• Charo did her signature cuchi-cuchi in a Beverly Hills parking lot yesterday. Lucky for us, there’s a photo series! Cuchi cuchi! -Dlisted
  • Amanda Seyfried performed the first verse of “California Love” while sporting a giant frog head on Ellen. She needed a little help with the cadence, but I will give her a B+ for effort. -WarmingGlow
  • The TODAY Show‘s Best Moments of 2012: I imagine these were difficult to narrow down. Does ‘worst’ count as ‘best’? -TODAY
  • “XOXO, Conspicuous Consumption: How The Economy Killed Gossip Girl” will be useful for some future cocktail party convo. -TheAtlantic
  • Holiday Super Slo-Mo Camera Moments: tis the season. -CONAN
  • “5 Things We Learned About Ghostbusters From Jason Reitman’s Live Reading”- Here is my favorite thing on the list: “…Bill Murray was given a mumblecore-style essay about each scene and then permitted to say whatever he wanted…For example “I feel so funky” after being slimed is his.” I FEEL SO FUNKY! -/Film
  • Watch a hilarious clip from Billy On The Street where they play a game called “List Sex Moves In Front of Mr. Rogers.” (A new episode airs tonight at 10/9c on Fuse and the special guest is Will Ferrell! YAY!) -FunnyOrDie
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  1. Amanda Seyfried is the best. She should be more famous than she is.

    • That was one of the more random clips in recent memory of a celebrity doing something really random on a talk show:

      Amanda Seyfried + Frog Head + Ellen + Tupac & Dr. Dre rap lyrics. GO!

  2. uuuuugh I knew too many those answers on the Billy on the Street clip. I’m questioning my life choices right now

  3. how was Mike Leonard retiring not included on the best moments of the Today Show? [full disclosure, he's a family friend] what a great job he’s done being the best!

  4. OK, so I love this website. Truly. But how are you guys going to put Uproxx on blast for tweeting the Amanda Seyfried thing then post the same link on your site? I don’t understand the distinction that Videogum is allowed to go about business as usual, but other companies can’t? And then you blocked people who voiced the opinion that you were wrong to draw that arbitrary line. I love you guys, and always will, but I’m uncomfortable with this situation.

    • Wait, when did they say anything about something someone else posted or block anybody? I am genuinely confused by your comment.

    • Everyone must and should go about their business today. For many websites, including this one, that business is posting about stupid stuff that doesn’t matter. There is nothing wrong with that, and not everyone needs to be addressing YOU KNOW WHAT. This is not the place, obviously. But there is/was something particularly egregious about posting a self-promotional link to your own website on Twitter, which is just a lazy cash-grab method of upping your pageviews, especially during the very moments when the OTHER story was breaking. (As it stands, UPROXX actually responded that they hadn’t seen the story yet, which is fair.) That is the distinction, and I think it is a very clear one. If you don’t agree, you are welcome to unfollow the Videogum account, as many people did. As far as blocking people, this only happened in cases when people either a) persisted in criticism that was off-base and wrong-headed, or b) used unnecessarily offensive language like “you are a gaping asshole.” But in general, on that note, just because you have a negative opinion doesn’t mean everyone has to put up with it, and I disagree with the Internet’s weird insistence that everyone should just be allowed to say what they want all the time and everyone else should just be subjected to listening to it. If you are being rude, I don’t HAVE to put up with you simply because everyone gets a free account. (This doesn’t mean that I am not open to criticism, because I genuinely think that I am. It does mean however that you should take time and be thoughtful in your criticism, because otherwise it’s just rude yelling, and that’s annoying and unhelpful. “Stop it,” is boring. “You’re a piece of shit,” is useless. And while you not liking something is your right, me not caring whether you like something or not is mine.) The counter-point to that would be that Videogum itself rudely yells at people all the time and offers primarily annoying and unhelpful criticism. I don’t totally disagree with that! You probably have a point! But all that means is that I can’t take offense if someone chooses by that same logic to block or unfollow me, and I promise you that I don’t. Block and unfollow away! There are bigger problems out there! And thus the iCircle of e-life continues.

      I hope that helps! Thanks for reading!

      • Gabe, I agree with this. And honestly many of your reactions were very funny. I specifically enjoyed the comment about the pot smoking event in in Philadelphia.

        HOWEVER, the current habit and trend of “friends of Videogum” (semi-internet-famous people? web journalists with big followings? VH1 comedians?) who consistently ironically retweet and mock corporate sympathies and/or statements made by people who don’t live on the Internet and read 3-4 news RSS feeds at a time and happened to have a promotional message that was probably written weeks before and timed out for a terrible, inconvenient moment NEEDS TO STOP. It’s cloying and just as obnoxious and opportunistic as the people you called out for exactly the same reasons.

        This has less to do with you and this site but an honest plea that I beg you to tell your friends because it’s actually ruining their brands as writers and comedians and journalists.

        Calling out a politician for being an asshole with bad policies is one thing, but the stuff I perused today where an unfortunate soul who was probably elbows-deep in non-web work was drawn over the icoals because their message was sent before they had time to turn on the TV that they probably do not have at their desk. And I am the very very first person to have strong opinions on social media and terrible social media as consulting things like this can be part of my job… but when an ironic pithy quote and RT is the top thing associated with a person’s career because Joe Mande (he’s the easiest target, but I saw about 20 different people doing this just today) can’t think of better material… Well that literally can cost a person their job. And that’s incredibly insensitive, possibly moreso than a poorly-timed message. (I did see someone from Grist call out a Kmart sympathy message that included a message about toy sales and thought that was literally the only instance of HUNDREDS that made sense and worked in the very context to which I am referring.)

        This isn’t really a comment on what happened today with this site but just something I would really REALLY urge you to pass on at your next hang out or ichat or the hover brainstorm.

        • Two things, I guess (specific to me) (like everything)
          (1) I talked about this briefly with Just Désserts/myfakeironlung and others on Twitter and it turns out Twitter is a bad medium for this discussion! BUT: whereas I generally take Joe Mande retweeting corporations remembering 9/11 (for instance) as a commentary on how weird it is that corporations feel required to say that they remember 9/11, or secondarily how tone deaf corporations are that they don’t understand that tweeting anything “sincere” has a subliminal fuck you in it, I also believe that the impulse to retweet is coming from a pretty dark place that is probably destroying us. I meant what I said in the tweet, though: I think Gabe thinks hard about these kinds of issues (lol, “issues”) – harder than I do, anyway
          (2) I was blocked, but it was a mistake, and now I’m not; also, hellohello27 is not one of my secret accounts (“Chris Trash” is, though, and also “FaceTaco”, “Kate” and “Ken Jennings”)

  5. Nathan Christensen  |   Posted on Dec 14th, 2012 +4

    I forgot Charo existed. What a pleasant reminder on a pretty fucked up day.

    • There has been a special place in my heart for Charo ever since her appearance on Pee Wee’s Playhouse Christmas Special. Ingrained in my brain since the age of 7.

      • That was a favorite at our house too. Grace Jones singing Little Drummer Boy, those elderly twins Walking in a Winter Wonderland, and Charo with Felice Na bla bla–I think I’ll watch it now.

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