Ahh, we’ve finally gotten well enough into the season that we’re seeing a lot of GREAT holiday animal videos. There are a few on this list, and there are bound to be a few more in the next installment, which will be the final installment of Petting Zoo of the year 2012!!! AHHHHHHHHHH!!! I can hardly even believe it. It feels like 2012 just started and here we are now, celebrating so many birthdays because apparently 80% of our friends are born in December, having so much anxiety about not having bought any gifts yet, and wishing that it would snow just one GD time instead of rain. Time flies. You know what else flies? Birds. There aren’t any birds on the list this time, but they are certainly an animal and they are certainly included on the list sometimes, and there ARE a whole bunch of dogs to see after the jump, so let’s get to those videos!

10. Cat Sleeping On Computer

9. Beagle Plays With Ornaments

8. Cat Helps With Spanish Lesson

7. Beaver Waves Back

6. Jack Russell Takes Baby For A Ride

5. Puppies Play In The Snow

4. Man Shares Banana With Dog

3. Kangaroo And Dog Are In Love

2. English Bulldog Tries To Walk

1. Penguin Slips And Falls On Ice

THOSE PENGUINS! Are those noises real? I don’t want to know if they’re not, so please don’t tell me. I will believe that they are. English Bulldog is another extraordinary display of cute noises and a cute face, and talk about cute faces — LOOK AT THAT KANGAROO AND DOG KISSING! The best. Man sharing banana with dog is a great routine, and finally puppies playing in this snow is just an obvious seasonal treat. Congratulations to all of our winners, and most of all to all of ourselves.


WHOA! An honorable mention?! The surprises never stop at Videogum’s “Petting Zoo”! I included “Igby Dances” as an honorable mention because I know Igby personally which, I believe, disqualifies him from making it into the actual countdown, but it would be criminal to run the Petting Zoo list without acknowledging one of the best animal videos to hit the ‘net this week. So. Congrats, Igby. May your star continue to rise.

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  1. This comment on the GR puppy page is the best: (regarding Frosty the Snowman song): Well, if I have no soul, then it must be because hearing the same cloying cartoonish songs over and over until you’re ready to puke has rotted it away.

  2. I have never empathized with anything in my life as I do with the penguin in #1. Keep on trucking, little buddy.

  3. This was greatly informative. I learned how to say Meow in Spanish and Haw-Haw in Penguin.

  4. #9 is #1 in my book.

    Also, when I was 10 and my childhood dog was a 5-month-old puppy, he escaped from his crate and tore the house apart, but especially targeted the Christmas decorations — pulled down salt dough ornaments, threw packages around, unwrapped the presents, ate other presents, ate the head off of a wooden wise man, pulled all of the toilet paper off the rolls and decorated the house with it… Well, I’d like to think he did it with the enthusiasm of this beagle. And I really wish we had a puppy cam to record it.

    • Also, Sailor did #6 that same winter.

    • The beagle was majorly stressing me out. I wanted a beagle when I was a kid, but oh boy they are too rambunctious for me. Also, I feel bad it’s stuck in a house. Beagles need at least an acre of land to just scamper around in. And lots of squirrels.

      • My dad’s beagle is a sweetie, but boy, does he get excited when someone he knows comes over. The howling and the running around! It’s cute, but it can get old. They need constant attention!

  5. upcoming are three awesome penguin gifs because holiday season and penguin in the petting zoo!

  6. 1) I go to the Oregon Zoo, a LOT, and those beavers never do ANYTHING! And the dumb kids there still crowd the windows!
    2) It never snows here and no one ever has that many puppies, so thanks animal videos for reminding me how unfair life can be sometimes, good job!

  7. I for one, am happy that many of these videos were under :30 (the perfect time for a cute animal video).

  8. The collective penguin noise sounds EXACTLY like the Pizza Planet aliens in Toy Story 2 and 3.

  9. You guys, I saw a bird who looked like it was chasing its tail today. It was in my front yard, and it kept turning its head almost all the way around and was looking at its tail. Then it hopped a little bit and did the same thing again. It did this about 10 times in a row. It eventually flew around normally, but when it landed again, the head turning started again. It was really bizarre, and I have never seen a bird do this before. Has anyone else seen this? I hope the bird was okay because it was pretty funny to watch.

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