That’s all there is to it, really. You’re very good at this and you seem to be enjoying yourself. When I was a kid the mere sound of any sports arena filled me with anxiety and here you are on the field, dancing like a genius. You’re far beyond anything I can tell you. Congratulations on how well you dance and how you know exactly what faces to make. You’re the best. (Via SNY.)

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  1. He’s just happy because Time Warner finally got the Redzone Channel this season.

  2. There’s a kid in this video? I didn’t even notice that.

  3. See, we don’t need a Friday Night Lights movie after all!

  4. I’m pretty sure the movie The Natural was about this kid.

  5. Took me at least five viewings before I noticed the kid.

  6. Fun fact: When I was in the Navy, the Kansas City Chiefs’ cheerleaders came out to perform for us. They did a thing where they brought people up and danced with them. They brought up this weird, weird dude who was known around the ship primarily for being caught pleasuring himself at work several times. So we were all expecting something amazing when he was pulled up, and we were not disappointed when he tried to go in for a kiss. It did not work. He later denied it, saying that he wasn’t even interested in any women, because God had shown him an image of his future wife and he would not be dating anybody until he met her. He was an odd dude.

  7. I didn’t know what I was expecting, but that kid is great. Also, why does the universe constantly use children to remind me I have no moves?

  8. If I was Larry David I would give this kid a sewing machine for his birthday.

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