The new Funny Or Die video starring Zac Efron, Tom Lennon, Justin Long, and all the other celebrities commits at least eight or nine comedy sins (Brody Jenner recites “smart” conversation, you know, like Paris Hilton did in that one video? Somebody at FOD thinks that bit is always funny) but Tom Lennon can do no wrong, Zac Efron is barely in it, and if you make it to the end, Justin Long eats poop. So, you know, happy birthday or whatever:

Even though I’m not in the target demographic, this totally makes me want to see Zac Efron’s new movie that’s a ripoff of like 20 other movies, 17 Again! Not. (And hey, where’s Matthew Perry? He stars in 17 Again. If Carmen Electra can be at the pool party, Matthew Perry can certainly be at the pool party. Matthew Perry is cooler than Carmen Electra.)

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  1. Why Thomas Lennon, why? WHY? But to think of how incredibly unfunny this would have been without him….I want to see Space Bear.
    “Oh, you smell like a waffle”

  2. Am I the only one who finds Zac Efron kind of odd looking? I don’t know what it is…but he looks like he’s using botox or something. I can’t pin point it. He’s just not…right. In the face.

  3. I blame Nicole Sullivan. Everything she touches becomes unfunny …or unfunnier, like MadTV.

  4. “Matthew Perry is cooler than Carmen Electra.” <– LOL @ that. And this is pretty much ALL Tom Lennon. So I’m not sure what I’m supposed to think about this video because you haven’t clearly stated whether you liked it or not. I can’t form any opinion on this if you don’t tell me what to think. (I’m a videogum blog commentator after all)

  5. Ugh, even Thomas Lennon isn’t talented enough to make this funny. As if I needed another reason to want to break Vanessa Hudgens’ nose.

  6. Karen  |   Posted on Apr 8th, 2009 +3

    It’s true that this is…well, NOT FUNNY.

    But, as someone who had never seen Zac Efron in anything before last week (I kept on confusing him with Zac Posen: oops!), I will say that I saw him on the Graham Norton Show (other guest: David Walliams), and he was very poised and funny and good-natured. For what it’s worth.

  7. rk  |   Posted on Apr 8th, 2009 +3

    who the fuck are these people and why?

  8. On the bright side, I like that Funny or Die has become an impromptu (or On Demand, or whatevs) sketch comedy show. At least now I don’t have to wait until Saturday nights to be disappointed by the comedian-on-actor sketches. (Plus, you know…some of the Funny or Die videos are actually good)

  9. leah  |   Posted on Apr 8th, 2009 +2

    some decent lolz, I would watch Thomas Lennon in anything, even Le Divorce (oops, I saw that one)… but what the hell was going on with Justin Long?

  10. Ben  |   Posted on Apr 8th, 2009 +2

    Hey Funny or Die, do we have a choice?

  11. Hiptronica  |   Posted on Apr 8th, 2009 +1

    I think its pretty LOL. Especially Tom Lennon. He is amazing Its about 2 minutes too long though. But if you really can’t get enough of it I found some behind the scenes footage on YouTube:

  12. HOLY SHIT!!! Everyone I hate, got organized, and fucking made a video just for not me!!!

  13. Whoa, can I lift Zac Efron up by the bum? 0:43. I want that as a gift. That moment.

  14. ashamed  |   Posted on Apr 8th, 2009 +4

    As much as i hate everything he stands for, i can no longer deny my attraction to Zac Efron.

  15. ashamed  |   Posted on Apr 8th, 2009 0

    As much as i cannot stand everything he stands for, i can no longer deny my attraction to Zac Efron.

  16. I think Nicole Sullivan is hot. $400.05

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