Hey guys, you know how everyone we love is going to die someday and we’re going to have to bury their lifeless bodies in the ground and go on living without them, knowing the pain left in their absence will never fully go away? Like, how we can only hope for that pain to grow increasingly duller until we finally die ourselves? Well that shit’s about to get #PIMPED! From EW:

TLC is ready to put the “fun” back into funeral. The network has ordered a special/backdoor pilot, Best Funeral Ever, that goes behind-the-scenes of a unconventional funeral parlor.

At the Golden Gate Funeral Home, Dallas-based funeral director John Beckwith, Jr.works with the families to create a central theme for a memorial and then throws a wild party.

Examples include a Christmas-inspired funeral complete with reindeer, elves and snow, and a singer known for his famous rib sauce jingle remembered at a BBQ-themed funeral — including live pigs, praise dancers, and a BBQ sauce fountain where loved ones dip a ceremonious rib to say goodbye. “We’re going to make these families extremely happy at the worst moments of their lives,” Beckman says.

Hahaha. Oh, really? EXTREMELY happy? Not just happy that their loved ones are having a funeral fitted to their personalities, but just extremely happy overall? Cool. Cool idea for a show. “How was your wife’s funeral?” “Covered in yarn, she loved knitting, I’m still on cloud 9 about the whole thing.” AHHHHH. Terrible. So sad. Honestly terrible and honestly very said. Boo. BOO. With that said, though, how do you want your funeral themed? Ikea Monkey? Sad cat? Lost? (Funeral photo via Shutterstock.)

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  1. The pilot episode will feature a symbolic funeral for the dignity of everybody involved.

  2. I’m pretty sure it’s mandated by law in Texas that there be a BBQ fountain at every funeral or wedding.

  3. I read this and died just so I could roll over in my grave.

  4. “a unconventional funeral parlor”?

    For this show, that sounds about right.

  5. I know the perfect theme song for this show: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pI-9fGEgAcY

  6. I want my funeral themed thusly:

  7. Oh wow. Normally I opt for the standard Kim Jong-Il funeral package… but I didn’t even consider the Ikea monkey. Can I combine them both??

  8. Let’s plan my Lost themed funeral!

    -Organist to play “WWAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH” sound effect at all dramatic moments.
    -General confusion and anxiety.
    -People walk into the church one at a time. When they walk in, they are initially confused to see everyone they have ever known, but eventually they figure out that they, too, are dead.
    -Sentient black smoke everywhere, preferably scented with myrrh.
    -Hurley, to lend a light hearted spirit to the proceedings.
    -Change my name to Walt, then set my body adrift at sea. At the launch moment, all funeral attendees must yell “WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLT!!!!!!!!!!”
    -A golden retriever, for cuteness.

  9. Speaking of funerals, holy moly you guys, did you hear about the Biebs?!

  10. I can’t wait for TLC to do a fun series about famines in Ethiopia! They should call it Ethi-HOPE-ia

  11. It’s a Corpse House people! Corpse house! Come on now.

  12. I want my funeral to be regular-themed (if that’s even a word), but the soundtrack is all Bad Religion songs. And none of this major-label late 90′s shit (okay, Stranger than Fiction gets a pass).

  13. Due to most of my family being Irish I actually always found funerals to be kind of enjoyable. Unless it was a tragic or untimely death, it’s hard to make those fun. At my grandmother’s wake/funeral (funeral followed the wake in the same church), my 3 year-old cousin kept asking if my grandma “was sleeping” and “is she coming to the party after?” It was both morbid and hilarious. Also, the pallbearers almost dropped the casket.

    Anways, this show still sounds terrible.

  14. I told my mom i wanted to be tending bar at my wake.

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