How was everyone’s day today? Probably better than Ryan Gosling’s, judging by his sweater choices. I’m not sure if you guys are aware, but apparently Ryan Gosling, pictured here wearing a brown sweater, has worn that brown sweater at other times as well. Is this a cry for help?! Reports JustJared, “The 32-year-old actor has received some flack recently for wearing the very same sweater numerous times within just a few days.” I BET HE HAS! Maaaaaaajor flack. And all of it much deserved. JustJared goes on to report that Gosling wore this sweater on a Wednesday, the following Monday, and also on a Friday one time. I’m surprised he hasn’t been RUINED by this yet, but clearly he’s ALMOST RUINED by it, if we use JustJared blog posts as the arbiter of how things are going. If Ryan Gosling was president he probably would have been impeached by now. Right? I know a lot about politics and how they work. If only it was legal to murder people! Obviously, our thoughts and prayers are with the the friends and family of Ryan Gosling during this difficult time, and we want them to know that we are all pulling for them and holding them in their prayers, asking Jesus Christ that Ryan Gosling gets whatever help he so desperately needs.

Guys, this is why it’s always important to be grateful for what you have. There but for the grace of God goes your sweater. So, how are you doing today, though? Probably pretty good now that you’ve put things back in perspective, right?!

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  1. Daniel Radcliffe was at trivia last night and left before it started in earnest. Now, I’m not saying my loudly suggesting to our teammates that we call our team the “Fiscal Radcliffes” had anything to do with him leaving abruptly, but the NY Post reported today that later on last night he got really drunk and got in a fight with a DJ. (

    I’m totally taking credit for this.

  2. I had an amaaaazing interview on Tues, they called me back Wed, and I was supposed to hear from them today but nothing so far :( Hopefully I will know tomorrow, but at the minute how I’m feeling is “anxious”.

    • There is a baby crying frantically outside my office window. Is it you? I cannot see if it has a mustache from up here.

      • Unfortunately, I live in Montreal and not Nap City. I can’t believe babies cry in Nap City.

        • I am in Toronto, so even if you were crying I wouldn’t be able to hear it through our cities’ rivalry.
          You are correct, though, babies do not cry in Nap City. Mostly because they are not allowed in. PUPPIES ONLY IN NAP CITY. Possibly a kitten. Definitely cake.

          • Also – I hope you hear about the interview! Sorry I was too busy being a smartass to say that. Waiting to hear about jobs is worse than all the crying babies.

  3. I was all proud that I thought of the best Secret Santa gift for my co-worker, who has an amazing Chihuahua – I donated to buy a foster Chihuahua a sweater:

    Now I am thinking maybe I should have donated to buy Ryan Gosling a sweater? Because I am sure the reason for his repeated sweater wearing is that he cannot afford a second sweater. A third sweater, you say? That is just ridiculous. Third sweaters are only for kings.

    • The thought of a little shivery Chihuahua getting a warm sweater for Christmas is orders of magnitude better than Ryan Gosling getting a new sweater. Two thumbs up for your Secret Santa gift!

  4. All is good. Finished class last night. Got an AA voucher ($200) for my flight cancellation on Monday. Yay.

  5. I put all of the lights on the tree! And then half of them burned out. :(

    • we had those big colored christmas lights when I was a kid. There was a point when they went out of style and it was hard to find replacement bulbs. My mom started to hoard the replacements when we found them. Sometimes I think she was a genius, sometimes I think she was crazy.

      At least at the end of the world we’ll probably be able to light our stuff with pretty lights.

  6. … Frank Lloyd Wrong is really hard to follow up, but I finished the last final of my first semester of my Ph.D. today. Which might be exciting, but I really kind of mailed it in all week. Oh well!

  7. Today I foolishly went on the WebMD symptom checker to look into a weird possible symptom of something that I discovered today, and of course that was a mistake because now I am convinced I have four different life-threatening illnesses when probably it’s nothing.

    I will attempt to forget about it at a ladies-only Love Actually viewing party tonight by drinking copious amounts of wine.

    • I hope none of those life-threatening illnesses have anything to do with your liver! :D

      • Nope! But if they did I would probably still drink the wine.

        I am trying to remind myself right now that one time I searched my symptoms on WebMD and one of the results it turned up was “death” so I should take its diagnoses with a grain of salt.

        • Yeah, never search anything on the internet! I knew it was time to switch doctors when I told my old doctor some symptoms I was having and she asked if I had googled them to get an idea of what they might be.

          • One time I went to a clinic and had 2 doctors and a virologist look at me. In they end they found my disease in a medical book they showed me. I loved finding out I had a contagious disease by looking at a textbook with a picture of a sad little girl with the same problem.

  8. I had to take Myers-Briggs at work and got my results today. We had to talk with this consultant guy about our personality types. It made me uncomfortable talking about myself. Also, the descriptions were alarmingly accurate. Especially the “easily distracted” bit. I would probably have been better off in the age before the internet.

    Last night I went out with a few people from work and my boss ended up paying for all my drinks. It was a great moment. The unwritten rule at my work is that the higher-ups generally add more money to the tab than the lowly employees, since we’re all so broke and they are paid more. Good rule.

  9. After over five months of sitting on the couch and not making any money, I am about to start a job this Monday which will involve me sitting on my same couch and actually making money! I’m a temp worker with artistic aspirations, so I take long periods without a paying job on purpose, but I’m still very excited. It’s only a two-month gig, and it could be even shorter, but I’m glad I can start 2013 a little bit ahead. The best part is that the work is remote, so I can still hang out with my dog and not bother looking even remotely decent for most of my waking hours. I don’t know how I’m going to be monitored or really any other details, but I hope I can still spend some time futzing around over here.

    In other news, I’m super excited for the L.A. Monster Meet this Sunday! See invitation below (credit to Chris Trash for the beautiful design).

  10. 1. My dog was the smartest, most well behaved dog at obedience class. But the only two other dogs were my dad’s dog, who was abused by his previous family so he has deep trust issues and my mom’s dog, whom she carries everywhere with her and hand feeds every morning.
    2. The Monster Fantasy Football League West starts the playoffs tonight. I’m on first place, Briadu, Gabs and Electric Koala are the rest of the playoff teams.
    3. I ran 6 miles today.
    4. I’m probably working through Xmas cause I got a ton of work to do.
    5. Who is more human, Robocop or a neanderthal?
    6. Cincinnati 36 Philadelphia 28
    7. I quit redbull and I’m into coffee now. What your favorite ground coffee?
    8. If you had to date a viral video star, who would it be?

  11. It was my birthday today, hold the balloons, and here’s is a picture of my dog, from 2 years ago, wearing a Santa cap. That’s how my day went.

  12. I went to go buy gifts at the Union Square Market and I definitely should have had some sort of plan because I get overwhelmed by choices easily and there are literally so many choices of things, so I ended up just wandering in a daze for about half an hour and then buying an eggnog cannoli.

    • I did that at a craft fair two weeks ago. I just couldn’t handle everything and bought myself some honey lip balm instead of gifts for everyone.

    • Not sure if there’s one in the Union Square Market, but the Columbus Circle Market has this one place called No Chewing Allowed, and it is quite possibly the best hot chocolate I have ever had.

  13. Well my projects at work are falling apart and I’ve only got 4 days before the break to fix them. Adult having job! Stressssss. Now I’m maybe not traveling for this project which sucks cuz I was supposed to go to the Caribbean.

    The more important/exciting answer is about my day yesterday, even tho that’s not really the question. Some monsters and I made a cookbook and it’s on sale and I am so proud/relieved/excited/nervous. Now we’re publishers maybe? We’re working on ideas for another book possibly? Anyway if you are still reading this, take a look:

  14. I’ve wanted today to be over from the moment my eyes opened. I’m not FEELING it. I want pizza.


    • GOOD LUCK!!!!! I am supposed to go and get my letters of recommendation from my profs tomorrow before work, but I’ve decided to get my accounting certification instead of going to grad school and I’m afraid they’ll ask and I will tell and they’ll be so disappointed because they were all sooooo happy when I finally gave in and said I’d go to grad school….

    • Good luck!

  16. Well I saw a rat get hit by a car to survive, but to then have a crow immediately swoop down and peck its eye out. I am now going to have nightmares for the rest of my life, I think its also a sign of a gypsy curse tat was thinnered upon me. Besides that day is ok, pretty slow, this week has felt like 100 weeks. Also I’m forcing myself to eat this soup even though i don’t want it because its soooooo sweet. Oh and my rent check didn’t bounce woo hoo. Happy Chanukah yall.

    • Yeah. I had a mentally scarring incident with a dead sea turtle. I feel you with the “I wish I can unsee that” moment. Happy Hannukah, however you spell it.

  17. I had to wake up at five a.m. to watch The Hobbit for work. It was simultaneously the best and worst start of the day. I hated The Hobbit, but I love being up early!

  18. tomorrow is my last day with the job i’ve been at for 5+ years. i have a 3 week break before I start my next one. this will be wonderful, but I will miss wasting my days here, laughing and enjoying all you great commenters….and of course, gabe, kelly, and mary’s fantastic posts. you all have made the shittiness that was this job bearable and for that I sincerely thank you all.

    i look forward to trying to keep up here, but since I stay away from the internet when not at work, and then the duties that come with a new job, i will be a diminished presence here. this is probably a good thing in real life, but also kind of sad.

    to everything turn….turn…turn….

  19. I am on my tenth straight day of working 14-hour days, and I swear if the med. resident I paged doesn’t call me back soon I might commit a murder. Which I guess wouldn’t be that bad for him, since a hospital is probably the best place to be if someone is trying to murder you.

    The only thing keeping me sane this past week has been reading everyone’s videogum comments!

  20. I FINALLY got all the marks back on my classes, and I am officially a straight-A graduate student! It’s only the first term, but still!
    Considering how terrifyingly stressful these term papers were, I am equal parts excited and relieved. But what is strange is we all got our marks at different times, and I think they may have been posting them online as they graded the papers, rather than marking them all and THEN posting…which means that some of us (me) waited, terrified, while our friends got their grades, sure that the delay meant the paper was so terrible that they didn’t know how to deal with it and I was going to get a call from the dean asking me to leave the country. But it turns out it was fine.

  21. Monster NCAA College Bowl Challenge
    Password is enhance
    You’re going to be watching the bowl games anyways, might as well join

  22. Well the day was better before people decided to be dismissive jerks.

  23. I was having a decent day until something very odd happened to me and now I’m filing a police report… actually a second one! I will explain more in a bit. I’m fine, but it was very creepy and unnerving.

    • I hope you are ok!

    • This is a very alarming post. People are going to be alarmed until you explain.

    • Okay… wow. So I was getting my car checked out before my trip down to California to see my parents. As it is my way, I decided to look at used cars because it’s fun to daydream. I was especially fond of a blue Yaris and was deep in my train of thought of how great it would be to show up in this cute little car and also could i join the Psych detective league and should I call the car blueberry like Shawn and Gus do… (Normal daydream stuff when you look at used cars while your car is getting fixed up.)

      And then this strange older man comes over to me and asks to take my photo. I’m still stunned by the oddness of it and didn’t really say no and his friend (the driver) takes a picture of me and him on what appeared to be an iPhone. I ask what it is for and they say they were new in town and wanted a picture with a “real Portland girl.” I call bullshit because they have Washington State plates and ask what it is really for and they get cagey and smirk and drive off. I texted their plates to my friend so I’d have it written down, which confused him greatly. The sales lot guy asks me what happened because he saw it go down from across the street, and it seemed really messed up to him as well. I filed a report with the local police, and had my plates pulled off my car (which I was going to do anyway bc I’m getting new plates) while I was inside the dealership and also took off bumperstickers and anything that would make my car stick out in case this wasn’t some isolated creepy weird thing but I was being harassed or stalked or something related to being anti-coal activist harassment.

      The guys at the dealership gave me a coupon to get my car cleaned, and I went home and ran into my neighbors and told them what happened with descriptions on the off-chance that this *is* me getting harassed… not just general blonde lady being violated because she’s blonde and a lady and looking at cars on a busy street. My neighbor and her daughter joined me in being creeped out and outraged as feminists and citizens and all the other stuff that goes with this… and she’s pretty convinced it was a hillbilly stunt / scavenger hunt and I was looking especially Portlandia* today so it could have actually been because of what I was wearing (sweater dress with tights that have a pattern on the knee that makes them look like knee patches because that is the outfit you would wear when you want to get accosted by strangers). And she also said I should try to file a report with the Washington State troopers, which is what I’m trying to do now.

      So I’m filled with feminist rage and anger (and possibly activist rage and anger), but I am also very grateful that the nice people in my town really are very nice and that I have cool neighbors that are empathetic and smart. Plus my car is in perfect shape and didn’t even need an oil change and is now clean!

      But fucking hell. I just wanted to look at a blue car and now I’m feeling creeped out and angry and pissed… because the best possible scenario is that some dudes were being inappropriate and jerky and the fact that I’m small and blonde and a woman lets them think that being creepy weirdos is okay because nothing actually bad happened.

      *I hate that fucking show so much.

      • Pics or it didn’t happen. (Get it? You get it.)

        No but seriously this is super creepy. Probably they were what they claimed to be, i.e., complete idiots? But since there’s no way to be immediately sure, this is a violation of your peace of mind at the very least. And if that’s the case, just that — eesh, it is astonishing that people can be so moronic as to not grasp how this would be upsetting to you. Or to anyone.

        I’m glad you were so quick-thinking with the license plate, and glad you filed reports. I hope they get pulled over so we find out what this was all about. Keep us updated.

      • argh! I am so sorry. That sounds awful.

        My poor roommate sat down on the train the other day and after a few minutes realized the dude next to her was rubbing her leg. She had tights on, but it was so skeevy and frazzled her. Also, the guy across from her saw it happening and said nothing. Assholes all around.

        Why are people awful? Stop being awful people!

        ps- I hope it was something harmless and not something sinister.

        • Thanks! I’m having a beer at 5 p.m. because duh. Also, apparently, I can only file reports in Oregon… but the Washington troopers were very nice about it.

          Yeah, that kind of garbage is such a fucking factor of life in a city. Happened to me all the time in NYC and Chicago. Odd things happened to me on the LA transit too, but not creepy… just unbalanced people telling me their secrets and how I looked like someone they could trust so I won’t go down like the rest of the sinners or whatever.

          But, and maybe it’s because I have my city smarts armor thing on when I’m in those scenarios or they’re just *so* common, it rattled me a lot less when those things happened than this… probably because I wasn’t alone in a parking lot next to a highway when those things happened? Or maybe because mentally you can dismiss the super pervs as being unbalanced… These guys were on the level (as much as you can be on the level and feel cool violating someone looking at a used Yaris), and just creepy and dickish.

          I’m sure they’re still laughing at their harmless fun with the blonde girl as I sit in my living room questioning whether or not I should walk alone to the gym… or if this would have happened if I had worn jeans… (figured yes… it’s PROBABLY the blonde thing). But goddammit.

          Let’s make this feminist moon base happen and now. I’m so sick of this happening. So goddamn sick of it.

      • When the wife and I were still dating, we were on a train in Rome. We both noticed the guy sitting across from us very casually pull out his camera phone and take her picture. Then he got up and left. It was odd.

      • I hope you learned your lesson about being female in public.

        Related $10 harassment story – I went out drinking with a couple friends, and afterward, they went and got tacos at a stand near the bar (downtown L.A.). As they were eating, these two middle-aged men with huge cameras walked up and just started taking TONS of pictures of them, like paparazzi style. They asked them to stop and when the men refused, they got pretty frantic and angry and the men just kept snapping pictures and laughing at them before running away. My friend told me about this right after it happened, and my reaction was, “What the fuck? I would’ve taken their cameras and smashed them on the floor!” Unfortunately, I have a $20 harassment story that showed me otherwise. Turns out that it’s very scary and difficult to react when you’re actually on the spot facing blatant aggression!

  24. Today is the company holiday party. I guess it will be fun? I am not always in the mood for a giant party. But they pay for our cab fare if we drink too much, which is kind of amazing, and generally everyone drinks too much, so I think we just fixed the economy.

    I am a little stressed because I also have to do all of my holiday shopping. There is a melange of nieces and nephews and in years past it has been super fun to buy them toys but this year for some reason I don’t know where to begin.

    So there it is. I am suffering holiday stress. Because there’s a party and my siblings have kids. This makes no sense. It may be related to the number of hours of sleep I am running on (3).

  25. I find out whether or not I get in to my first choice college tomorrow, so my day has been kind of awful. It has, however, been brightened by 2 of my best friends getting into Cornell, and one getting into Northwestern, so that’s pretty great. We’ll see how it goes tomorrow though…

  26. For some reason I am incapable of turning down any offer for freelance work (thank God no one ever propositions me for paid sex) so I’ve got more hours of work to do than actual hours in the day. But I’m thankful for the opportunities and also the excuse to drink more wine than I should every night.

    And there’s a monster meet up on Sunday, so I’ve got that going for me, which is nice!

  27. Today has been fine. I did not see any birds chasing their tails today. I found out on Monday that one of my coworkers got a new job, which is very exciting for her because it has better benefits and is closer, but I am really going to miss her! It also means that we will be down two people at work which is not going to be fun. I am also searching for another Christmas present for my sister, who is very hard to shop for. She made a list this year, unlike most years, but it is not much help because it has a lot of things that are a.) out of stock or b.) way out of my price range. I keep hoping that I will find the perfect thing, but it has yet to reveal itself. I don’t know what to do!

  28. today my schedule was lighter than it has been the past few weeks, so after walking a few of my favorite dogs i got to take a nice break and have a pbj&j sandwich before walking more dogs. tonight was the first thursday in weeks that i didn’t have a class after my shift at the store since the pups graduated last week, so i got home at 715 instead of 9. a very good day.

  29. My day was really good. I gave my last presentation of the week and will be finished with my semester on Monday. First semester of grad school in the books!! Then my professor had a bunch of us over for dinner and she got me slightly drunk! On the train ride home, I had a huge texting conversation with my 2 best friends and now I’m finally catching up on Videogum today while my cat snuggles with me. Yay!

  30. I took a half-day off work. I wore my new corduroy, aubergine leggings despite my feelings that they make my thighs looks like drumsticks. I was invited to a new craft beer place and had a free happy hour “Flemish Beer Flight” and found out my favoritest beer is Duchesse de Bourgogne. Up until now I’ve only had beer like a handful of times and I didn’t like anything. I love Duchesse. It’s sour and sour things are delicious.
    I may buy a bottle to celebrate finishing my first semester of grad school/apocalypse/Christmas.

    I have a final on Monday and a project due next Thursday then my semester’s done =D

    Also, every time I check my Videogum user profile Google Chrome gives me a warning saying there’s malware on it. I’m afraid to check it.

    What’s up with that?

  31. I had to go rescue a sick sea turtle last night, and spent several hours in the emergency vet clinic, but it died overnight. (Awwww.) And they called and said, hey, do you want the carcass? (for a necropsy, not to hang on the wall or anything) So I finally found some freezer space for it, and went to pick it up and they said “oh by the way, our freezer wasn’t actually working so it’s a little smelly”. So then I got to put a whiffy dead sea turtle in my brand new car and guess what my car smells like now. (Hint: not vanilla like it used to). But on the up side, I got a big grant application in so we can maybe continue paying me next year, which would be fantastic. Also, it’s my Friday, hooray!

    • When you look at a dead sea turtle, just laying there motionless on the sand, it’s like looking at a thousand years of the universe incarnate. And it makes you want too cry, because of the 1000 years of the universe, they were the most peaceful years.

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