It wouldn’t be Christmas without…this? She really understands the spirit and the tone not just of this holiday but also of everything. Thank you, Courtney. Have a GREAT one this year! (Via TheSuperficial.)

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  1. Save room for the milk and cookies, pal.

  2. I was wondering how I was going to avoid gaining a ton of weight from all these cookies in my office. Turns out I’ll just barf them all! Thanks, Gabe!

  3. Is this the same picture from last year??? I certainly hope they aren’t recycling photo shoots!!

  4. Imagine what would occur if she and Terry Richardson ever combined forces.

  5. Atomic Bomb : World War II :: This Photo : War on Christmas

  6. On the bright side, I think we know now why the guy in the Santa costume was so desperate to get the taste out of his mouth that he broke into an ice cream shop to do it. No jury would convict him.

  7. Good thing she has Santa to hold her up because she’s going to sink into the snow with those heels.

  8. by next year that girl is going to look 50.

  9. Give it up to Courtney Stodden for her tireless effort to prove that literally ANYTHING can be overtly sexualized.

  10. Well, that’s it. I’m officially happy the world is ending. As Justine says in Meloncholia (which I just saw on Netflix and have mixed emotions about) “no one will miss it.” Goodbye Everyone!

  11. This is my fault. I cancelled Christmas too late this year and they probably didn’t get the message. Sorry for the confusion, everyone!

  12. I’m beginning to question my allegiances.

  13. This girl I just saw on the street wants to give Courtney a run for her money!

  14. Maybe she’ll get some self esteem this year.

  15. The most shocking thing about this photo is that she has a tan line. She doesn’t tan naked?

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