Give this thirty seconds, and it will give you a smile on your face:

I enjoy this kind of evidence that someone out there in the world got really, really stoned and watched a beloved TV show from my childhood one night. It’s amazing how Bollywood some of the dancing already was, under our noses! (Via David Cho’s Tumblr.)

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  1. How do you include footage of all the season openers (even the weird Reggae one), but omit THE RUDY DANCE?

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  3. Jai Ho Pudding Pops!

  4. Pussycat Dolls, you just got served. Enjoy your dinner. I mean Jello Pudding Pops.

  5. I LOVE TUNAK TUNAK TUN!!! I have the whole (original) music video memorized, dance moves and all.

  6. I wanted so much to be able to make the first Jai Ho crack. C’EST LA VIE.

  7. Videogum, stop having so many ads for The Cougar on your website, WTF.

  8. My mom and I are loving this.

  9. Jon  |   Posted on Apr 13th, 2009 -1

    The Cosby Show mash-up doesn’t have anything on the original Daler Mehndi video.

    This is my fourth favorite thing to ever come out of India.

  10. That video made my year. Although I’m still upset they married Denise off to that lame Navy guy just so they could add Raven-Simone to the cast.

  11. kbs  |   Posted on Apr 13th, 2009 +5

    There are some phrases that automatically make me hit the play button. Both “Cosby Show” and “Bollywood” are on this list.

  12. zik  |   Posted on Apr 13th, 2009 +3

    The seven year old version of myself still holds a candle for Lisa Bonet.

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