It’s hard to stay true to yourself creatively when you have a constant chorus of people telling you what you’re doing is not very good. With that in mind, you really have to hand it to Saturday Night Live for including a musical piece in the monologue every single god damn week even though no one in the entire world likes them because they are never good and especially tiresome when overused. Haha. Ahhh! THE PIANO, NOOOO! Never change, Saturday Night Live! U got 2 do U. Jamie Foxx’s monologue was strong enough otherwise (though as it went on it did teeter towards seeming like an SNL parody ad for a comedy album), as was his presence throughout the episode. (Quite a change from the tiny shivering animal with big scared eyes, looking up at you as if it is begging you to see if your parents will let you keep it because it will certainly not survive outside on its own that was Jeremy Renner.) As for the episode itself, it was VERY even and if I had to choose which half was better — pre- or post-Weekend Update — I would have to abstain from choosing because either choice would be a lie, they were perfectly equal in quality just kidding! The first half was garbage and then the second half was great! Let’s talk about the great part!

I want to quickly mention the “Ding Dong” Weekend Update segment — it was not great (though certainly better than the Mrs. Santa segment), but Jamie Foxx was very funny futzing around in his Ding Dong suit. No complaints about that. I could watch that guy futz around in a Ding Dong suit for MINUTES!

“Tree Pimps,” the second pre-taped short of the night (the first being the Tyler Perry/Alex Cross/Madea short, which was not very good) (save for the “helloo” which was funny every time) was good! I liked it. I’m not sure how much I’m enjoying these quieter, darker type of “Digital Short” digital shorts — I like the idea of them, but they are generally short on actual L.O.L.s — but the one worked, I think.

After having to suffer through “Bitch What’s The Answer” sketch at the top of the show, when I saw that we’d be getting another game show sketch I said, “NO, ARE YOU SERIOUS?” out loud and it was very dramatic. Even more dramatic than the “noooooo” I said out loud when the J-Pop sketch was beginning. But the “Dylan McDermott or Dermot Mulroney” sketch was just a joy! Wonderful. Inspired. Dermot Mulroney. Proves that the gameshow format CAN work, if only very rarely.

“Maine Justice” was a perfect shit show. Loved it even before Charlie Day came out, and then loved it even more. Very silly. Really, the whole second half veered towards silly in a way that was really wonderful, but this was the highlight.

“Swarvoski Crystals” was great. Loved it. A+.

And Ne-Yo performed! I didn’t like his performances very much! I’m sorry, Ne-Yo!

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  1. I’ve always felt bad for Ne-Yo. He just keeps trying, but nobody cares about Ne-Yo! Nobody! He is the least remarkable recording artist!

    • Yeah, and with these newer R&B artists starting to deliver on their promise (Miguel, Jeremih, Frank Ocean, Weeknd, etc…) you get the feeling that his future prospects aren’t going to get much better…

      • Which reminds me. My girlfriend last night when watching Ne-Yo, “Awwww, Ne-Yo!! I like him so much! (watches about 30seconds of him perform) Well, I hate his songs. But he seems so sweet!” Hahaha, that’s about how America feels, right?

    • Neyobody cares about Ne-Yo.

  2. Jaime Foxx is great at drama, not so great at comedy. He’s the Ne-Yo of comedy.

  3. There were things in this episode that were very much the most awful parts of 90′s sketch comedy. Just like that Latina stereotype voter sketch in the fall, some of the stuff was the hackiest parts of old SNL/MADTV. I think there must be some young millenial type on there who’s like, “Let’s all throw back to the 90′s!” and then Jamie Foxx shows up and he’s like, “Great a real live person from the 90′s let’s throw it back hard!” and now I just want to sit that millenial down and explain to them that not everything in the 90s was so very great, and that Jamie Foxx is quite talented but was one of the weaker actors on In Living Color when up against great stuff like Men on Films and Homie the Clown and so maybe this is not the best throwing back opportunity.

    • I can’t upvote this enough. And I’d also like to add that Jaime Foxx’s particular brand of 90s sketch comedy always comes off like a tacky racist minstrel show to me, specially when put against other sketches of that era or now. I can’t think of am SNL episode that made me cringe more… ever.

      Even the McDermott / Mulroney sketch felt off because the joke was that black men don’t know who these guys are??? That was a joke that was green-lit to go on the air?? They couldn’t have thrown in Vanessa Bayer as a contestant to make the message a little less overt? (This being said, the sketch could become funny in hindsight if it kept repeating w/different demographics and NO ONE ever gets its.) (Also this is a complete rip-off of the very funny “What Is Burn Notice?” quiz of last year.)

      And while I love that the guys of color get more exposure when there is a black host (which itself is just… goddammit SNL, stop being a dick), Jaime Foxx is like 89 steps back for the few that go forward.
      I’m not a fan of Jaime Foxx in general, but his sketchy comedy is just awful.

      • Not that I totally disagree with what you’re saying, but I’ll defend the McDermott/Mulroney sketch. There’s a difference between being racist/insensitive and pointing out funny ways that certain cultures are different. I mean, race can’t be completely off-limits right?

        I think the sketch did a good job in that the joke was “people popular in white culture are not so popular in black culture” and not “isn’t it ridiculous that black people can’t tell who these people are!?!” They put a nice little bow in it by little joke at the end about the asian contestants guessing black celebreties.

        I know anecdote does not = data, but to illustrate: I (black guy) didn’t recognize either of those guys, but I lol’d super hard at every guest cameo in Black Dynamite. Why doesn’t that merit a joke or two?

        • …or better yet, I recognized the movies referenced in Black Dynamite!

          I guess my real argument here is everyone go see Black Dynamite! Again!

        • One of the problems with that sketch, for me, was that both Jay and Jamie acted really dumb. I have a distinct memory of Jay holding up one of those cards and making a retard face and thinking, “yeah, this is not good.” “Derbitt McDinkle” or whatever that card said was hilarious but then they milked it in the most condescending way possible…(“So when you wrote this, you were thinking, yeah, that’s definitely it, right?” etc.)

          It would have been funnier if, rather than earnestly trying to win the game and failing, the contestants could have made more “fuck these guys” jokes. Derbitt McDinkle could have been a sarcastic answer, for example. Jamie could have written a fuck you answer every time, each one sillier than the last.

      • Considering even the actor himself forgot which one he was, the joke would be more than the two similar actors with similar names are hard to tell apart, even more so if you aren’t a big fan (which would probably have more to do with them being men than being black I would think). Sort of a new version of the old Bill Pullman/Bill Paxton gag of being cast in similar roles, having similar names, and looking kind of similar, and both sort of being popular enough to recognize by not necessarily enough to get above the “that guy from that movie” level of recognition.

        • Well, that was the punch line, but then why have the contestants be all black? And why give the preview of the next episode with two black actors with afrocentric neologism-type names?

          Up until Dermot Mulroney actually appeared it was definitely a joke about race, and then it became another joke. Two jokes welded together in a single skit, if you will.

          (They tried to integrate is a little bit when the host kept trying to give clues about the guys and was getting them all mixed up. “This guy was in the notebook…what’s that? He was in [some other movie.]..what’s that?” That part made no fucking sense at all, really.)

  4. I saw only a little bit of SNL this weekend. I liked the Dylan McDermott/ Dermot Mulroney sketch (I missed the very beginning of it) because I confuse the latter with the former name-wise, though the sketch went a little too long for my taste.

    I stopped watching the Japanese culture sketch when Jamie Foxx turned up. I like the teacher’s reaction, “Am I un-teaching you things?”

    The Mrs. Clause bit was gross. I was rooting for her until it got uncomfortable.

    Maine Justice was funny, mostly because they kept going with the Creole and N’Orleans vibe for so long before the explanation. Charlie Day gibbering in Creole was the best surprise.

    Where was Drunk Uncle when we needed him?

  5. I have a weakness for silly names, and Derbil McDillet made me laugh harder than anything in recent SNL memory.

  6. I’m not going to attempt to type it all out, but the jambalaya punishment in Maine Justice was one of my favorite moments of the season. Apparently one of Jamie Foxx’s too…he tried so hard but completely broke there!

  7. It’s official! Vanessa Bayer is now my SNL kryptonite.

    Whenever she’s in a sketch, I immediately am distracted by her awfulness. Just not funny, one bit.

    Sorry, kid. It’s a cruel world out there, but my god. Take a break. Give Nasim Pedrad more air-time over her, please, Lorne.

    • I agree with this, though she can be good in generic moments. She’s my new Kristin Wiig… though I disliked her greatly last year too.

      Nasim absolutely needs more air time. She is really funny. I also like two of the new girls a lot, but I don’t know their names yet.

    • Signed in just to downvote. Bayer was great in the Crystals sketch.

      Also, Kelly, you had me going with the show was totally even thing. I was all, “WHAT THE FUCK IS SHE TALKING ABOUT??” but hen I was all “Oh, haha. Good one.”

    • Yeah, I disagree. Vanessa seems to be some kind of chipmunkesque jewish-girl type that I actually like, for some reason. She’s almost always obnoxious, but that’s a perfectly valid flavor of comedy. (Her Miley Cyrus imitation is funny, for example, as she mindlessly asserts that everything is “rilly cool.”)

  8. HUGE props for Sudeikis bringing back the Coloniel-guy, who previously was a potato-chip-thief.


  9. 5 SNL writers just wrote scripts for “NO, ARE YOU SERIOUS?” the next SNL game show parody.

    Thanks a lot Kelly!

  10. a lot of credit should be given to the woman scream laughing in the dylan or dermot sketch she literally made the whole thing for me

  11. I get the feeling that I’m missing some great stuff by categorically refusing to watch SNL. I’m not tasting the hearty wheat, but goddamnit, there’s just so much chaff!

  12. btw, did Charlie Day show up just because he and Foxx were in Horrible Bosses together?

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