So there’s that. Is that neat? I don’t even know anymore. NASA’s new Buzz Lightyear spacesuit: WOULD YOU HIT IT? Honestly, guys, it’s December 19, 2012. Am I the only one who’s tired? Surely there is at least one other person who is tired. Let’s pull out the cots and take a super quick nap. Say, starting right now through January 2nd. “Sounds great!” January 2nd, 2018. “Wait! That’s a long nap!” I bet the deep, black, weightlessness of space would be an awesome place for a nap. “Is he still talking about naps?” Yes! To infinity talking about naps and beyond! #GreatBlog #PleaseRT (Via Animal.)

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  1. I’ve spent the past two hours wanting to just go home and crawl under my blankets. So yes, napping would be awesome. Napping through my 20s would be awesome (since Jan 2 2018 is quite close to my actual 30 birthday). I can get behind that.

    • I would be napping through my 30s, which I’d be fine with because it’d let me avoid annoying ticking-biological-clock conversations.

    • You have the whole second half of your 20s to look forward to! Now you can do stuff like

      - enjoy drinking for real without feeling like you have to drink because you’re in your early 20s

      - make friends you have more in common with because you have a better sense of who you are than you did in your early 20s

      - have better stories to share with the old friends you’ve kept because you really love them even though you have little in common

      - roll your eyes and say, “Is that person 22? Because from that story, it totally sounds like he’s 22.”

      - and much more!

      • I already enjoy drinking for real! The second I got over my vodka phase the first two years of college I actually started to get snobby about what I drank (except at 2:00am when I’ve had way too much and a cold PBR sounds great).

        I’m in a terrible mood, so none of the other list sounds very fun. Thanks for trying, though.

  2. I actually like it. Super nerdy I guess because I LOVE Toy Story. Let’s just hope all Sheriff uniforms start looking like this:

  3. Are they going to premier these Buzz Lightyear space suits for this year’s New York Fashion Week?

  4. “We own space.” -Disney

  5. “Is that neat? I don’t even know anymore.”

    - Gabe Delahaye, 1756-2012

  6. Maybe the end of the Mayan calendar wasn’t really a sign of the end of the world, it was just a sign of that’s when everyone lies down for a nap for five years.

  7. Two things:

    1. This post is great. A+ would read again.

    2. On the mobile version of this site some people arbitrarily have different avatars. It’s weird.

    • Weird! I’ve stopped checking in on my phone because I can’t seem to access the full website version anymore and it just isn’t the same if I can’t log in and upvote. Anyone else have that problem?

    • Is my avatar still an island? I was thinking of updating it.

      • On my phone, yours like most people’s is blank. Oh, and I’ve thought your avatar was a mountain all this time. Now, I’m not sure why I thought that.

        • :) It’s a mountain of sorts – one rising out of the sea.

        • Yeah I don’t even bother on my phone most of the time because of how difficult it is to navigate. But yeah most people’s avatars are blank. Superglue’s looks kind of like a pensive Paul Dano on the mobile site, and I can’t remember what badideajeans’s was but it wasn’t a dog which was what initially threw me off…..and now I realize that I have never really addressed either of those people so I hope this doesn’t seem creepy.

          • I don’t know how people manage. I identify everyone through what their avatars are. I see that your name is saturnian, but you’ve been Boombox Lincoln to me for years.

  8. Why the hell would I want to nap through my 35th birthday (which is today)?

  9. I Googled “napping pods” earlier today in an attempt to convince my boss that paid siestas would improve productivity.

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