Sometime last night, mostly through the help of Twitter, this video of an eagle allegedly snatching a baby in Montreal went “viral.” “Will we ever be able to take our delicious babies into eagle parks ever again?” people wondered. “Oh no, did the eagle find another dinner?” But, as always with everything that is ever on the Internet, there were immediately cries of “FAKE” and “NOT A REAL EAGLE” and “BABY OK, EVERYTHING GOING TO BE OK.” And, as it turns out, that is because it is actually fake, and already proven to be? But NO MATTER! Who cares. Nobody is going to ruin this ongoing debate for us, just because we were asleep for the good part of it. So: WHAT DO YOU THINK? Real or fake? Are the people in charge or parks and/or eagles spreading the rumor that it is fake because they don’t want to hurt park visitation or future eagle meals? Or is is fake, like it is? PLZ VOTE, THIS IS IMPORTANT, AND THEN GET MORE COFFEE! THIS IS GONNA BE A LONG DAY!


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  1. It’s French, so it’s probably just a big block of cheese that bird picked up.

  2. I live in Montreal and am a baby (as you can clearly see). This is a very troubling video for me. I like parks. I like birds. I like Montreal. I like being a baby. What a rough time for me, you guys. I appreciate your support and donations while I work through this difficult emotional moment in my tiny, brand new baby life.

    • And yet…..your name indicates you are an old man….OMG! Are you the fake baby in this video???

    • This might be a good time to admit that I’m a computer generated eagle. And while I’m on the subject. I can’t believe that my cousin Henry can make $5,742 a day just using this one weird trick that the IRS hates. Visit Weirdtrickru and start buying designer clothes for store brand prices. Guys join free because of the high percentage of woman members.

  3. Not only is it fake, but I heard that baby is gay.

  4. It’s real; what did you think happened to Notsewfast?

  5. I was searching for a youtube video I saw awhile ago about an eagle catching a reindeer baby, couldn’t find it. I did find this and a nightmare collection of related animal attach videos which will fill my anxiety quotient for the day.

  6. Anybody else notice Superglue is staying silent on the subject? Interesting…

  7. Guys, I’m worried about Superglue….

  8. I thought Eagleton parks were supposed to be safer?

  9. I’ve just uploaded a video “Proof that Cyatek’s ”Golden Eagle Snatches Kid – Fake” is Fake.” I’ve already received multiple video responses proving my “Proof that Cyatek’s “Golden Eagle Snatches Kid – Fake” is Fake” is in fact, fake. Working on a response to their responses.

  10. Yeah right. “Canada.” Can’t fool me, INTERNET.

  11. Kelly, do you turn to WTVR Richmond’s web blog for all your viral video confirmations?

  12. A Bald Eagle would have succeeded. AMERICA!

  13. Kevin Broydrick  |   Posted on Dec 19th, 2012 +15

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