Ah, the final Petting Zoo of the year 2012. A day to remember, for sure. “What was your favorite day in 2012?” a friend might ask you at a party this week or next week. “Well, I’m not sure,” you’ll respond with a smile, “But I can tell you what the most bittersweet moment of 2012 was.” “Oh, what?” they’ll say, a little annoyed that you aren’t going to answer their original question, especially since they don’t care at all about the question you’re going to answer in its place. You’ll respond, “The day Kelly posted the final Petting Zoo animal video countdown of 2012 on Videogum. It’s like, I know there are going to be a million more Petting Zoos in the year 2013, but it’s hard to FEEL like there are. You know? It’s just a weird feeling, knowing that the last one of 2012 has already been posted.” “What?” your friend will ask. “Petting Zoo.” you’ll respond. And your friend, so tired of you at this point, will either change the topic of conversation or go talk to someone else. What a wonderful holiday treat. LET’S GET TO THESE VIDEOOOOOS!

10. Man And Goat Share Corn

9. Parrot Sees A Squirrel

8. Older Cat And Little Kitten

7. Balancing Puppy

6. Cat Hates Christmas

5. Baby Gibbon Has A Shower

4. Polite Cat Would Like Your Attention

3. Christmas Dog Loves Empty Bottles

2. Puppy Is So Hungry

1. Dog Adopts Tiger Cubs

It’s been a wonderful year. Thank you, animals. Thank you, humans. Congratulations to us — every one.

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  1. Speaking of animals, I just learned today that beastiality has been legal in Germany since 1969.

  2. Watching #2 all I could think was “how is this number 2? What could POSSIBLY beat this???” And then I found out…tiger cubs adopted by dog. Awesome job, everyone! Great going, tigers! Way to be, puppy!

    • No, #1 is a charming story, but #2 is simply one of the best videos I’ve seen on Petting Zoo. The puppy is so hungry he levitates! Great job, Kelly. I will be talking about that video at all the holiday parties this year.

  3. I don’t understand the goat video? Why did he hit the goat at the end? Did he not know the goat was eating part of his corn? If he didn’t a) he’s an idiot, and b) why was he eating it so fast?
    And assuming he did know about the goat, why was he eating it so fast? Was it a race to see who could eat the most corn the fastest?

  4. Petting Zoo math facts: Squirrel is a funny word. Parrots are funny birds. A parrot saying squirrel is funny squared. FACT!

  5. You guys!!!! I’m filling out some adoption papers for a pup right now!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Technically I’m just going to foster a pup, but if this guy gets along with my guy… I am very seriously considering adopting him! AHHHHHH!!!!!

  6. An empty water bottle is a nice cheap dog toy. I used to have a dog who played with the cardboard at the center of a roll of paper towels. He was so thrilled to unravel it like a pop-n-fresh tube.

    • My dog loves both of those things! With the water bottle, you have to be careful to remove that little plastic ring under the cap. My dog likes to rampage with large cardboard boxes and tear them to shreds. Really hilarious to watch, pain in the ass to clean up.

      • The joy that an empty water bottle gives a dog is almost enough to make up for the pain of the noise a dog makes with an empty water bottle.

  7. My cat taps us on the arm just like the polite cat in the video. However, he will use claws if we don’t respond in a timely manner. Cats, you guys.

  8. I dunno if it’s the same tiger in the #1 video, but if it is, man on man is he ever cranky.

  9. Thank you very much for #4. How did you know that today is my birthday and that exotic shorthairs are my favorite.


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