Over the weekend, a monkey wearing a handsome jacket and also a diaper was discovered wandering around an Ikea in Canada. It is illegal to keep a monkey as a pet in Toronto, but there is no word on what the statutes are regarding putting monkeys into coats. In any case, this has been getting a lot of HEAT and BUZZ from the Internet. Don’t be surprised if you see some MEMES come out of this. I heard the Ikea monkey was going to be hosting G4′s Attack of the Show all week and has a holding deal with the WB. With all of this excitement, it is only a matter of time before this powerful story is optioned for a movie. But who will play the Ikea Monkey!? Here are some casting options:

  • Lindsay Lohan: There are other actors who could play the monkey as well as Lohan, but few would bring that level of public anticipation and blogger attention. Ikea Monkey will be OUR generation’s Liz & Dick.
  • The Monkey From Animal Practice: Now that NBC has canceled Animal Practice, the star of that show, that monkey, is free to pursue other projects, and as a monkey would be very good at playing a monkey.
  • Andy Serkis: Although his Oscar hopes were dashed after the Academy snubbed him for his work as Caesar in Rise of the Planet of the Apes, the time is now for Andy Serkis to play a monkey in a coat at an Ikea in Canada.
  • Jennifer Lawrence: As Katniss Everdeen in the Hunger Games franchise and with an awards season performance opposite Bradley Cooper in David O’Russell’s The Silver Linings Playbook, Jennifer Lawrence is the hottest young actress in Hollywood and you cannot cast a movie without at least considering her.

There are so many talented actors to choose from, but no matter who eventually wins the role, the important thing is that Ikea Monkey is a real movie and it is going to be very very good.

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  1. Annie’s Boobs, who may actually be the monkey from Animal Practice, but just in case it’s a different monkey, Annie’s Boobs.

  2. I don’t like to throw down phrases like “greatest news story of all time” but this, my friends, is THE GREATEST NEWS STORY OF ALL TIME.

    Also, I want to adopt a monkey and make him (or her) wear matching coats with my dog. I asked him last night if that was cool and he threw a ball in my lap, which means that we need a coat-wearing monkey that likes to play fetch. If anyone knows how to make this happen, I will reward you handsomely.

  3. My vote is for Katie, aka Marcel from ‘Friends’!!

  4. “Pretty please????? I need this!!!!”

  5. I’m finally returning to Toronto on Friday, and this story really emphasizes why I’m so excited to be going back. I CANNOT WAIT TO BE WITH YOU, COATED MONKEY.

  6. Any of the monkeys from “My Monkey Baby.” They’re already used to wearing clothes, and they could follow in the footsteps of many child actors before them and emancipate themselves from their “adoptive parents.”

  7. with the Ikea Monkey, we have some casting news that won’t have spike lee asking why no black actors will be considered for the role, for obvious reasons.

    there are no black people in Canada.

  8. What about Ross’ monkey from Friends? He had a pretty good start to his acting career when we last saw him. What’s up with Ross’ monkey?

  9. In the movie, IKEA will be played by Walmart.

  10. I’m just thankful there is a ‘well-dressed monkey” meme to start the week off with. It’s giving me hope this Monday morning.

  11. Remember when Kevin James was making that zoo movie and all the animals kept dying, then all the monkeys had to be evacuated from the very fancy hotel they were staying at because of a gas leak? Maybe one of those monkeys.

    But they might have been chimps.

  12. Ikea Monkey has more style than I have. Why is he in Toronto and not in Paris?

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