Listen, I can totally understand the idea to make something just because you thought of the name and you’re like, “That’s a great name, we gotta do something with that name, we cannot let this name go to waste!” Like, “‘Donuts & Bolts’ — there is NO WAY we shouldn’t start a donut store/hardware store hybrid and call it Donuts & Bolts.” “I thought of the perfect name for a band — The Band Saws. It’s a band full of guys who just play the saw, or whatever. Haven’t thought it through yet. Practice on Monday.” I get the desire. “It’s Reigning Men — a show on NBC about whether or not celebrities are related to kings.” But just because you thought of a good name for a thing DOES NOT NECESSARILY MEAN YOU HAVE TO FOLLOW THROUGH WITH THAT THING! You still get credit for the name! You don’t have to sneak up on people with a dinosaur costume just because you thought of “Jurassic Prank” and you didn’t want to let that gem go to waste! It isn’t a good prank! No pranks are good pranks! STOP IT WITH THE PRANKS!

Literally just scaring people. “BOO!” Haha, you dummies, but you didn’t know something was about to pop out at you and scare you! Hahaha. What a bunch of fools. Next time you won’t be so sure that something isn’t about to pop out at you when a stranger stops you on your way to LIVING YOUR LIFE and asks you to help him with something. Ugh. UGH, JURASSIC PRANK!

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  1. In all honesty, if I were helping someone pull down the back of their truck, a dude in a dinosaur costume would be in the best case scenario side of probabilities. I’ve seen silence of the lambs, a dinosaur prank is much better than putting lotion in the basket.

  2. This implies that a dinosaur-themed Parliament cover band called “Jurassic Funk” is a bad idea

  3. I thought scientists said this was impossible?

  4. I would not fall for this because scientists already spoiled this dream for me and said they can’t get enough DNA so I’d call shenanigans!

  5. that shit was mad funny when the dog ran away.

  6. So you’re telling me I shouldn’t team up with my son to open a restaurant that will strengthen our relationship and call it Cat’s In The Ladle?

  7. So I shouldn’t go forward with the pilot I’m writing about a caveman who’s best friends with a T.Rex: Jurassic Mark?

  8. Jurassic Bark was great.

  9. Also, I would watch a minute-long video of the dinosaur going to the drive-thru. That was the best part.

  10. Hi, Beerbong here with a few things to say.

    First of all, LOVE the video, obviously. Put it on a giant rope swing and I’m in love.

    SECONDLY, Jurassic Park is not a very good pun. It’s probably supposed to sound like Jurassic Park, I guess, but it doesn’t. It just shares some letters. Doesn’t rhyme, not good pun.

    On a related note, I needed a lighter one time and the first one I found to buy in the first store I went into had the Jurassic Park logo, only with a picture of a pot leaf instead of a dinosaur and it read, “Cannabis Park.” Also not a good pun on the surface, but it was SO far from sounding anything like the thing it was parodying that it became almost a sort of genius pun? Broke in two days though. Not the kind of high quality product I expected from the creators of such a high quality concept.

  11. Hi Kelly!! I didn’t welcome you because we were supposed to to that somewhere else, but I really really liked this so WELCOME and THANKYOO!!

  12. Guys, really? I know some pranks suck, but does this one really suck? Is it even a prank? This is a pretty elaborate dinosaur costume and if someone “bothered” me for five seconds with a cool dinosaur gag, it would give me a good laugh and a story to tell. These anti-prank rants are getting really boring. (I know I can read 100 other posts and just live my life, but Videogum is usually very receptive to feedback, and so.)

    • I agree that as pranks go this one is pretty creative and not very mean spirited, pretty much everyone is laughing after their initial shock (except for the dogs who seem legitimately spooked but then my dog has the same reaction to the tide at the beach.)

  13. Hey, dummies! Don’t be scared, dinosaurs are extinct! Only ones I can’t blame are the doggies.

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