It sounds like life was Buttercup, and you were the little black goat this year.

      But the real lesson is the little black goat got up again and was totally fine and better than ever and he and Buttercup are best friends (this bit is probably not true, Buttercup is probably still insane).

      • It’s ButterMILK, asshole!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Yikes. Would it help any if I told you I sincerely think you have the nicest hair?

  25. The Tatum:
    Was hired from temp to staff with a raise, got health insurance again, Lost 20 lbs, played D&D for the first time, listened to a lot of new, good music, bought a tv & XBox 360 in a flurry of frivolous spending. Laughed a lot.

    The Kitsch:
    While away with my parents on vacation their house was burglarized, my front license plate fell off on the highway and I have incurred $125-worth of tickets for it, had a heated debate with someone defending an extremely racist thing they said (spoiler: we all lost), my Narrative 3 instructor and namesake of the art school from which i graduated passed away (on my parent’s anniversary), etc etc etc. The Kitsch could go on and on and on. And I’m sorry, Taylor, for your name being a synonym for bummer in this post.

    Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose.

  26. Definitely a Taylor Kitsch kind of year for me. But even (continuing with the metaphor) being in Battleship has its good thigs right? What I’m trying to say is that, at least for me, just trying to be more grateful in general has helped a lot.

    Happy holidays to everyone.

  27. A good year, overall! I met some very cool people this year. People this cool are rare. That was the highlight, and also I became better friends with people I’d already known for years and didn’t realize were such good friends, even though they have been for years, because I am sloooow like that. So, that was the best. What else? I cowrote a book that I will probably self-publish next year — that was fun; the key was just to keep it light and not obsess about getting every word and plot point and character and theme right, really just make it enjoyable to do instead of a lot of work (oh my god, it’s probably terrible). On the less great side? My parents had surgery but seem to be okay, which is very good. Not everything happened the way I wanted it to, this year, but in all the big areas I can’t complain. Boy, I’d have some nerve to complain.

    Except 2012 has been vexing, vexing indeed, as the year of Gary’s return. I rue that.

  28. I watched 2 Days in New York and really liked it. This one is definitely better than 2 Days in Paris. I was dreading that it would be a crappy remake but instead it is a welcome sequel. Watch it you guys. There’s even a special surprise near the end for all the Gumheads.

  29. I switched from Four-in-hand to Half-Windsor. Thinking about going full Windsor but not sure about it. What do you guys think?

  30. This year started out kind of weird on the job front, but it’s ended up with me feeling really good about where I am. I got to go to Italy for work with my best friend, I found out I got a fellowship allowing me to get into a PhD program and quit my weird, nightmare job. My husband was totally cool about moving half-way across the country, and we really like Boston. So, all in all, pretty good!

  31. i graduated from college and got my first adult job at an architecture firm in beautiful san francisco

  32. i wrote a big long post earlier that is “awaiting moderation” (?) (i’m guessing because it included a link to my dumb band’s recently completed first album, because i am the worst), so i’ll just say that this year has been pretty decent. i’m still not much closer to being done with school, and i still live at home because i am very stupid with what little money i make at my shitty retail job, but i’ve had a lot of great experiences getting to play and record music, i’ve become a full-fledged monster after lurking here without commenting for a while, and—most importantly—none of my closest friends died (you were a real jerk, last year), so all in all i’m pretty content. i’m looking forward to another year of trampoline accidents and photoshopping kelly into things with you guys.

  33. This year has been pretty good. I became a lot more confident in myself that I am good at what I do, so I am enjoying work even more than I was. I’ve also gotten better at playing handbells, so that is a lot less frustrating and just fun. I’ve read some really great books and had the chance to share them with people, which makes them even better. I started commenting here three weeks ago after lurking for a long time, and I like videogum even more than I did!. And this was the first year we had the reading therapy dog come to work, so that was a definite plus,

  34. In college and friendless but far from depressed or defeated.

  35. I got a job. It’s a shit job, but one that could conceivably develop into something more. Also, had an awesome summer.

  36. Last year I made a resolution to eat 700 oranges over the course of the year. http://bit.ly/CTresolution2012
    I ate about 70 until I got sick of them and gave up on it.

  37. This year started great, ending a little up in the air. Spent my 2nd year Valentine’s being single after being attached for 10… and I felt fine. But, I had just found out that I had landed my dream internship for the summer so I think that was a contributing factor to my happiness. I went to South Africa for spring break which was absolutely amazing. My summer was a lot of work, but a lot of fun too. I met some fabulous people and worked for an amazing company. Back to MBA school in the fall. It went OK, but I realized I really don’t like school that much and want to be back working. Now I am about to head out on a study abroad trip. I am going to try to relax and not think about the daunting task I have when I return of finding a job and deciding where I want to live. UGH. NYC or Seattle are my top 2. And I constantly go back and forth about it. UGH again.

    • Oh and to answer Gabe’s question, first half was definitely Tatum and second half is definitely Kitsch. Or maybe the whole year is Kitsch since I started off kicking ass and full of possibilities and none of them have materialized? As of yet anyway.

  38. Everything was so much better than I can fully appreciate right now.

  39. I had a good year, did some work I’m proud of, learned some new skills, got a dog, no health or family problems, just a nice year plugging along on my career and enjoying living in a beautiful place. I’d call it a solid Bruce Campbell.

  40. I’m back in school, putting my bored-as-heck brain cells back into good use. Yay? In the big picture, it seems that whenever I get a handle in one aspect of my life, the universe throws me something to put another aspect out of whack. That’s probably true for every person that’s ever lived but yeah. My grandma died at the beginning of the year which was terrible and messed me up emotionally big time, and the rest of the family isn’t doing so hot in the health department which sucks because things outside our control suck. But, seeing as I’m alive to witness the (non)Apocalypse of 2012, I’m alright in general. We survived Hurricane Sandy and the presidential election. I am very glad Obama’s back and not a corporation-funded robodork, and Barack can drop the mike whenever he wants to when the Republicans are being annoying for the next 4 years. I met some of you monsters during the bday party which was weird but neat. It’s weird but interesting to see the creepy faces behind the avatars. I went to some happy hour parties this year so that was cool. I’m still at my job which kinda sucks, but I think I found that right level of apathy to get me through the workday without me worrying how the department is being run into the ground. I made several baby blankets and gave them to my friends and neighbors as baby presents, so that kept me occupied. I made one during and after Hurricane Sandy when work was closed for a whole week. I am planning to make a blanket for myself in the same pattern between now and MLK day, if all goes well.
    Also, I’m getting these, which like 2013, are rife with possibility.

  41. Oh man, so I’m getting here mega late and have a LOT of catching up to do with all of you, but first, since it’s all about me me me: My year has been BONKERS!

    I started off this year jobless and I watched so much TV and generally got pretty depressed. I took a break from videogum and the internet in general because I pretty much just stopped being funny or fun to be around. That went on for a few months. I volunteered at the hospital but that was like one morning a month – bunk at most.

    Then around late-spring, I started picking up some work, catering here and temping there, and getting out of the house and out of my spiral of applying for jobs, never hearing anything (not one thing) and then getting super depressed and watching another season of News Radio.

    In June, I landed a long-term temp job at the hospital, giving me a reason to put on decent clothes and leave the house every day. It took me a while to warm up to talking to other humans again, but I did it.

    In August, I got married! And I honeymooned! And all of that was incredible and amazing. We did this thing where we wrote every single one of our wedding guests a personalized letter about why we like them and why it was important they were at our wedding which was very emotionally draining. I thought I would never have to cry again after doing all that, but I’ve cried since then so I guess it doesn’t work that way.

    In September, I balled up and asked if I could apply to get a full-time job at the hospital. My boss was super supportive and less than 2 weeks later, with a nasty bout of bronchitis in the meantime, I had a full-time gig! Sweet!

    So my predictions for 2013 are: Maybe actually establish a productive routine, finish paying off my car, finish paying off the honeymoon, see my brother and my best friend get married (to separate people, not to each other), and generally enjoy life.


  42. This year has been very great for me. My formerly temp job was made permanent (and it’s awesome), my husband and I got married (and took an awesome honeymoon), my brother and his wife had a daughter (and she’s awesome) and my parents picked a retirement date! I wish I saw my friends more (they all live far away) but the wedding meant I got to see them more than usual, and I have some minor health issues that I could get rid of if I ate better and worked out more.

    If this isn’t nice, I don’t know what is :)

    (Also for anyone rolling his or her eyes at my happiness, as I typed that last part, the lady in the cube next to me made some seriously weird/gross hacking/throat-clearing noises, so I guess it’s all relative…)

    • Hey truckasaurus are you sure we’re not the same person in parallel dimensions?

      • Maybe…do you also like sandwiches and beer and watching TV?

        • NO DUH. My current favorites of those things are: Turkey with lettuce, avocado and srirachannaise on a toasted English muffin; Sierra Nevada’s Celebration Ale (all I drink in winter); and, Star Trek TNG because I never did my nerd due diligence and haven’t seen it all before.

          • Srirachannaise? I never heard of this before, and now I must have it.

          • It’s this thing of when you take a dollop of mayo and a dollop of sriracha and you stir that junk together and it comes out SYNERGIZED into the world’s most perfect condiment.

          • I’ve seen it at fancy restaurants billed as “rooster aioli.”

          • My favorites are bacon cheeseburgers (which I consider in the sandwich family) also turkey and avocado with munster and honey mustard on sweet bread…killer; blue moon and hefeweizen though I currently have Sweetwater 420 in the at-home kegerator; and I think Parks and Rec is my favorite current show, Arrested Development and The Sopranos are my favorite non-current shows. This is fun we should do this more!!!

  43. This year was pretty weird for me. Personally, it was great…I held down a salaried job for an entire year, got out of debt (!!!), moved in with my girlfriend, got a puppy, and found out that other jobs find someone like me desireable as well!! The weird part is that my girlfriend has had a brutal year, with tragedy after tragedy after tragedy occurring all year long. She’s taken it all in stride, but watching her deal with all the sadness all year long tore me up inside…especially knowing how good things have been for me.

    So yeah, I’d gladly take a little less awesomeness from my year if I could transfer it to her 2013.

  44. My year was okay. I still don’t know who I am.

  45. I spent about the first 6 months in an awful funk; spent another 3 digging out of it; took my first trip over to your amazing country (from all the way over here on the other side of the planet!). Saw New York, loved it! Saw Niagara, loved it! Met a great American man! Best month ever.

    Came back, lost my job a week later, Apparently if people can survive without you for a month and the company is struggling you should start worrying. Now im happier than ive ever been and more confused then ever, yeehaw!

    (lots of exclamation marks this year, ive earned it) (!!!)

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