The addition of seasons one through seven of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia to Netflix Instant seems more exciting than just about anything else right now, to be honest. Genuinely very excited about this. You guys pumped? Want 2 take a sick day 2moro?

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  1. I REALLY, REALLY do. Thanks for trying to get me fired.

  2. ZOMG!! I’ve been looking for some worth-while procrastination fodder while I “work on m resume and research career and college” options. This couldn’t come at a better time!

    Videogum: keeping me trapped in my parents house one trampoline accident or awesome tv marathon suggestion at a time!

  3. BONUS: Kitten Mittens are on Etsy!

  4. There are 8 seasons of Always Sunny. That is so many seasons. For me, it gets blurry after season 5.

    • At the end of season 8, they will have made 94 episodes.

      I always remember the seasons by going backwards from each finale:

      S01 – Charlie Got Molested
      S02 – Dennis and Dee Get a New Dad
      S03 – The Gang Dances Their Asses Off (one of my personal favorites)
      S04 – The Nightman Cometh
      S05 – The Gang Reignites the Rivalry
      S06 – Dee Gives Birth (aka Pregnant Dee season)
      S07 – The High School Reunion (aka Fat Mac season)

      • Ahhh I always forget about pregnant Dee, even though her being pregnant is directly related to one of my favorite moments from the show ever: the Halloween episode from that season when they are trying to figure out who got Dee pregnant, and in Mac’s recollection he is in the bathroom and Dee walks in and she is just a giant bird. Hilarious.


  6. Netflix instant is responsible for me not going to bed until 3 or 4 a.m. last night. And many other nights. It’s aging me like Lindsay Lohan.

    • It’s responsible for me waking up on the couch at around that same time most nights. They lure you in with unlimited Cheers reruns, and they keep you with the weird Korean shows that have too many episodes to properly be called a miniseries and not enough to be a full-on series.

      • I was watching Eureka. I wish the good people at Netflix would put the last season on already… I AM TIRED OF WAITING.

        • You should watch Full House. It is not the Full House you would expect! It’s Korean and fairly charming, even though everyone is REALLY REALLY MEAN to each other all the time for no reason!

  7. YES! Now I don’t have to feel bad about watching it online illegally because of Hulu’s bizarre inability to show full episodes.

  8. This is also VERY EXCITING for me as it was decided recently in our house to check this show out. That said, should we just plow on through from the beginning? Are there seasons that should be skipped (I feel like I heard there were a couple of bad seasons in there)?

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