What is it with everything and everyone today? You can’t be everything! Just because you have the resources to make a music video doesn’t mean you should be a singer! Just because you made a popular game for the iPhone doesn’t mean your company should transition into a film and television production company! Just because you had an affair with the president doesn’t mean you should come out with a line of handbags! (Hahah. BOOM!) And just because you sell movie tickets online doesn’t mean you should MAKE A SHOW? From Deadline:

The movie website’s new correspondent and Oscar guru Dave Karger hosts the weekly digital video series that offers news, commentary and interviews focused on awards season. He will be chatting it up with likely awards contenders and offer predictions, day-of-nomination reactions, and Hollywood buzz. The first three episodes are available for viewing now on Fandango‘s Awards Watch site; Argo‘s Ben Affleck is the inaugural guest. The Frontrunners is the first of several original video series NBCUniversal-owned Fandango is set to unveil in the coming months. In October, it announced three projects in development, one of which, Honored, became Frontrunners.

Oh boy. Well more power to you, Fandango. Hopefully all of your projects in development will shoot straight to the top of the web charts and in the next few years when someone mentions buying tickets through Fandango a younger person will overhear and say, “Wait, what? You bought tickets through the popular web series host site Fandago? What? Wait, what?” And you’ll have to explain that in YOUR day Fandango, in fact, ONLY sold movie tickets. And then they’ll say, “whatE-ver” and do a kickflip on their iPhon9 board and leave you in the dust. Until then, WHAT OTHER SERIES SHOULD FANDANGO DEVELOP?

  • One about a group of young people living in New York. Will they ever get it together? Who knows! But one thing they can always rely on is the movies.
  • One about a family who certainly has their differences, but it’s very obvious that they really love each other. Plus they never miss movie night.
  • One about a group of talking dogs.
  • A game show with movie trivia hosted by a person in a movie ticket costume.
  • Breaking Bad, but a little different, and instead of meth they sell counterfeit movie tickets to sold-out shows.

Good luck, Fandango! You are my favorite channel already!

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  1. I do not understand how encouraging people to sit around watching something at home is supposed to have a positive effect on a company that sells tickets for people to go watch something outside of their homes.

    • I think the idea is that people become accustomed to using Fandango on a regular basis. Both to help drive their ad revenue and to increase the likelihood that when people decide to go to the movies, they’ll think to purchase their tickets online from Fandango before leaving the house.

  2. HAHAHAH remember when the TV Guide channel just showed you what was going to be on TV next instead of also showing Elf and making you get stuck watching Elf on the TV Guide channel because you don’t have cable and can’t get ABC Family and for some reason you get the TV Guide channel and, thank god, they’re playing Elf? Remember the time before that?

  3. They should develop a show with their racist puppets.

  4. The Tilda Swinton reality show we all (Me, pretending to be all of you to generate the appearance of consumer interest) have been clamoring for.

  5. is a a reboot of the Kevin Costner vehicle?

  6. This sounds great. Where do I get tickets to watch?

  7. Thanks Fandango. Like I wasn’t going to have a hard enough time already explaining to my kid why I refer to Amazon.com as an online bookstore.

  8. So is there any web-only series that is worth watching, anywhere? I’ll take my answer off the air.

  9. “Ushers”: Reality show in which R&B star and great great great grandson of Edgar Allan Poe work in a movie theater for a summer.

  10. So, what exactly is an “Oscar guru?” What does one have to do to qualify as a guru of the Oscars? And if you are going to be a guru of something, why in the world would you pick the Oscars of all things?

  11. I want to see the talking dog show!!

    Honestly, if there ever was a movie franchise that should be developed for TV, it’s the Buddies franchise.

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