Billy Bob Thornton did an interview with his band, the Boxmasters, on Canadian radio this morning. After refusing to cooperate with the patient (and way too nice) interviewer, he suddenly turned on him, apparently just for mentioning that Billy Bob is also an actor, and spat out “Would you say that to Tom Petty?” and “You’re instructed not to talk about that shit.” It’s less of a Joaquin Phoenix-style stunt and more of the bitterness of a sad old dude. But, for real, what an asshole. But also, sad. But also, asshole. You decide:

The dramatic part starts at about 6:30, in the middle of Billy Bob’s rambling story about monster magazines:

This isn’t the first time Thornton has insisted that we all join with him in maintaining the delusion that his music career is unrelated to his acting (or tabloid) career, but, really, Canada? He should be shocked that anyone in Canada has heard of his music. Also, he’s afraid of antiques. Just making sure the younger generation doesn’t forget that amazing eccentricity. (Thanks to Mike and Evelyn for the tips!)

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  1. i want you to conduct this interview without using the word the. sooowry billy bob.

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  3. What a bat shit crazy asshole. And to top it off he insults Canadians while he’s in Canada. Remind me to CONTINUE to stay far away from these BeatBox Masters or whatever they’re called.

  4. Billy Bob who?

  5. “I grew up as a music historian.”

  6. corey  |   Posted on Apr 8th, 2009 +4

    i’d really like the video to go for 5 more minutes and see what billy bob does next

  7. I smell a Friday Fight.

  8. I’ve got 2 words for you, Billy: Mr. Woodcock.

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  9. How could he be such a douche to such a lovable Jian Ghomeshi?! I love that man.
    Oh, and I’d never ever listen to Billy Bob’s shit. Ever. He thinks he’s entitled to speak that way? Get out of my country.

    • TD  |   Posted on Apr 9th, 2009 +6

      Thanks for giving his name. That interviewer is so beautiful. If any good is to come out of this, it will be introducing his loveliness to Americans.

  10. Are you saying there’s something wrong with my gear?

  11. What an ungrateful asshole this guy is… Most people would kill to be in a position where they could make tons of money as a mediocre actor and have interviewers mention said acting career when they’re supposed to be talking about your (probably shitty) band. It’s not the end of the world, Billy Bob. It could be a lot worse. You could have a shitty band and NO acting career to back it up and be poor like everyone else.

  12. ZillaMonster  |   Posted on Apr 8th, 2009 +21

    Cut him some slack, he’s just going through the manopause.

  13. faas  |   Posted on Apr 8th, 2009 +23

    i like that canada was taglined.

  14. Justin  |   Posted on Apr 8th, 2009 0

    I guess Billy Bob and Joaquin have the same dealer. I need to get whatever acid they have.

  15. There are a lot of things I wouldn’t say to Tom Petty that I would say to Billy Bob.

    For instance,
    I would NOT say, “Hey Tom Petty, remember when you’re famous for being an actor and not a musician?”
    I would NOT say, “Hey Tom Petty, none of my college friends know and/or love your music.”
    I would NOT say, “Sorry Tom Petty, maybe someday you’ll play the Super Bowl halftime show as a world famous musician.”

    The funny thing is I also think Tom Petty is a better actor. Since he joined King of the Hill, he’s been my favorite character.

  16. Is Videogum jail some new NY hot spot? Is Samantha Ronson the DJ in Vidgum jail?? Lately it seems like everyone wants in.

    The party never stops in Videogum jail. If by party you mean shambling parade of self indulgent and narcissistic monstrosities that somehow pass for human beings.


  17. That was painful to watch. Wow, that dude who would never ever ever be a famous musician if he weren’t first a famous actor, he sure is awesome. Also, he is so, so deep. Where did he come from? At first I felt bad for his bandmates, then I felt like they must be pretty wretched to deal with that on a daily basis and be all, “yeah, that’s fine.” Dude has some sort of Tom Petty-Napoleon complex. A person who thinks that is acceptable behavior is like, just so, so, rad. I love that Billy Bob Thornton views the world through a totally effed filter that is in no way linked to reality, nor does it allow any self-awareness. He has the luxury most aspiring musicians don’t have: instant celebrity and interest in his music, and this is entirely due to the fact that he was already famous. You can’t have it both ways. If it makes him feel any better, I think America would gladly turn back time to the point just before he decided to make a serious go of a music career and then lobotomize itself. Then let’s see how well known he would be for his music.

  18. Look, Billy Bob just wanted to know about how Jian Ghomeshi would act in a hypothetical interview with music legend Tom Petty. Avert your eyes, folks, nothing to see. NBD.

  19. Riibert  |   Posted on Apr 8th, 2009 +5

    unenthusiastic Canadian fans might have more to do with their inelligence than anything else!

    • Gravy  |   Posted on Apr 9th, 2009 +4

      wtf is inelligence?!

      As for BB the ‘music historian’ who stated no band has released Cosmic Cowboy music in the last thirty years-his education is clearly lacking. Someone tell him about the Sadies who have been around since the early 90′s AND are nice guys.
      BB also can’t tell time-Q is live and at 10:00 am.
      He wasn’t on anything. He was being clever by thwarting the interview by being non-sensical. He knew Jian was too gracious to call him on his behaviour. I wish he had referenced BB as Jolie’s ex so that we could have watched BB’s head implode!
      Who else feels sorry for Tom Petty today?

      • But aren’t the Sadies Canadian?
        That might disqualify them, at least in the judgment of a natural born music historian.

        Billy Bob would have studied cosmic cowboys at a collegiate level, but he didn’t have to because he just.knows.

  20. jinxy  |   Posted on Apr 8th, 2009 +7

    Hey Billy Bob, I understand music is your first love?

    Oy vey, what a cunt. Props to the interviewer for keeping his cool and not backing down and falling all over himself to apologize. I bet he wanted to smash BBT’s face in, I did.

    I think Bad Santa is a freaking masterpiece, this makes me sad. I knew BBT was odd, but I didn’t realize he was an absolute fuckwad douche.

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  22. ‘Cosmic Cowboy.’ Is that meth’s street name now?

  23. Billy Bob is funny in that Bill O’Reilly/I’m a prick and nobody likes me kind of way. Good for him, he found his niche, his pretentious, pretentious niche.

    p.s. Jian and the Q are fantastic.

  24. My alarm went off this morning and this interview was just starting and as it progressed, I was sure I was still dreaming. BBT FTL.

  25. Annon Emous  |   Posted on Apr 8th, 2009 -5

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  26. If you know anything about the show, you would know that Jian is often very articulate and well spoken. In this segment, he is flustered and flabbergasted, if it was pre-planned then don’t you think he would have had a pre-planned rebuttal?

    I love people who think EVERYTHING IS A CONSPIRACY!!!!!!!!

  27. aylen  |   Posted on Apr 8th, 2009 +10

    I had no idea that famous music/comic book historian was also an actor… and so modest about it too.

  28. I like that he thinks he still has credibility as a musician. Guys, remember when he made a song for Angelina Jolie?
    Maybe he could have gotten away with burying that “how embarrassing for you” moment, in the 80s. But not in this modern era of information. The internet never forgets, Billy Bob.

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    • David  |   Posted on Apr 9th, 2009 +24

      He never really asked about him being an actor though, he just prefaced the interview by mentioning that he’s an award winning actor. Billy Boy was putting words in his mouth. The irony is that he doesn’t want to talk about being a famous actor but the only reason why he’s able to dictate the terms of the interview is because he’s a famous actor. No other band that’s only been together for a few years would be able to go on national radio and tell the interviewer what he can and can’t say.

    • J  |   Posted on Apr 9th, 2009 +2

      Agree. Once, Billy Bob banged my girlfriend in front of me while simultaneously punching my mother in the face, and it was awesome. Cool guy all the way.

    • epiclady  |   Posted on Apr 9th, 2009 +5

      Actually, Yank, you can suck it. Hard and with zeal, I hope.

  30. You suck it you fucking cock knuckle.

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    Bubbles in the hizouse!

    • man i am not even that much of a TPB fan, but that made me die laughing.

      people need to say “suck it” more often on here, just so that your response can be reposted forever.

  31. I’m glad this story has been picked up by most bloggers, news papers and networks. I used to really like Billy Bob Thornton, but this is just ridiculous. The guy is an ASS and I hope is career tanks. Good job Jian for maintaining a cool head and making him look like a total ASS.

    Get the eff out of our Country Thornton and take your shitty band with you (And where in the hell does he get off trying to compare himself to TOM PETTY). GAHHH I’m so pissed off.

  32. That’s it. I’m never listening to this worthless fucking band. Not that I was ever going to anyway.

  33. YJ  |   Posted on Apr 9th, 2009 +2

    Anyone else think the rest of his band looks like they wish they could just strangle his ass (BBT’s)?

    I’d rather hang with wacky J-Phoenix for a weekend that spend 1hr hanging with this loopy douche. OMG, best video ever. Until whatever idiotic thing shows up tomorrow. Thank you internets for the Youtube. Oh, and the Pirate’s Bay. Respect.

  34. he looks so old :(

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  36. Billy Bob Thorton   |   Posted on Apr 9th, 2009 -14

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  37. wow, what a complete and utter childish cunt!!! What a child. Go the fuck home and take your sorry excuse for a band with you!! The vote’s in: definitely an asshole.

  38. "Rowdy" Roddy Piper  |   Posted on Apr 9th, 2009 +1

    Some interviewer asked him about Angelina once. Billy Bob cut him up, ground his bones, and ate him on a biscuit.

  39. Prepressdaddy  |   Posted on Apr 9th, 2009 +2

    And Canada… being a perfect “host’… returns the compliment. ;-)

    Back you go!

  40. J  |   Posted on Apr 9th, 2009 +3

    i wonder what they talked about during the drive over to the next theatre, stadium or whatever you want to call it.

  41. pickitup  |   Posted on Apr 9th, 2009 +3

    I wouldn’t want to mention my acting career either if I was billy bob.

  42. Jian Ghomeshi, FTW, obviously. (he’s always been this way, though. please send us more asshole stars so we can show you what he can do :) George S. would’ve called ihm out but always with the same lovable manner:) so Jian, thanks for representing Canada in such an intelligent, lovable and patient fashion :)

  43. “cosmic cowboy music.” Like space cowboys, that movie with tommy lee jones…hey! do you know tommy lee jones?

  44. I guess that’s what happens when people don’t care how average you are.

  45. J  |   Posted on Apr 9th, 2009 +7

    Billy Bob Thorton even tells his stories like an old man — rambling, tangental, confused pauses, full of excrutiating and insignificant details.

    The interviewer is pretty great too — he really makes Thornton look like an jerk while making himself seem like a really nice guy.

  46. Rob  |   Posted on Apr 9th, 2009 +4

    That would have been absolutely fascinating if I had not then listened to samples of The Boxmasters and discovered that they sounded like some outtake from a band that didn’t make the cut for part of A Mighty Wind

  47. ronton  |   Posted on Apr 9th, 2009 +4

    my first thought was that the bandmates look extremely uncomfortable.
    then I got grossed out by bbt’s fail at being passive aggressive.
    Jian Ghomeshi does come across as rational and nice

  48. jrd  |   Posted on Apr 9th, 2009 -5

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  49. Mike  |   Posted on Apr 9th, 2009 +6

    This is utterly fascinating. I have so many questions. Like, why are all of the Boxmasters wearing nerd glasses? Is that a requirement to be in Billy Bob’s band? And why do the Boxmasters look so scared? Did Billy Bob just yell at them and spank them? And of course, what drug did Billy Bob use prior to this interview? How can he not understand the simplest of questions? This is the best ad that D.A.R.E. never made.

  50. Billy Bob Thornton is acting the same way I used to act toward my super nice dad when I was fourteen and horrible and he had somehow accidentally done something to piss me off and it was THE END OF THE WORLD. Billy Bob Thornton is a fourteen year old girl, pass it on.

  51. Black Jesus  |   Posted on Apr 9th, 2009 -3

    Im sorry but this was the shit.

  52. Evelyn  |   Posted on Apr 9th, 2009 +2

    It’s interesting how much attention this has gotten! I saw a clip tonight where people outside of Massey Hall (where whateveritscalled was playing) were asking BBT to sign their gravy.

    People in the audience were booing him… he called Jian an asshole and said people just like sensationalism.

  53. Wolfie  |   Posted on Apr 9th, 2009 +4

    reserved = not throwing things


    Seriously, he is a giant baby child tantrum overindulged non-star. I can’t even form words.

  55. Evelyn  |   Posted on Apr 10th, 2009 +4

    Just a little FYI, Billy Bob et al have quit the rest of the Canadian tour…

  56. lalalala  |   Posted on Apr 11th, 2009 0

    What a douchebag. Well, at least he’s lost a good portion of his Canadian fanbase after this hissy fit. I’ve never even heard of The Boxmasters before, but that could be because I’m part of the ‘bland’ audience. *eye-roll*

  57. njbh  |   Posted on Apr 11th, 2009 +2

    BBT is trying to cover up his bland musical talent with sensationalism.

    Looks like the Canadians gave him his gravy. Right in the ass!

  58. youjerkoff  |   Posted on Apr 11th, 2009 -1

    billy boob thornton is an arsehole, plain and simple…and his so-called music sucks shit through a straw

  59. Matt(hew)  |   Posted on Apr 11th, 2009 +10

    Really Angelina Jolie? Him?

  60. blah  |   Posted on Apr 11th, 2009 +11

    aaaaaannd the Boxmasters just canceled the rest of their Canadian tour.

    Advantage Moxy Fruvous.

  61. bob  |   Posted on Apr 12th, 2009 +1

    I am a medical historian (like bbt is a musical historian) and I believe he needs lithium for a bipolar disorder. Seriously, I have seen others behave like assholes and it is beyond their control.

  62. sean donovan  |   Posted on Apr 12th, 2009 +2

    I really feel bad for his bandmates who likely thought that hooking up with a famous actor/mediocre musician would be the path to success/wider audience than they ever would have had otherwise….way to go Billy I’m betting your bandmates don’t have millions in the bank to afford to be a petulent spoiled brat…….

  63. canadian gentleman  |   Posted on Apr 12th, 2009 0

    this is not a band, just a bunch of american losers who suck each others dicks every chance they get

  64. canadian gentleman  |   Posted on Apr 12th, 2009 -2

    this is not a band, just a bunch of american losers who suck each others dicks every chance they get

  65. amy  |   Posted on Apr 14th, 2009 +2

    And following this incident, Billy Bob Thornton was booed off the stage at his concert in Toronto. WIllie Nelson continued on with the tour, while the Boxmaster’s appearances were all cancelled.

  66. billy bob thornton is a dick. i can’t believe that host ACTUALLY listened to the album, which would be bad enough, but its ACTUALLY double sided – puke.
    billy bob thornton is a piece of shit.

    FRENCH FRIED TATERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  67. kij22  |   Posted on Apr 15th, 2009 +1

    Despite BBT’s affectations that create the persona that he is “genuine” and “real” and likes to cut through the BS, I think it the exact opposite has been proven true. Canada lacks a true paparazzi culture and we don’t publicly devour celebrities. We may politely ask them for an autograph or point them out if they are seen out and about. I think BBT sees that side of Canadians in concert. People who show up at his concerts in Canada are likely there for the main band, like Willie Nelson, or they show up to see the band as the curiousity it is. Billy doesn’t see the celebrity hunger in the eyes of his audience, doesn’t see star-struck girls who will fuck him to gain celebrity currency, doesn’t see a lowly-educated audience he can easily dupe, intellectually and musically. Frustrating for him, I’d say. Taking offence to our indifference reeks of a quiet desperation to be accepted. BBT, the reason we don’t “throw things” and we aren’t the “gravy” on your potatoes is because we deem you to be irrelevant. You aren’t worth paying attention to… Jian is awesome. Check out his early 90′s band Moxy Fruvous.

  68. see, Joaquin Phoenix might be able to orchestrate a PR spoof to advance his career, but Billy Bog just isn’t cool enough to pull off something like that

  69. gggeeee  |   Posted on May 1st, 2009 0

    This guy is a shitty musician and a shitty actor. A huge and undeserving ego. What a weasle.

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