Saturday’s Holiday episode of Saturday Night Live opened with the New York City Children’s Chorus singing “Silent Night,” an appropriate tribute to Newtown shooting victims. I thought this was handled very well, with nothing overstated and certainly no attempt at comedy. Although Saturday Night Live is not where we turn to find answers or reflect or anything along those lines, I do think it would have felt off not to somehow recognize the still-raw tragedy. This led into Martin Short’s monologue, which was a song because I guess we shouldn’t even go out of our way to talk about how all the monologues are songs anymore because that is just the WAY IT IS! This one does deserve some slack, though, since it is the holiday episode and we have to get in a bunch of guest appearances (Kristen Wiig, Jimmy Fallon, Tom Hanks, Samuel L. Jackson, Tina Fey, and Lorne Michaels) somehow. Martin Short, everybody! He is a delight and I just love him a lot! While the rest of the episode was hit-and-miss (and somewhat light on sketches, since Paul McCartney performed three times and many of the sketches were kind of lengthy), Martin Short was always a silly, charming dream. (Except for in the Restoration Hardware sketch.) (No one was good in that sketch!) (What was that sketch?) The sketches in which Short shined were (obviously) those where he was able to go over-the-top with dramatic, silly characters (and when he WAS Larry David), and I was left feeling like I wish there were more of those kinds of sketches than others (“What Up With That,” for example). But it is Christmas, and on Christmas we take what we can get. So let’s look at what we got.

The “Royal Family Doctor” sketch, at the top of the show, was my favorite of the night. Very silly, mostly relying on Martin Short doing a funny accent and Bill Hader trying not to laugh, which is fine by me. A+ enjoyed it would watch again.

“You’re A Rat Bastard, Charlie Brown” was one of those sketches that’s just an excuse to bring out a slew of impressions that wouldn’t work anywhere else, which is something THAT I LOVE. Hahah. I definitely realize that this is maybe not something that everyone loves, with good reason, but I always like sketches like this. If only because impressions are funny. IF ONLY because of that. Martin Short’s Larry David impression was completely fucking ridiculous. Pardon the curse, I know this is a family blog, but my goodness was that a good Larry David impression and face impression!

SPEAKING OF CURSING, Samuel L. Jackson cursed so many times on “What Up With That”! Two times! WHAT UP WITH THAT? Hahahaaaaaaa. No but seriously, I’m pretty sure that Gabe loves the “What Up With That” sketch, so with all due respect to Gabe, I do not like the “What Up With That” sketch. Anymore, at least. Or at the very least this one did not win me over, as some have in the past. This one was so long! And Martin Short didn’t have a good role! And Carrie Brownstein was there, which was nice! She’s great! But it wasn’t enough!

Weekend Update was pretty strong this week, I thought. I loved the “Jacob the Bar Mitzvah Boy” appearance. Vanessa Bayer’s shy smiles and cheesy grins were 100% perfect. Great job.

“Girl You Wish You Didn’t Start A Conversation With At A Party” was even good this week! Even though it’s kind of strange how often they’re bringing this one out! She had an abundance of good lines this week, and I think that if the writers cut this character’s appearances in half she would be much more enjoyable for me in particular, and I am almost positive that SNL is created just for me, so what gives?

Holiday Pageant was not a great sketch, as it really only acted as a lead-in to McCarney’s third performance, but I did enjoy Martin Short here. He is the best. I wish there had been more sketches in which we could have enjoyed him.

Finally, Paul McCarney performed once without Nirvana, and then once with Nirvana! WHAT WOULD KURT HAVE THOUGHT? “I’m glad Pat Smear is looking healthy and that Krist is still wearing his bass so low,” probably. Happy Holidays! No more SNL until after the holidays, but then we’re back with Jennifer Lawrence! SEE YOU THEN!

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  1. I was disappointed there was no Ed Grimley sketch!! And yes, the British OBGYN wuz the best. Why must they always do these game shows? Is that the best format for skits? It’s almost always a let down.

  2. I know we’re not supposed to like celebrity impressions but I laughed SO HARD during the Charlie Brown sketch, especially at Michael Keaton. And Weekend Update will always be my favorite part of SNL because I will never not have a huge crush on Seth Meyers. And Bill Hader laughing through sketches is my new favorite SNL past time.

    Also I’m so glad to be back on a continent where I don’t have to jump through hoops to watch SNL so I can chat with you guys about it! YAYYY

  3. I was excited that Martin Short was hosting because my family used to watch Primtime Glick when I was young, even though I know I definitely did not get a lot of the jokes. I thought he was a pretty good host! My favorite part, though, was when Tiny Tim started dancing during What’s Up With That. It cracked me up so much. I was really hoping for Drunk Uncle or Stefon this week. How am I supposed to know what New York’s hottest holiday club is?

  4. I watched SNL this week with three friends, and after the Charlie Brown sketch I said “That was the best Larry David impression that could possibly exist.” They all looked at me confused. Each one of them thought it was really Larry David. Either my friends are dumb, or Martin Short is a genius.

    • Yeah there was a point at the end where I really thought it was Larry David. It was that good. I thoroughly enjoyed the Charlie Brown and Lucy football scene.

  5. That was the first time I have enjoyed listening to “Wonderful Christmastime”.

  6. “And Martin Short didn’t have a good role!”

    Really, Kelly? Martin Short as Jackie Rogers Jr – on the short list for greatest sketch comedy characters EVER – wasn’t a good role?

    Can we please have someone over the age of 16 review these?

    • Yes, but to be fair to Kelly–very few people over 16 have experienced the wonder that is SCTV.

      • Also, Kelly is I think in her mid to late twenties ALSO there is a lot of good TV in the world MAYBE SHE’LL GET TO IT LATER IN LIFE SNAPPY MCJUDGEMENT!

    • Yes SCTV was amazing yet no one talks about it anymore. I would have expected it to have a cult following for the youngins’ or at least have some sort of renaissance.

    • Really I was just a dummy and wasn’t clear and meant that his role was not good-sized — very little screen time compared to how long the sketch was. I’M SORRY!!!!

      • All is forgiven. Truthfully, I wish they would have given Jackie his own sketch, like the one in 96 when he has sex with Miss Piggy,

  7. I laughed a lot at the Kanye West impression during the otherwise awful Tony Bennett sketch. And because I’m juvenile, I also laughed at the hemorrhoid jokes.

    But yes, the Royal Family Doctor sketch was hands down the best. I love, love, love Martin Short.

  8. Wow, I didn’t realize everyone (or anyone, at least) loved Martin Short as much as I do. Nice.

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