After six seasons, it’s time to say goodbye to all of our good friends, all of our worst enemies, all of our sex partners, and all of our non-blood relatives, which as it turns out are all the same people, who make up the cast of television’s best Upper East Side teen drama: Gossip Girl. Although we knew the end would have to come someday, it doesn’t make looking into the deep abyss that is life without Gossip Girl any easier. What will the world look like tomorrow, once we know whether or not Blair and Chuck will finally be able to be together forever now that Bart Bass is dead for the second time and the terms of their success pact can be met? Will the air feel a bit heavier once we know whether or not Lily will get back with ex-husband Rufus now that Ivy — Lily’s fake niece but REAL heir to Lily’s mother’s fortune — is no longer fake-dating him but is actually real-dating (or so she thinks) Lily’s other ex-husband/Serena’s father, William? Will our body lift itself from slumber tomorrow morning if Serena doesn’t end up with Dan, who most recently aimed to gain her respect by publishing an a scathing exposé about her in Vanity Fair? Will nate go to jail for statutory rape and also the thing with the money? Will a masquerade be involved? Will Georgina fall into a stormdrain in Queens and find Vanessa there? WHO IS GOSSIP GIRL?!?! We will soon find out the answers to all of these questions and more during the two hour (TWO HOUR!) series finale of our beloved terrible garbage series. Let’s hang out here together and watch it unfold, since all of our IRL friends stopped watching it, like, a million seasons ago. This will be a night to remember for sure!


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  1. Make your “Who is Gossip Girl?” guesses here.

    I say Bart Bass.

  2. I don’t get to watch until 11 p.m. EST. Can we have a second party?

  3. Wait… is the first hour going to be just a trip down memory lane? Bitches, please. I have seen every episode enough times. I don’t need a recap.

  4. Where’s the pizza? #PizzaGirl

  5. Well, in the meantime, let’s all find out which Gossip Girl character we are:

  6. I just hope they bring Jenny back!

  7. At least we get to to see A LOT of Carrie Diaries previews.

  8. I’m glad they included Chuck’s appalling red footie-pajama-esque jogging suit onesie in this fashion retrospective.


  10. “Excuse me, pilot, I need a moment to read this unpublished article about myself before we take off” – never change, Serena

  11. I AIN’T ever even WATCH THIS shit, but I LOVE SOME pizza.

  12. “Please, officer, don’t ask this young lady who I clearly have a sexual relationship with any questions. She’s a minor.” – never change, Nate

  13. I’m worried about Jack Bass, guys. Is he wearing a LOT of rouge or does he need a cheeseburger real bad?

  14. Chuck is British??!?

  15. Did we just find out who Gossip Girl is? Was that for real? Did our DREAM COME TRUE?

  16. Please tell me they are not really going to say that Dan and Jenny were Gossip Girl.

  17. I googled it, it’s Kristen Bell.



  20. If the thing I just read on Twitter is true, I’m PISSED.

  21. The best part about THIS character being Gossip Girl, or any character, is that there is definitely nothing in any of the six seasons that would make it not make any sense at all.

    • Totes! SPOILERY: I somehow don’t buy that this character would have posted the tip Blair sent in about Dan and the gross teacher having an affair back in season 2.

      • I was under the impression that the Gossip Girl site had been around a lot longer than these damn kids. So if the rumors are true… this person made a detailed site and had hundreds of spies all around Manhattan, Brooklyn, Paris, wherever Chuck was when he was with the girl from Harry Potter… has been running weird gossip blasts since what… middle school? Yeah that makes less sense than everyone running major businesses at like 19 or 20.

        And this show is LOUSY with celebrity cameos. They couldn’t have done a fun one like Anderson Cooper or Michael Musto? Hell, I would have been happy if it was Seth Cohen, the perennial outsider. Or the cute mayor from Bluebell. Or Summer Roberts.

  22. LOL Rufus’s glasses.

  23. Wouldn’t it be great if Georgina had walked down the stairs instead?

  24. LISA LOEB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Oh my god the Gossip Girl future is so perfect.

  26. Chuck and Blair clearly live in the Bob Guccione mansion which is perfect

  27. How did Dan have the idea for & construct the Gossip Girl website at the train station all while Serena walked down the steps??? Is there anything he can’t do?!

  28. FYI people: my boyfriend is making me watch this. It is kind of worth it to see Chuck’s hair from S1.

  29. Who was Gossip Girl in the books? Or was that never told?

  30. what is wrong with Billy Baldwin’s face??????

  31. Looking through some Gossip Girl voiceovers that are hilarious in retrospect.

    “I used to think that S and Lonely Boy were the most boring couple on the Upper East side, but what makes them actually great together… is when they’re supposed to be with other people.”

    • “Also spotted: Lonely Boy’s baby mama, looking like one hot mama on the beach in St. Bart’s. If she’s flown the coop, who’s cleaning up her baby’s poop?”

    • “Spotted: S. and Lonely Boy kicking off the New Year like it’s last year. Who knows, maybe third time’s a charm. But let’s not break out the bubbly just yet.”

  32. “Poor Lonely Boy. Even on the outer boroughs of love.”

    That might be my favorite.

  33. Did Chuck Bass have plastic surgery or just grow into his face? I’m watching the first episode right now while I wait for the West Coast party to start and his face looks SOOOO different.

  34. Love that Kristen Bell got to be on the show in person for a minute!

  35. Ahahahaha. This site is a national treasure!!!!

  36. I missed all of this because my friends and I had an actual waffle and back-stabbing brunch party as Gossip Girl characters (shut up, I know we’re the best, stop telling me what I already know).

    Here I am as Blair, looking down on the waffles;

  37. Jack Bass and Georgina 4 lyfe

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