• “Ssshhh! Terry Richardson is taking my picture in the bushes!” -Demi Moore (click through to see full photo) -BuzzFeed
  • Louis C.K. announced new tour dates for 2013 and the filming location for his upcoming HBO special. Hint: Something tells me his Phoenician joke might come into play. -LaughSpin
  • Russell Crowe and Hugh Jackman performed “The Confrontation” from Les Miserables in NYC last Friday and it actually wasn’t bad at all! Live in a pub, just the way we like it. -IndieWire
  • Shangela from Drag Race reading “Are You My Mother?” is amazing. Read books to us forever, Shangela! -DragRace
  • There’s trouble in Ice & Coco-land over some scandalous pics that have emerged. Oh no! Here’s hoping the Marrows will weather this rough patch she’ll be back to making him sandwiches again very soon. -TheUrbanDaily
  • The Chilliest Films of All Time: at first I thought this said ‘chillest’ and I was going to be really upset because Dazed & Confused wasn’t on here (seems obvious?). Then I realized it said ‘chilliest,’ like, brrrr! It’s cold! So yes. Here is a list of CHILLY movies. Watch them and be cozy by the fire! -Flavorwire
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  1. The Confirmation? You’ve made a huge mistake.

  2. so “famous photographer Terry Richardson” just uses instagram?

    Terry:: “It’s a cool app that makes pictures look old”

    Demi: “OLD?!…old? i need you to make it look YOUNG!

  3. Shangela! I’m in the library so I can’t watch the video, but is she wearing corn?

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