• Here is Aaron Paul posing as himself at the ABQ Urban Outfitters face-in-hole. Jesse Pinkman all the way down. -HeisenbergChronicles
  • Amy Sedaris & Jimmy Fallon make a ‘crafty candle salad’ for your morning amusement. Always great to see Amy! -LateNightJimmy
  • Martin Scorsese To Make Documentary About Bill Clinton For HBO: this is gonna be good. -Deadine
  • Ben Stiller is producing a Michael Ian Black sitcom for ABC. Would at least attempt to watch! -SplitSider
  • Janice Dickinson is getting married, oh my. -Dlisted
  • Eric Wareheim lays down a bit of Rihanna’s “Diamonds” at the 24 hour Cinefamily Telethon -TimAndEric
  • We Are All Gollum: Reviewing The Hobbit With An Unexpected Guest Blogger - TheAwl
  • Graham Norton, Daniel Radcliffe, Ricky Gervais, & Jessica Ennis explore Daniel Radcliffe’s Fanfiction Site -GrahamNorton
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  1. Shouldn’t the Clinton biopic be on late-night Cinemax instead?

  2. Has there been a place where we can talk about our feelings on the Hobbit? Because I have feelings about the Hobbit. Mostly good feelings, but also ‘a stern editor really could have been beneficial’ and ‘what the hell with this ork’ feelings.

    Also, LEE PACE WAS AN ELF ON AN (spoiler) ELK. That was glorious.

    • Please, yes! Talk about your feelings.

    • I know! I wanna talk Hobbit, too! When can we talk Hobbit?

      • Fine, but just this once; don’t make it a hobbit.

      • NOW. VIVA LA HOBBIT! Also, what did you think? I liked it but wonder how it will play out with the added elements that were only alluded to in the book. Also the goblin king’s neck scrotum freaked me the fuck out.

        • I thought it generally flowed better than the Lord of the Rings movies. There weren’t as many slow points. Loved Martin Freeman as Bilbo, the scene with Gollum was spot on. In general, I liked the historical stuff. Most of it was great, until it started to seep into the actual story. Here are my problems (that bothered me enough to only deem the film “ok”):

          1. Azog pissed me off to no end and completely threw me out of the story, he was so damn distracting. The thing with the Hobbit (as compared to LotR) is that it’s an adventure tale. It doesn’t have this looming evil with threats of the end of the world. There is no bad guy for most of it! I hate that they had to pander to the general public and add a “bad guy,” as if we’re so dumb that we’d get bored without someone to root against. After looking it up, Azog isn’t even really part of it. He died at the battle of Moria, so Peter Jackson made this crap up. I didn’t mind most of the myth/history, but seriously just use what Tolkien wrote and don’t make it up. We don’t need this orc dude, he’s unnecessary and badly CGI’d.

          2. Bilbo is not a fighter! I understand that they wanted him to be the “hero” and that doesn’t really happen until much later in the book, but making him run at Azog was so idiotic and out of character. Bilbo is respected because of his smarts, not his bravery in battle.

          3. I know people unfamiliar with the books are expecting the Hobbit to be very similar to LotR, but it’s a kids book. Adding this ominous undertone was a bit over the top. And they pulled quite a few things from the LotR movies (the moth) that just felt pandering and repetitive. Like in comedy sequels where they repeat the jokes from the first movie.

          That said, I’m probably going to see it again and try really hard to ignore the bad parts. Maybe it will be better once all three (unnecessary to make it three) films are out?

          • I agree wholeheartedly with point 1 for sure. If they wanted a fight scene, I think it would have been better to restructure the plot to maybe include the spider scene rather than include the superflous orc (and was it me or were the effects worse than in LOTR? I thought the pale orc looked weird and not in the OMG ITS REAAL way) (also he reminded me of the Creators from Prometheus). And I get what Jackson is trying to do with regard to including the ominous threats (both to more firmly connect this series to the LOTR films, and to flesh out the greater threat that was hinted at but never explicitly stated in The Hobbit proper). His Colbert interview had him mention the theory that the Hobbit was (GEEK ALERT) a children’s adaptation of a darker tale from Middle Earth, and that he wanted to explore the underlying story INCLUDING the wizard stuff. BUT I also think that could have been maybe a great directors cut, and the theatrical cut would have benefited from staying true to the books.

            I think it’s a little weird that for brevity, Jackson cut Tom Bombadil (which, full disclose, I liked. I am not a Bombadil fan) from the Fellowship of the Ring, yet added a shit ton of peripheral plot and some straight up fabricated stuff to beef up the Hobbit. It was not the bloat I feared from the movie, but yeah. I rate it higher than ‘ok’, but not ‘great’, which it really could have been.

            Also, I love hedgehogs but omg I could not care less about Radagast the brown’s buddy Sebastian. Or all of that really. I mean it better have a bitchin’ payoff with Tilda Swinton laying the smack down in No. 2 or 3, because I thought it was really unnecessary as it is.

          • lilbobbytales- I’ve read comments elsewhere that this felt like the extended edition and not the theatrical cut. I think maybe I would’ve liked this cut if it were out on DVD, but in theaters it felt a little over-indulgent. I don’t think Jackson is nearly as bad as Lucas, but I think those Oscars went to his head and he needed a good editor.

            Honestly, I would’ve probably loved this had the orc crap not been in it. I mean, Fellowship had very little action/battles in it because it was the set-up movie, I don’t understand why they couldn’t treat this one as the set-up for later action.

            Radagast was a little too ridiculous. I liked his scene with the necromancer, but the hedgehog thing was just silly.

          • I will want to read and respond to all of this on Saturday, but the it will be too late.

        • oh, and agreed on the neck scrotum. It was disgusting.

  3. I kind of love Janice Dickenson. I ain’t afraid! I love that crazy asshole and I hope she has a very happy life with her psychiatrist fiancee. I wish them a lifetime of happiness and excitement and hilariously asymmetrical body and facial parts.

  4. I originally read that as “We Are All Goldblum” and now I can’t stop laughing.

  5. I like that Aaron Paul is basically Breaking Bad’s #1 Fan who just happens to also play one of the main characters. Its as if he was a huge fan of the show beforehand, and then they came to him and were like how would you like to star on this show and here he is.

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