I guess one thing we all have to remember about the holiday season is that even if we don’t like a particular tradition (carolling, egg nog, being cold outside) (holiday pranks in this case) we should at least participate in it a little bit because who knows if we’re ever going to have another holiday season again? Not just because the world might end in a week or whatever, but because life is short, and no one knows when that big Santa in the sky is going to call you up to sit on his gross old lap permanently. And even if we DON’T die in this upcoming year (haha, this is fun, right? we’re having fun?), we’ll still have to wait a whole twelve more months to get to enjoy this stuff again. So enjoy it, guys. Enjoy these college kids lowering down mistletoe from somewhere (the roof? a boom mic? heaven?) in an attempt to get other college kids to kiss them, and enjoy the odd frequency with with the college kids DO kiss them, and remember what it was like to be in college and willing to kiss any weirdo giving you a holiday survey in the cafeteria. #youth #22 #taylorswift #holidaze #PRANKS

Mmmm mmm mmmm, strangers. It’s cold season, you guys! Remember when you fall for this “prank” you’re swapping a million tiny cold germs! Have an emergen-c when you go home! I know they don’t “actually” work, but hey you never really know! Try it! (Via Gawker.)

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  1. My personal favorite holiday tradition is the one that just started this year when my company sent out a diversity newsletter, reminding us that we should “try to keep in mind there may be others
    here at work who don’t believe in the Santa Clause part of the Christmas holiday.” Keep that in mind guys. Some people don’t believe in Santa.

  2. I’m going to try to make this on-topic, but I won’t be around later today when we do the “how was everyone’s day today” and I will miss reading about all of your days but I’ll catch up on it later! So I hope you’re all having a great day and I want to brag about the fact that I’m gonna be gone because I’ll be going to see my brother graduate with his PhD! Great job, bro! And we’re also celebrating Christmas with the fam which will be great! So I hope you all get to kiss random people today if you want to and if not, kiss a loved one! Even if it’s only on the cheek because it’s family love! Also this video is creepy!

  3. How is it a prank if you’re just setting up a situation in which people will either consent or not consent to make out with you? Not that a non-consentual kiss “prank” would be funny or morally acceptable in any way…but this seems more like an elaborate excuse to show off that strangers think your lips look passable. Festive!

  4. We made mistletoe to hang over my couch this weekend when my crush comes to my holiday get together… Maybe if I make it sound like a survey before I point out the mistletoe my odds will improve.

  5. “Tis the Sleazon.

  6. So no one kissed the old people? Rude! Also, no same-sex kisses – homophobes! And no kisses with people of color, etc. They were all white and vaguely normal looking. LAME,

  7. I just watched Contagion last night; kissing strangers? Ewww!

  8. Contagion 2.

  9. My favorite part was the part where that guy kissed that girl.

  10. My parents pulled the best Christmas prank on me when I was in 1st grade. I was obsessed with Back To The Future and, still believing in Santa Claus, I asked for a Hoverboard for Christmas. Obviously, that shit never existed, so my parents drafted up a fake note from Santa with red pencil, saying how there was such a high demand at the North Pole for Hoverboards, and that they just flat ran out before the sleigh could make it to our house. I wasn’t upset because I thought, “Hey, at least Santa was straight up with.” AND, I still got to play with my Ghostbusters ghost trap toy.

    So, props to my parents! A solid prank to play on a 7-year-old!

    Happy Holidays everybody!

  11. I like that one of the first things they show is that dude getting slapped. It really reels you in for the remainder of the video.

    Me: Oooh!!! Well. I guess I’ll be watching watching all of this.

  12. BYU? So basically, everyone in this video is getting to third base right on camera?

  13. What is that building? A union? A library? It looks really loud and filled with echos, but tons of kids are studying there and it’s okay to film there too?

    I get the feeling I wouldn’t like BYU very much. (Mostly because of that building. And because I’m in my 30s.)

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