In years past, we have put together Worst People of the Year lists to accompany our list of the Best People. Well that time is over. Here’s the thing: life is short, guys. And lord knows, it is not as if Videogum has ever shirked its duty in complaining about the poor behavior of our fellow human beings. But at a certain point you have to think to yourself, what is the point? Will it keep me from aging and eventually dying? To write this blog list of people who were mild-to-extreme jerks over the past year? Because that would be a semi-decent reason, although even in that case you are still benefiting from the production/consumption of negative energy, which has to do something to your immortal soul, if not body. I’m just saying, we spend all year going hoarse about the guys who stink and we give far too little airtime to our favorite heroes. So let’s focus on that, huh? Let’s end this year feeling pretty good about things, at least as good as we can. Yay? Yay!

Mark Wahlberg
If for no other reason, Mark Wahlberg makes this list for his claim this past January that had he been on the plane during 9/11 he would have single-handedly prevented one of the greatest tragedies in American history. But also Contraband was really pretty good, did you see it? That movie kind of came and went but it is worth revisiting.

Benedict Cumberbatch
Whoa, one of our crushes of 2012 has carried over to our Best People list? IS THAT EVEN ALLOWED? Yes! It’s allowed! I’ve just checked with the judges and it is allowed! May Benedict Cumberbatch continue to be in all the movies and hold all the babies and solve all the mysteries and never look good in a paparazzi photograph even though he looks so good otherwise in the year 2013!

Channing Tatum
This was the year where everyone was like, whoa, wait a second, is Channing Tatum actually kind of great? And the answer seems to be yes. He was funny in 21 Jump Street, and he fucked the floor into pieces in Magic Mike, for sure, but did you know he also WON A PEABODY AWARD? Good grief. Channing Tatum, everybody! Let him know!

Barack Obama

Chris Gethard
2012 was Chris Gethard’s year in many ways. He wrote a book and became the New King of Authors. He called out Videogum commenter Just Dessérts. (Possibly not an accomplishment he thinks about when he reviews his own year.) IFC adopted him. The Chris Gethard Show had a very strong, wonderful, totally weird year, and remember that episode they did for Alyssa? Just the best.

Tig Notaro
As we’ve already pointed out, Tig Notaro was already very funny before bad things happened to her, but this certainly was the year in which she was appropriately recognized and celebrated for it. So we’d like to jump on that bandwagon as well!

Krispy Kreme/Froggy Fresh
And of course we couldn’t forget Videogum’s Person of the Year, Froggy Fresh. Can you believe Froggy/Krispy wasn’t in our life at all before the year 2012? WHAT?! Let’s not think about it. Onward and upward for Froggy, Moneymaker, and all of us. And — as always — down with James.

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  1. Ugh. AGAIN, you guys? You forgot the most important person on the list AGAIN? Ladies and gentlemen, your best person of 2012 or ever:


  2. Worst anything of the year goes to tinychat, because I’m stuck at work bored out of my tiny human mind and it keeps booting me out :(

  3. So, not to make a big deal of it or anything, but today is more or less the last day I’ll be wasting all my time commenting here. I got a new position that starts on Wednesday, which means a lot less Videogum time, partly because I’m gonna actually have, like, responsibilities and stuff, but mostly because it’s a later shift. So there’s that. I’ll still be at the Chicago meetup in April, though!

  4. On the subject of Channing Tatum, here is my best Christmas story from this year:

    Due to a confluence of generally crappy circumstances, my family spent Christmas in a nursing home/convent which, while weird, was actually kind of nice. And because of this I am able to proudly say that I was given the deluxe Blu-ray edition of Magic Mike by my parents in a convent.


    • That sounds like a pretty great Christmas. I once almost went to the Pope’s midnight mass on Christmas Eve, but I decided I was too drunk for that to be a very good idea, so I decided to keep drinking instead. Unfortunately, it turned out that the entire city of Rome shuts down on Christmas Eve, so there was nary a bar to be found. Since I never got a hotel room when I was out for the night, I had nowhere to go. I ended up finding the first train that would leave in the morning, buying a ticket, and kind-of sort-of broke in so I’d have somewhere to sleep for the night. It was kind of a crummy Christmas, but at least I learned that I would make an amazing hobo.

  5. Not to get cheezy, but my nominee for best people of the year is all the Monsters, and Louis Simon.

    • He WAS very a-Muse-ing.

      (Hoping to hit his Google alert and bring him back to us).

    • Long live Louis Simon. His live performances certainly left me appalled.

      • I just went back and re-read that entire thread. I got an uncontrollable case of the giggles.

        • Fact: When bored at work I used to go through old Hunt for the Worst Movie entries, but had to stop due to a resulting chronic case of the giggles.

          • I had that problem, too. I find that browsing Wikipedia is a good substitute. The inessentialness of articles is more likely to make you snicker than giggle. For a good example, check the article on mozzarella sticks.

          • I actually used that one as an example because it’s the page I was on, but it actually seems to be the BEST example. An article that really doesn’t give any more detail than the name already provides, includes arbitrary details worded as if they are interesting or surprising (Mozzarella sticks are sometimes added to an “appetizer sampler” that may include other snacks like buffalo wings, potato skins, fried zucchini, or even nachos), and includes exactly one reference that only serves to illustrate that mozzarella sticks may be served with tomatoes. It is the holy grail of stupid Wikipedia articles.

          • Much like the people who write 5th grade Math textbooks for a living, the people who write these kinds of Wikipedia articles must be very, very sad. Or just way too easily amused.

          • Never stop to think “somebody chose to do this.” EVER. That’s a bad road to go down, especially with doctors. The more specialized doctor you need to see, the more disturbing it gets. Have to go see a proctologist? Congratulations, every possible doctor you can see is someone who made a conscious decision to dedicate their lives to getting up close and personal with asses.

          • Boom! Any proctologists reading this, you just got TACO’D!

          • I will never forget the day I got taco’d. I don’t remember WHY I got taco’d, or the actual date, but I will never forget.

    • Was Louis Simon really this year?? It seems like I’ve been loving him forever…

    • Oh, you! You’re making me blush! (not this Louis Simon guy, just a random monster)

  6. Well, Politigum isn’t a site yet, so I’ll say it here. Whenever I see Obama on a “best” year end list, part of me is like “SAY IT LOUD, I’M BLACK AND I’M PR…” but the other more nagging part of me keeps repeating “drones”. And that bums me out, because I want Obama to be the best…but yeah, drones.

  7. Cumberbatch. That alone means this list is totally valid.

  8. After a lot of careful thought, my vote for best person of 2012 is:

    • I saw one of my best friends yesterday for the first time since February and I will not see her again until June, and instead of having meaningful adult conversation, we had talked about how great this gif is. Very important gif.

  9. Didn’t Ryan Gosling save the entire population of L.A. this year? Daaang, this is one cutthroat list.

    ALSO: I nominate Swinton. Because she is Swinton.

  10. Froggy Fresh is definitely my favorite person this year. At Christmas dinner (and any other chance I got during Christmas), I sang his Christmas song. I hope in the new year to hear his take on more holidays (not enough St. Patrick’s Day songs), and I can’t wait to hear about his ongoing struggles with James. James is the worst.

  11. I met Chris Gethard at Mr. Coconuts post-callout and he was too CHICKEN to take me on. Or maybe I was just a normal person and thanked him kindly for the book. TOTAL PUSSY, BETA AF, 0/10.

  12. My dog is the #1 best person I know this year, last year and every year for the past decade. Best person in the whole world!

    Has Barack Obama ever woken me up with kisses? No. Or at least not that I’m aware of…

  13. Really? Only one woman? Huh.

  14. Aaron Paul is crying somewhere now.

  15. Where is the list of the worst people?

    I have mine written on the back of an envelope. You could say “the envelope please” and get this envelope. And on this envelope will be a message from my phone company. But also on this envelope? The words “Paul Ryan #1 douchebag” written in pen by ME!

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