This one goes out to everyone who woke up super late today because telephones haven’t evolved enough yet to know that they should try to wake you up again if you accidentally turned them off instead of snoozing them, like a huge dummy. You know what I mean, baby. It looks like you’ve had a number of late mornings. But no matter — you’re fine. Someone put this baby to bed and let him sleep as long as he wants! Take that banana away! Let him eat it later! IT’S THE HOLIDAYS! (Via DailyPicks.)

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  1. “Looks like that baby could use a banaNAP!” – Jay Leno probably

  2. Is anyone else worried about choking?

  3. I’ve been there baby, although for me it is usually after a night of Gin and Tonics and instead of a banana it is a Denny’s grand slam.

  4. I’ve been there with the phone thing. That’s why I set three alarms. I still sometimes do that anyway.

    • I heard of an app that asks you a series of math questions (you choose the difficulty level ahead of time) before your alarm will turn off. I want that. I also want someone to invent an app that asks you a series of math questions before it lets you send texts after 11pm on weekends to avoid the perils of drunk texting.

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