• Do you know if they’re going to make a Justin Theroux statue soon? Do you want them to? Are you lonely? Do you think they’re going to put him in a leather jacket, if they do make a wax Justin Theroux? Is it going to be a real leather jacket or a wax leather jacket? At wax museums, are the clothes wax or just the bodies? Your dress looks real.
  • Do you think wax Angelina thinks you came to Madame Tussaud’s alone because you still miss wax Brad Pitt? (Is that way you came to Madame Tussaud’s alone?)
  • I’m so sorry, but I have to ask: Do you have any news on the Friends movie reunion? Has a script been written, at least?
  • Your body — the legs especially — looks incredibly lifelike, but your face does not. Not really, at least. The mouth looks a bit high on the face. Are you mad that your face is so shiny? Do you think it looks like a healthy glow or do you think it looks a little too oily? I’m on the fence but I’m leaning towards a little too oily.
  • Will you always be in front of a Christmas tree?
  • Do you know where wax Brad is right now?
  • Oh my god, girl, that was a trick question you shouldn’t know where he is! You just got here! (Full-size wax statue photo after the jump.) (Via TheSuperficial.)
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  1. Question for anybody NOT made of wax: How hard is it to modify one of these bad boys?

    It’s one of those electric dealies where the butterfly moves around. I have a wonderful plan.

  2. I give it a week before the press starts speculating on whether there’s a little candle on the way.

  3. i thought i felt all the loneliness in the world suddenly double.

  4. Celine Dion looks great!

  5. How does it feel to know that you will be the Miss Havisham (wax ed.) of our time, Waxifer Anniston?

  6. Only a matter of time before some prankster glues on a wax prosthetic and restores the statue’s nose to Leprechaun era Aniston.


  7. I want to know if the wax figures come alive at night after everyone is asleep. And if so, do they have a party? Do they have their own celebrity wax figure culture and how does it relate to ours — is it more of a high school popular kids situation or more like one day you are in, and one day you are out fashion world situation? And after you come alive, is it difficult to get back to your original position every night or really easy? Do you have wax statue friends from the wax statue factory that are shipped to a different Madam Tusseaud’s and if so, do you miss them? Are you able to keep in touch?

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