• Russell Crowe is smoking a cigarette on a horse- do we mind? More importantly, does the horse mind? -BuzzFeed
  • Vanity Fair has released an exclusive behind-the-scenes video of the making of the Freaks & Geeks reunion.  -VanityFair
  • “The Return Of Arrested Development — Now With Even More Arrested Development!” -Grantland
  • Cultural Icons Dressed As Other Cultural Icons -TheAtlantic
  • Drunk Uncle appeared with Seth Meyers at last night’s 121212 Concert- the video is a little grainy but you get the idea! -PopCultureBrain
  • “The trailer for The Dark Knight Rises rendered, frame-by-frame, entirely in Lego.” -InOtherNews
  • Last night on Jimmy Kimmel, Emilia Clarke described a time when her commitment to her role on Game of Thrones caused her to get stuck to a toilet seat. (Acting requires hard work and dedication.) -Perez
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  1. A) Whaaaaaaat there’s a Freaks & Geeks reunion happening? What has Harris been up to all these years?

    B) That Arrested Development news is very good news. While I am really happy Arrested Development is coming back at all, I was thinking that 10 episode season might leave me wanting more. And now there’s more, yay

  2. drunk uncle bombed worse than Kanye West.

  3. That Emilia Clarke interview was super cute, but the description of it is so annoying. Clearly she is not telling a story about shitting out gummy heart and getting stuck to the toilet somehow because of it, she is talking about being covered in fake gummy blood and getting stuck to the seat because the fake blood is sticky. Go read a book, Perez!

  4. Emilia Clarke <333

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