You know, so what if it’s Monday? So what if it’s been raining for days and will certainly rain for a few more days. So what if you woke up with a sore throat and you know this upcoming cold is going to last until, like, March probably. So what. Somewhere there was once an adorable child walking a dog, and the dog waited for him while he played in a puddle, and then they both went on their way. And someone filmed it for your enjoyment, and now you get to watch it. A world like that can’t be all Mondays and rain and colds. Life can be beautiful! (Via TastefullyOffensive.)

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  1. Life is not beautiful. It’s freezing rain here and I had to walk through like 2 feet of slush to get to the metro and now I’m at work in wet feet and pants and I’m definitely going to get trench foot and lose at least 3 toes to gangrene.

    • oooooooh, gurl. i got chillblaines one winter (it’s a non modern disease, haha) from running around on new years eve (once again, HATE YOU, NEW YEARS) in the cold with wet shoes and it was the worst experience ever. if you can, step out of work and go to a drugstore and buy some new socks / a pair of slippers / whatever. get your feetsies dry and warm!

    • my brother got trench foot once, it was gross. Pls be safe.

  2. This video is very cute and I get that the dog is very sweet, but right now I’m very very mad at my dog for being a dickhead and keeping us up all night and I’m so tired but I can’t have coffee because it’ll make me sick, so I know life is beautiful sometimes but right now I’m in grumpytown and my dog drove me there and no amount of puddle-jumping can bring me out, but I appreciate that you’re trying!

  3. Is EVERYBODY except for Kelly being a total grump today?!

    • P.S. This for sure includes me. I actually came prepared to write about how I realized last night that life is NOT beautiful, and is in fact, total crap. When you get older, you look back on life and miss the fun you had when you were young and stupid and just a whole lot less boring. And that’s sad! It’s sad to grow up! But then you can take the option of acting like that forever and never growing up, and that’s even sadder! There is virtually no way that your life will not get sadder with every passing day. This applies to everybody.

      • P.P.S. I had this revelation when I was drinking. I get thoughtful and depressing when I drink sugary, fruity drinks. It is weird.

      • I have some excellent news for you, FT. Quality of life studies show that happiness levels throughout life are U-shaped and appear to be directly related to having teenagers (ha). So, in about 20 years when the taquitos are all moved out things will really start to look up for you! You can look forward to increased happiness levels after only 15 short years of increasing misery, and by the time you’re 65 or so you will be back to the happiness levels of your youth, pending the level of decay your physical and mental health will have suffered after raising a pile of teenagers!

    • ABSOLUTELY. I had a rough time getting up, then finally did, had a productive morning before having to go to work, went back to the bed to tell my girlfriend I love and say goodbye…and was met with grump and accusations. YAY!!! On the walk to work, I did a very good job of mutting, punctuated with loud swearing.

      • Yayyyyyy. Now my roommate has called me, while I am at work, to talk about how he thinks my girlfriend is spending too much time there, even though he’s really upset about a half-dozen things in his life, and we purposely were out most of the weekend … and he knows that there is no way I can have that conversation with her without either me or him (and the two of them are good friends) become a mean person out to get her… and then I got back from that conversation with him to emails from her essentially accusing me of cruising online for anonymous sex.

        This is why I only want to be friends with dogs and cats. And married people.

    • I feel great today, but I haven’t been to work yet, sooo give me 2 hours.

  4. I have a stressful day ahead, but now all I want to do is get a big yellow dog and go jump in a puddle. That looks like much more fun. Thanks, Kelly!

  5. This is cute but not enough to stave away my need for a second cup of coffee. I put a hair treatment on last night that unfortunately didn’t complete come out in the shower. My hair smells like I had a roll in the hay with a tobacco picker. Then there’s work. Call me Grumpalumpagus.

  6. Since this thread is turning into “How Was Your Day: The Downer Edition,” I may as well join in. My kid got sick Saturday night, stayed up all night throwing up. The toilet also broke on Saturday night. I had a 7-10 page paper to write this weekend, and only after I finished it and was prepared to submit it did I realize that I’d done the wrong paper, and it isn’t due until NEXT week, and there was a DIFFERENT paper I had to rush to complete. Prior to the kid getting sick, I got dragged to a concert that included, among other acts, a family band singing a bunch of songs about Jesus and the father mentioned that two of his kids had been struck by lightning and NOBODY appreciated me pointing out that if he’s trying to spread the word of God or whatever, maybe the fact that God is ATTACKING HIS CHILDREN WITH ELECTRICITY is a big-ass sign that he’s doing it wrong.

    Beat THAT, losers.

  7. Yesterday I woke up with an insurmountable and seemingly cause-less feeling of terror, anxiety, and dread that persisted through the day. I was in Boston visiting friends I hadn’t seen in a while so I hid it really well. I went to sleep shivering and shaking for no reason.

    But I feel a little bit better today! Like, just a little. Not much.

  8. my weekend included a terrible terrible hang-out with my crush, which may have torpedoed the whole thing. i actually had to tell him that we’re not allowed to go drinking anymore (or until our interactions get stabilized), because our dynamics get real weird after approximately 4 rounds of drinks. the whole thing contributed to roughly 2 days of terrible anxiety, culminating in me waking up to a full blown panic attack at 3am this morning. also i started smoking again, which is depressing me and making me physically feel like shit. BLECH.

  9. The dog is 12. He probably doesn’t have long to live :(

    • Last night I was cuddling my dog and my fiance turns to me and asks, “What are you going to do when he dies?” My dog is less than 2 years old, but I burst into tears.

      • My dog is about to turn 11 and I can’t even type that fact out without bursting into tears. But he still acts like a puppy and looks like a puppy and he’s going to live to be at least 35 so there’s that.

  10. I watched a Todd Solondz movie last night.

  11. To add to the downer threads… if that dog is a shar pei mix… oh boy.

    I’m sure the one in the video is a great dog. but those breeds are really unpredictable, wayyy worse than pits. I wouldn’t let a shar pei near a child ever. I wouldn’t let my dog near a shar pei. My friend is fostering one right now because his best friend / dog of 13 years just died and the current, shar pei foster dog killed and ate his cat. And Saturday was his dog’s birthday and he literally sent me a message that said “everything good dies” when I told him I was thinking of him.

  12. I guess I’m the only one who’s having an awesome Monday. It’s the start of my 5-day weekend.

  13. A couple of weeks ago I realized that I’m alone. Obviously, everyone is alone. I knew that. But I didn’t think that I was alone. I really don’t know what I thought. That I was God? That the entire universe was being projected from my eyeballs? But I had this moment where I realized that just as everyone else was tiny and alone and insignificant in the vast scheme of things, so was I. It was a bummer. It’s a pretty strange feeling to be deep into your fourth decade on the planet before you finally realize that the world outside of your head is literally outside of your head and that it’s actually much bigger than the world inside your head. I think I’m getting a handle on it now. It’s helped clarify the difference between purpose and meaning for me and in a weird way it’s made me a bit less of a nihilist, I think. Not that I thought I was a nihilist before but, in hindsight, I kind of was. Anyway, just adding to the downer thread. Although I think in the long-term this will prove to be more of a positive development.

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