It is very important to have proper strutting technique. What are we, animals?

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  1. How to strut:

  2. The right way to strut:

  3. How to strut:

  4. No no no, this is how we strut

  5. This is exactly how Pheidippides ran all the way back to Athens from Marathon to announce that the Persians had been defeated.

  6. I worry that he is going to hurt his back and fall over and get a concussion.

  7. How NOT to strut:

  8. Dude looks like such a cock.

  9. I really hope this replaces Twerking as the dance that children videotape themselves doing in graveyards.

  10. What on earth is this kid doing in the band? With moves like that he needs to be in the endzone while the game is playing, not during halftime!

  11. That penguin who fell in the Petting Zoo belongs here too I guess.

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