I just want you to be safe. Please remember to use your head when attacked, no matter how old you might be. Also something about using your elbows? I’m not totally clear on the elbows part, but keep your elbows as a backup option. Head first, then elbows. Be safe. Love ya. (Via GorillaMask.)

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  1. The only lesson anybody needs in headbutting is that nobody wins in a headbutt.

  2. Is that Turtle from North Shore?

  3. Smashed fruit in front of him and then a kickass mobile home behind him. Truly business in the front and a party in the back.

    • I can’t be 100% certain without closer inspection, but that APPEARS to be a manufactured home. Come on, FLW, get your shit together!

  4. Do we have to wear the HEAD BUTT muscle tee? Because I worry that will reduce the surprise factor.

  5. Must add “headbutt Vincent Kartheiser” to my bucket list.

  6. “I can headbutt until I’m 80!” – My epitaph

  7. this guy and bas ruten should fight to the death

  8. Yesterday I learned how to strut and today I learned how to headbutt! Thanks videogum! I learn so much from you.

  9. I looked him up on IMDB. He’s been on every episode of COPS ever.


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