The fake Twitter account that is taking the Internet by SEXTorm today is @SeinfeldToday in which we are given a glimpse at what the beloved sitcom from the creator of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee would look like if they were still making episodes. You get it. I feel like you get it? You get it. It’s a very funny Twitter account and it’s very well done and you should follow it, but also this is a fun game that we can all play at home.

  • Elaine opens her own Etsy store but no one’s buying so Jerry sets up multiple fake user accounts to buy her bottlecap earrings. Kramer rents a Zip car for a cross-country road trip.
  • Jerry’s new girlfriend sends him a SnapChat that makes him break up with her. George tries to invest in Facebook but buys shares in MySpace by accident. Kramer gets his own box at the new Barclay’s Center.
  • Newman leaves rude comments about Jerry’s set at Caroline’s on BrooklynVegan. Elaine is mad that George doesn’t follow her on Twitter. Kramer opens a food truck.
  • George’s parents FaceTime him while he is having sex. Kramer’s iPhone app “Shazam For Sandwiches” is a best-seller. Jerry catches swine flu at a Zumba class.

The game about nothing. Get it? LOLOL. Everyone wins.

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  1. The Jerk Store creates its own App.

  2. George gets a job working for the Brooklyn Nets.

  3. Jerry’s dentist starts manufacturing meth.

  4. George’s mother joins The Real Housewives of New York

  5. Kramer self-publishes an erotic novel about erotic novels.

  6. Something happens, but I don’t know what because I’m watching Modern Friends.

  7. Elaine is just really craving a big Acai bowl.

  8. Newman gets laid off from the USPS.

  9. Elaine dates a man who won’t stop talking about his love of bacon.

  10. There’s a whole tumblr devoted to this pastime too.

    • Thank you for posting this link! I spent my first hour of class reading it and trying to not crack up. I tried my best to be surreptitious but the damn mouse clicks were a dead giveaway. I’m a good, but easily bored student, and it was my last day of class…and we were only reading an old presentation.

  11. Jerry dates a woman who drops huge spoilers about his favorite shows. He eventually breaks up with her when she continues to do so, even though she makes a point of saying “spoiler alert” first.

  12. Jerry maligns the rules for Facebook relationship statuses. Settles on “It’s complicated.”

    • Meanwhile, Kramer is ranked number 2 overall in the world on Angry Birds Star Wars edition; can’t knock off top player, “Samuel L.”

  13. Everyone waitsa long time for a table at a restaurant but no one minds because they just play on their iPhones.

  14. Newman finally gets a comment into Monster’s Ball.

  15. after getting hooked on Downton Abbey, Elaine intentionally gets into a car accident with a poor person in the hopes that a judge forces them to become her butler.

  16. Elaine goes on a date with Corey Booker. She decides not to see him again when she notices misspellings in his Twitter feed.

  17. Something with Gangnam Style?

  18. the gang gets lost in Elaine’s office building during Sandy. they argue whether it’s called a “Superstorm” or “Hurricane”

  19. Kramer mistakenly buys “bath salts” from a man on the street. Jerry breaks up with his girlfriend because her facebook relationship status is ‘single’. George runs into his parents on Chatroulette.

  20. George is excited about his OK Cupid date, who appears to be way out of his league. He is miffed when he meets her and she is barely out of his league.

  21. George runs into the New York Times paywall and decides to boycott the news.

  22. Jerry wears his pirate shirt and accidently invents Seapunk.

  23. Elaine pretends to be a foodie to impress a new man (Jon Hamm). Jerry breaks up with a girlfriend for texting too much. Kramer becomes a twitter sensation.

  24. They are all vampires.

  25. did it first & better & more psychotic

  26. George injures Obama in a basketball game. Jerry is frustrated with his Netflix account. Kramer tries to find bin Laden

  27. Putty becomes a bodyguard for a scientist and his two Hardy-Boys-esque sons.

  28. The Soup Nazi has a food truck.

  29. Kramer and Newman play a heated game of Angry Birds.

  30. Kramer becomes the king of Tom’s Restaurant on Foursquare until he is usurped by a diner he’s never even seen there before.

  31. everybody jacks off on chat roulette

  32. George keeps losing at Words with Friends. Elaine feels bad for hating Thought Catalog. Kramer becomes a roadie for Lil B.

  33. Pop Chips make Jerry thirsty.

  34. George finds a Magnolia cupcake at the top of some garbage. He eats it, gets caught, etc.

  35. Jerry’s Superman statue no longer has red underwear.

  36. Kramer gets lost in Brooklyn and asks for directions from a bunch of hipsters who ironically start emulating Kramer’s style.

  37. Kramer gives segway tours of his life during the dot com boom.

  38. Meanwhile, on Frasier: Frasier starts a wildly successful psychiatry podcast.

  39. The Van Buren Gang jumps on the Tea Party bandwagon and now call themselves the Palin Parade. They kick George’s ass because Bill O’Reilly has declared Festivus the greatest threat to American and Christian values after Al Qaeda, hormonal contraception, and the P’zone.

    Kramer gets a job where he wears an Elmo suit in Times Square and makes it his mission to become the top muppet outside the Olive Garden.

    Jerry tries a new career and gets caught in the real estate bubble after he gets cast on Million Dollar Listing.

    Elaine is stuck trying to market everything Fifty Shades of Grey known to man despite her feelings against it.

  40. jerry breaks up with a girl who plays a night elf

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