• Can you guess the two celebs in these silhouette portraits? Hints: 1) These came from their wedding, 2) Their wedding also had a dessert bar. (People are losing their shit over this dessert bar.) Give up? It’s Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds featured in the winter issue of Martha Stewart Weddings! -Dlisted
  • George Takei Reads ”50 Shades of Grey,” oy vey. -Gawker
  • 10 Parts In Home Alone That Still Bother Me -CollegeHumor
  • 2012′s Worst Movies Review Themselves: A Supercut -FilmDrunk
  • Holiday Cocktails with Bobby Bottleservice, thank you very cool. -ComedyCentral
  • Backstreet Boys & The Roots perform a jazzed-up version of “As Long As You Love Me” on Late Night -LateNightJimmy
  • ’6 Movies For The End of The World’ (ugh, the most annoying subject of the millennium) -TheWeek
  • Speaking of movies for the end of the world, here is a first look at Tom Hardy in Mad Max: Fury Road. We’ll take any look at Tom Hardy, really! -/Film
  • The Neil Flynn (janitor from Scrubs) Photobomb is the best photobomb to emerge in quite a while. -BuzzFeed
  • Drunk Santa Falling Off The Roof is your daily dose of schadenfreude. “WE WANT SANTA!” -HyperVocal
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  1. That nail in the foot is the worst.

  2. I am at work and cannot watch the worst movies reviewing themselves supercut, but I really hope they included the scene from the beginning of Prometheus where the two archaeologists are explaining their mission to the team and the one guy is like wait this doesn’t make any sense and the archaeologists actually kind of agree with him.

  3. Whoof. Nick can’t sing, can he? Hoo boy.

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