Since all of our normal Must See TV Thursday shows had their holiday episodes last week, this week we were left with NOTHING. JK! Always like to start out our chats with a funny little joke! We have lots of stuff to talk about. Bob’s Burgers was very good, no doy, featuring David Wain as the girl who like-liked Gene. That show is just very good, in a way that makes me not really know what to say about it otherwise. I liked how Gene not wanting to date the girl who liked him, dating her anyway, and then not wanting to have to break up with her was so realistic and so silly at the same time. All of the growing-up challenges the kids have faced this season have been dealt with in a similar manner, and it’s always wonderful. They do a good job there. It’s a good show. I haven’t yet watched the new Simpsons episode, featuring Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein, but LOTS of people were talking about it on the ‘net this week. I originally thought they were talking about it because it was a good episode, but then it seemed like people were talking about it because it was a particularly bad episode? It’s hard to understand what people are saying sometimes. So. What was it? Good or bad? GOOD OR BAD? Tell meeeee! Speaking of shows that are good shows, The New Girl is another one! Loved when Jess asked, “Are they just going to play computer music all night?” Loved whatever Nick said after Schmidt tried to give him a lap dance. Loved earlier on when Nick said “Well, that’s how you make the Chicago Bears win” about only eating mayonnaise on game day. Good job. Merry Christmas. The Mindy Project was not good again! I don’t think it will ever be good to me, because it is not a show that I like! I really wish that Mindy would stop with the making everyone call her character fat and point out that she is non-white all the time. We god damn get it, girl. You’re hurting more than you’re helping. And having Erin from the Office screech that Mindy is a “FAT INDIAN” made Erin from the Office racist, and then you tried to make us think that she was actually an OK person? Boo. Bad. Stop. No. It’s Always Sunny‘s restaurant bottle episode was great. Mac and Charlie were adorable. I liked how at the end everyone was nice to each other. Haha. I did, though! I was afraid that they weren’t going to be nice to Dee, but then they were THANK GOODNESS! The season is almost over, guys! That sucks! I don’t want it to be almost over! And, finally, we got two back-to-back episodes of The League and they were both good and disgusting. Happy Holidays. What did you think about TV?

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  1. “Oh, here comes the Simpsons hipster episode. It’s cool.” “Are you being sarcastic, dude?” “I don’t even know any more.”

  2. I would just like to note that on TV this week both Zooey Deschanel and Ellie Kemper wore blue coats VERY similar to one I recently had to talk myself out of buying because it was too expensive :(

  3. Does anyone else find The Mindy Project’s moral messaging sort of right-wingy and a bit preachy? I really liked her as Kelly on The Office, but I don’t think this show works (except to gaze at the stunningly gorgeous Chris Messina). Maybe I’m just being prejudiced because I found out she voted for Romney, and I need to get over it, but now I find her just preachy and insufferable.

    • Rumor has it, you voted for Romney as the mayor of Bonertown, so I’m not sure you’re in a position to judge.

    • wait wait wait what do you mean how do you know Mindy Kaling voted for Romney

    • It’s also very sincerely “a woman can’t be happy unless she has a husband” in a throwback bullshit way that is not in any shape, way or form ironic and/or entertaining.

      And I, too, thought it was residual disdain for knowing she worshiped Nora Ephron and *did* vote for Romney, but nope. The show is just garbage. I’d rather hate-watch The New Normal than this. And I fucking hate The New Normal… but that daughter is great. A little girl worshiping Little Edie was an amazing moment for my television.


        • She was talking up Paul Ryan A LOT in interviews I saw during the election and is an out conservative. I don’t know what she did in the voting booth but when she spoke about politics, it leaned very very right.

          I loved her book and all of this just makes me so very sad.

      • Exactly. I listened to her audiobook (it was a gift!) and the whole thing was about finding the right man. Um OK. Yawn. Overly saccharine.

        Also, she may not have voted for Romney but she may has well have as she aligned herself with the political conservatives this election cycle which is just as bad. She didn’t even do a Kelly Clarkson “well, I’m conservative, but THESE conservatives are bat shit crazy” kind of spin so I’m going to distance myself.

        Ken Jennings is probably not anti-gay. I say this not because he’s a mormon but because he’s super smart and most super smart people aren’t bigots.

  4. Dear Mindy,

    I really want to root for you, but I’m going to need you to stop making it so difficult.

    Very truly yours,

    • I know! I never really liked Zooey Deschanel, but New Girl is very fun. I love and respect Mindy Kaling and can’t stand the Mindy Project.

      I just hope MP gets canceled so she can get started on something else. Kelly Kapoor, as a character, had already cracked the code of acknowledging Kaling’s ethnicity and body image issues while being cuttingly hilarious. Somehow this new show unlearns all of those lessons.


    • I’m holding out that season 2 will be better! Look how many shows were terrible in their first season: Parks and Rec, The Office, the first half of New Girl.

      I think the biggest problem is they haven’t figured out what to do with the multitude of characters.

      I’m still giving it a chance because I the premise really has potential. I love that Mindy can be such a mess, but also completely steps up at her job. The work-life balance is really interesting to me.

      Go Mindy Go!

  5. The New Girl was seriously hilarious this week. I wish I could break up with someone by saying “Get on, Honky!” without it sounding very, very strange.

    • I live for the Schmidt-Nick slap fights.

    • Also I liked the Christmas episode of Up All Night. This season has been a little weak, but that episode had some good moments. I’m thinking mostly of Chris’s joke about his favorite flavor of Combos being him and Reagan. Adorable!

      • Oh, ALSO I liked the Christmas/End of the World episode of Raising Hope, because I still like that show. I loved Cloris Leachman calling Sabrina a “skinny, Ralph Macchio looking bitch” and then beating the shit out of her. I loved Burt describing in detail how he was going to do it to Virginia and then Jimmy throwing up. I loved Virginia eating the chocolate off of Jimmy’s finger. So fun!

    • Also, back to The New Girl, this was such a great Winston episode. “To the Black North Pole!!!” <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  6. Agree with you on everything, Kelly. Good job 100% I tried to give Mindy another chance and just bailed mid-way. No thanks, bro. I remember The American Office and Parks and Rec starting out groan-worthy and then pulling through during season two, so hopefully this will be the case, I just don’t see it happening. This show has potential too but I just can’t find anything that works.

    Simpsons. I watched the Simpsons and even though it’s been a weaker season than the past 3 or 4, I thought the episode was the best one of the season. It’s kind of hard for them to go anywhere at this point. The jokes are still great and have always been great but after they reached those awful seasons where everything was meta humor and plot non sequiturs all the time, it’s hard to pay attention to the show’s storytelling. I’ll still DVR it every week though, because damn it if that show didn’t raise me.

    An Idiot Abroad. Listen, I hate Ricky Gervais as a performer and public figure but damn it if he’s not a great TV producer (though, this might have to do more with Merchant than Gervais, who knows). I also love Pilkington with the fury of 10,000 suns. The other two seasons of An Idiot Abroad are probably my favorite reality TV ever. That said, WTF? They added Warwick Davis this season and it just feels weird. I like Warwick and I like when he and Karl interact but I feel like maybe the show is getting a little circusy. Then again my avatar is Henry Behrens dancing with his cat, so who am I to say?

    Haven’t seen Peep Show, but looking forward to it. Watched an old episode of Frasier where they get stuck on the stairway to the roof.

    • Peep Show is so good. And that is a good Frasier episode! I have only 1 more season to watch, and my plan is to finish before new years, so that I can find a new show to watch/joke about next year! Suggestions?

  7. Your hair looks small.

  8. This is a really respected DJ. He was also an actor on Boy Meets World.

    • Semi-related: Adam Scott better show up as a guest star in an episode of Girl Meets World. The world deserves to find out what happened to Griff.

  9. Did anyone else almost die from laughter at Jane as Gallagher on Happy Endings?

  10. I have said it before and I will say it again, I do not understand the amount of good will Mindy Kaling has received going into her new show, and I am not shocked that a lot of people aren’t liking it. She was great as Kelly on The Office, but The Office is so bad now and has been for years, and her being a prominent writer on the show during those years should be taken into consideration. Yes, she has written some very good episodes, but also a lot of bad ones. So.

    Also, if I’m wrong then please let me know, but am I the only one who feels like, for the most part, the only people who talk about Bob’s Burgers on here are the editors of this blog? There seems to be a disconnect between the coverage of that show and the relative interest amongst the commenting community.

    • Bob’s Burgers is great. It’s really understated, specially next to Seth McFarlane’s shit-joke-o-rama block but dang it if it’s not great.

      It’s not even that Mindy’s not a good show, it’s that it’s kind of awful. At least from where I’m standing. I read her book and loved it. I don’t know what else to say, I just thought it would be not awful.

      • Not saying Bob’s Burgers is a bad show. I haven’t seen enough of it to make a fair judgment. Just think it seems to get a disproportionate amount of coverage on this blog when nobody really talks about it in the comments, from what I’ve seen.

  11. Zooey Deschanel is brilliant at physical comedy. The window sequence had me laughing so hard. I’m really digging New Girl a lot this season. All of the characters are coming into their own. More Winston!

  12. I’ve actually been liking some episodes of The Mindy Project, but this week’s was terrible! I thought it could be a dream sequence it was so bad and not with the sense making. And they character-assassinated Josh, who was my favorite! Why, so she could continue to have “romantic tension” with the grumpy short dude from her office? JOSH WAS THE BEST! (character on the show) Lame, Mindy Project, I’m done defending you!

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