It’s obviously difficult to answer questions in a foreign language, but also she didn’t. Whatever. Like you’ve never strung together a completely nonsensical string of half-words-mostly-sounds in a language you clearly had only picked up from Bazooka Joe comics and radio jingles on national television at a beauty contest in response to a question about LAWS. We’ve all been there. That is what brought me and Miss Venezuela, my wife, together in the first place! We love to pickles and balloons so now and thank what. (Via HyperVocal.)

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  1. She’s also the next generation’s Sofia Vergara.

  2. It’s pretty weird Miss America/Miss Universe is still a thing, isn’t it?

  3. too often we rag on beauty contestants for saying stupid shit, but really, the questions that they are asked are terrible questions! and we all know that the questions are purposeless, but seriously, “if you could write a law, what law would you write” is what a 13 year old nerd would stammer out to the girl he has a crush on in line at lunch. not just any nerd, a fucking conservative nerd who fetishizes the constitution. props to this girl for shoe-horning surfing and “the constitution” into her answer, i’m just going to assume she’s actually a situationist / anarchist, what with her green and black dress.

    • They should think about EVERYTHING, just in case. I’m too ugly to be up there, and even I have an answer for that! Asshole law. If you’re found in a court of law to be guilty of being an asshole, you have to register your name in a database, and go around telling all of your neighbors that you’re a registered asshole. Things that would make you a registered asshole include: waiting in a parking lot for someone to pull out of their spot just because you want to steal it, forming a second like to go to the same cashier as the first line because you don’t want to wait, and making groaning noises in a public restroom.

      • First offense: Asshole Hat
        Second offence: Asshole Hat and Shirt
        Third offence: Asshole tattooed on their foreheads
        Fourth offence: Taken out back and shot

    • Although…the Anti-Trans contestant was ordered to pay pageant $5M for defamation and the transgender Miss Canada contestant, Jenna Talackova, finished in the top twelve. Also, the winner of Miss USA, Miss Rhode Island, announced her support for trans beauty queens shortly before her crowning. Last night she was crowned Miss Universe! So yay for transsexual rights and supporters!

    • Not true, it`s a simple question with a simple answer: “Make a law for surfing that also means more Maps for US Americans such as.”

      There. Fuck. Was that so hard?!

  4. I don’t know if I can crticize, solely because any I would try to say in Spanish would begin and end in bad-pronounced versions of “yes” and “two beers, please”.

  5. I lover her Christmas tree dress.

  6. it’s weird how her face keeps trying not to smile, but her beauty queen muscles won’t let it succeed.

  7. I don’t know about you guys, but I understood her completely. Rough translation: “I’m a follower, not a leader. Can I go now? Thank you Vegas”

  8. I would institute a law that we boom-boom into the darling afternoons, and when famine pops in to say, “hey,” just shut them down.
    You are thanked let my zygomatics have a pleasant seizure please.

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