• ‘President Obama Meets PSY At Christmas In Washington‘: Worlds had been lightly colliding. PSY’s sweater, though!! -BuzzFeed
  • Chris Hardwick gave a sub-par yet awesome weather report on Fox 17 Nashville, which was still leaps and bounds above the regular kind of weather report. He is hired! -NerdistNews
  • Charting the latest web of relationships in R. Kelly’s “Trapped In The Closet.” Oh, brudder. Here we go again. -NYTimes
  • Seven Reasons To Elect Ellen Barkin As NYC’s Next Mayor seems legit. (thanks for the tip, brian) -Death and Taxes
  • CBS News: Behind the Scenes of Downton Abbey Season 3 Better late than never! -CBS (thanks for the tip, betsy)
  • Howard Lee discusses the origins of Honey Boo Boo, “One of 2012′s most polarizing-yet-popular shows.” Polarizing! WHICH SIDE DO YOU CHOOSE? -EntertainmentWeekly
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  1. I don’t mean to be the Boring Police, but only like 10% of the quotes from the Rolling Stones review were actually puns. Back to English class, “Best Roof Talk Ever”!

  2. Did you guys know that Psy used to rap about killing Americans at anti-America rallies? Did you also know that his name is a POORLY CONCEALED ANAGRAM OF SPY? Not quite sure how he was cleared through the secret service.

  3. Psy’s sweater totally makes up for this morning’s Bummer Thread that I maybe started I’m so so sorry you guys

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