We continue the unveiling of the 2012 Gummy Award winners today with your favorite movies of the year. All of Hollywood sits at the edge of its seat, occasionally mopping sweat from its furrowed brow. WHO WILL THE VIDEOGUM READERS (ALONG WITH THE STEREOGUM READERS) CHOOSE?! Relax, Doc Showbiz, you are about to find out. In some ways, movies are harder to choose than TV, don’t you guys think so? I feel like with TV it is so cut and dry. There are good shows and there are bad shows and there’s very little disagreement about this. Oh, you might LIKE a bad show, but you’re not confused about which category it falls into. The Real Pregnant Shahs of Ice Road County is not Breaking Bad. But with movies, you can make a very clear and convincing argument that The Avengers is a good movie. Because it is. But it’s obviously a very different movie from Beasts of the Southern Wild, or what have you. And that difference is far greater and more intense than the difference between Mad Men and Girls, for example. Is this interesting? Should I go on and on about this forever? Or should we just get to it? And now, presenting the Videogum/Stereogum community’s favorite movies of 2012 as voted on by you:

10. Prometheus

9. Lincoln

8. Beasts Of The Southern Wild

7. The Cabin In The Woods

6. The Avengers

5. Argo

4. Skyfall

3. The Master

2. The Dark Knight Rises

1. Moonrise Kingdom

And there you have it. READ THEM AND WEEP THEM. All in all, a pretty decent list from a pretty decent year. Congratulations to all of the winners. Congratulations to all of the voters. We did it and we will keep doing it. Tomorrow: your favorite viral videos of 2012!

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  1. No Looper? Tisk tisk.

    • That movie was bunk. I boo’ed once the credits started rolling. By far, the worst movie I saw all year.

      • little did the videogum community realize, it was also the best movie dafunkyprecedent had seen all year. it was the first and only film he saw once he exited his year-long coma, and he boo’ed upon realizing it was over. tragic.

  2. The CW will now rethink it’s production of two Hunger Games based shows. Will replace one with a Lincoln based show.

    • Southern children and Northern children are locked in a nature preserve and fight each other to death to decide the fate of a racial minority. If the Southern children win, the minorities are enslaved. If the Northern children win, they are free to live in a cycle of urban poverty and alienation for generations.

  3. I have seen 4 of these movies!

  4. No Hobbit?

  5. Just so we’re clear, you’re saying that Mad Men is BETTER than Girls, right?

  6. It’s not Favorite Movies to Nap To 2012

  7. Gabe’s new love of the Kardashians is seriously beginning to freak me out.

  8. I disagree with this list!! This is not how my list would look! Because I am not the only one who voted! I don’t like everything on this list and there are movies that I like that are missing!

    (Just want our Stereogum visitors to feel at home!)

  9. I’ve seen none of these! Do I have to stop reading Videogum now?

  10. I suppose that’s an accurate list of good 2012 releases, but I’m wondering how Prometheus beat out Looper? I thought the general consensus was that Prometheus was a confusing mess?

    Also, if y’all ever get the chance, here are a few of my picks that I think were very good this year.

    - Safety Not Guaranteed
    - Ruby Sparks
    - Celeste & Jesse Forever
    - Jeff Who Lives at Home

    • prometheus was super dumb, but it was so pretty that i didn’t care. i’d say it’s roughly a tie with looper for me, which i liked a lot, but thought it really dragged in the middle.

      • I still don’t see why people didn’t like Prometheus. I came at that movie as someone who really regrets wasting any time on LOST and was extremely wary of anything Lindelof related. I was ready to hate Prometheus, is what I’m saying.

        I though it was really amazing. There were totally a few tropes here and there, even some borrowed from it’s own franchise. But “dumb” is something I didn’t feel it was at any time. I’ve really never heard any cogent arguments that validate that opinion either, it’s usually just references to unrealistic characters or decisions by those characters – this movie swung SO high, so how could you not forgive a few minimal weaknesses here and there?

        I don’t really get that lack of forgiveness in art when the stakes are so high (and everyone seems to admit how beautiful the film turned out in the end – also…THE SCORE! Holy crap that beautiful score.) Guys, this isn’t Sideways. If a futuristic doctor doesn’t flamethrow in a manner suitable for flamethrowing it doesn’t invalidate the film.

        • I agree! One thing I saw over and over again was people complaining about the mystical pregnancy trope, but subverting the narrative of the mystical pregnancy trope is the basis for the whole later part of the franchise, it was sort of a given going in.

        • oh, no, i agree. i definitely loved it when i saw it. to be honest, it really wasn’t til after when i started reading blog pieces and junk about it (blogs!) that i was like “huh, yeah, that was a little ridiculous.” (although i was DEFINITELY angry about guy-pierce-in-old-man-makeup while watching it.) but i was totally willing to forgive its flaws. i really liked it. i wish there were more sci fi movies that gorgeous and ambitious.

          it should perhaps be noted that, coincidentally, i am wearing a weyand-yutani corp t-shirt while typing this.

          • True, but the Guy Pearce old man makeup only exists because there were originally scenes with Guy Pearce not in old makeup. So, there’s at least a reason for that.

        • My query wasn’t really based on the movie itself, because I understand movies are subjective, one man’s treasure is another man’s transformers, etc. I was just under the assumption that audiences didn’t like Prometheus all that much, and I’m surprised that it is thought of highly enough to land in the top 10, over the more critically acclaimed Looper.


    • I think Prometheus and Looper are the same in that half the people love that it’s a confusing mess and the other half hate that it’s a confusing mess, but Prometheus has H.R. Gigger and more attractive people on the whole.

    • Pretty indie-riffic list you got there.

    • All those movies were good, except for Safety Not Guaranteed. And Prometheus was garbage.

  11. So I saw Skyfall with my family of Scottish immigrants and I’m sure anyone who has seen the movie knows which scene we all cheered for.

  12. Cloud Atlas was my favorite movie of the year. Yeah it was flawed but it’s sort of that admirable sort of flawed that comes from having a lot of ambition and when it really came together it was beautiful.

  13. I don’t like it when people are like, “X should have been on this list!” because this is just one list, and don’t worry, X is on another list, your taste is validated elsewhere…but since we’re on the topic of movies, I would recommend The Loneliest Planet. It’s my favorite indie film of the year. It’s a slow movie but insanely textured and featuring great performances by Gael Garcia Bernal and Hani Furstenberg.

  14. Will Rucker  |   Posted on Dec 17th, 2012 +1

    If anyone cares, “Warrior” was my favorite movie of the year. Though, I haven’t seen “The Master” yet…

  15. Silver Linings Playbook

  16. I could’ve watched Joaquin Phoenix take portraits of people in a department store for hours.

  17. I only saw The Master, Skyfall and The Avengers. I liked The Master a lot, mostly hated Skyfall and walked out of the theater on the Avengers. So in conclusion this list sucks. Better luck next time, brohamz.

  18. About Beasts of the Southern Wild, do you guys think it was trying to glorify poverty? I got the sense that no it wasn’t, but that the main character’s perspective was so limited that it certainly looked that way.

  19. People liked that The Batman movie? For real? I don’t know that I’ve seen too many movies that were worse in my lifetime, let alone this year. That was almost Avatar status with me in terms of being unwatchable dreck. Nothing in the movie made any sense, which would be fine if it was a normal superhero movie (The Avengers had lots of SUPERSCIENCE, for instance but they have Gods and Gamma Rays and whatnot) but since Nolan wanted these movies to be gritty and realistic all the plot holes just seem idiotic. Very happy there are no more of these going to be made. Batman sucks.

    Did anyone here see Samsara? My favourite movie-going experience of the year except for that one scene (anyone who’s seen it knows the scene I mean).

  20. Everyone go see Holy Motors.

  21. Why aren’t any of the Buddies movies on this list?

  22. My favorite movie this year was Robot & Frank. It should win every award because it made me really happy even though it’s kind of sad.

  23. I voted for The Raid. I was supposed to vote for The Raid: Redemption instead?

  24. Nathan Christensen  |   Posted on Dec 17th, 2012 -5

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see

  25. Moonrise Kingdom was really bad. I am a big fan of Wes Anderson, Rushmore is probably my favorite movie of all time but Moonrise was a little too looney tunes for me. It was kind of cute at first but after an hour I was wondering if the story would ever delve deeper and it didn’t. Prometheus was also a huge letdown. This movie was not supposed to be an Alien remake and that’s all it was, and what really pisses me off is the final scene, what a fucking cop out like everyone in the audience is supposed give the person next to them a high five when they see the alien pop out and we all realize that we just paid 17 dollars to see this rip off in imax.

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