You stumble into the train station on your way to work, still half-asleep, wishing you had given yourself enough time to stop for a coffee on your way. “Why do I always do this?” you wonder. “I feel like sleepy garbage.” Your Metrocard refuses to register with the card-swiper while you hear your train pulling into the station. Rushing, nearly crying, making it only harder for yourself to swipe the stupid card, you see something in the distance. “Is that…” wiping the sleep from your eyes, refocusing, you look again. “Thomas? Bates? What is the Earl of Grantham doing posing with the help?” You look around to see if anyone else can see what you’re seeing. “DOWNTON ABBEY” you scream. “YOU SEE ME SEE? DOWNTON. ME SEE DOWNTON. WHERE YOU ARE YOU SEE DOWNTON TOO?” You are so tired and you make no sense. “THOMAS. TERRIBLE THOMAS. WHY THOMAS? BATES!” Still struggling with your Metrocard you see the Downton gang snap a photo and head down the steps, just in time to catch the train you should be catching yourself. As soon as they leave your sight your card works and you enter the station, running to where you saw them last. Alas, you are too late. Where they ever really there? Was it all a wonderful dream? (Via Gothamist.)

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  1. They are all so cute! I’m seriously jonsing for some Downton. Anyone know when it starts up again?

  2. Meanwhile, on the uptown platform…

  3. Why’s Thomas there? I thought he died during the big Grantham chili explosion.

  4. Has anyone seen the sitcom 2012 where Hugh Bonneville is a planner for the London Olympics?

  5. does this mean Bates is free?

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  7. There’s a Mexican restaurant in the East Village called Downtown Bakery and I always call it Downton Bakery and say things to my wife like “I can’t wait for Senora Padmore to make me some enchiladas.”

    You had to be there I guess.

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