It has been a long week — roughly the same length as any long week before it. Before we move forward into the final day of struggle before the weekend comes and tucks us into bed, let’s take a few moments to breathe, watch the snow fall on this beautiful backyard or some such, and think about how we haven’t bought any gifts for anyone yet and how time is running out and we don’t have any ideas. Or we can think about how the holiday season feels like it has just begun, but also feels like it is almost over, and then what? Just months and months of dreary cold with nothing to look forward to? Or we can think about nothing, just watching the snow, breathing in and out, feeling the weekend’s presence just around the corner. Whatever you choose. This is your time. Good morning. Namaste.

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  1. Anyone else really craving mashed potatoes right now?

  2. For maximum namaste, mute the snow video and play this. Proceed to melt into a pile of goo in your chair.

  3. TGIF*

    Thank God It’s Freezing

  4. I’m so jaded by the internet that instead of just being able to enjoy that very nice video, I was filled with anxiety that, at any moment, someone with a chainsaw would pop out of a trash can, causing someone else to scream and fart, simultaneously and loudly, and then fall down. They’d probably hit a mini trampoline on the way down, bounce way too high and then dent the hell out of the hood of their car.

  5. Maybe I’m just jaded because I grew up in New England but I DO NOT MISS THIS TYPE OF WEATHER AT ALL NOPE NO WAY NOT EVEN A LITTLE BIT.

    • Part of me was just thinking, oh that’s gonna be such a nightmare when they need to go somewhere.

    • I miss it! Or at least, I miss it when I got snowdays and didn’t have to pay my own heating bills.

      We get snow in Chicago, but city snow is gross because it gets dirty and there’s no place to put it. Snow in the suburbs is actually very pretty.

    • I don’t understand people like you, at all. I shall forever love this weather. I plan on dying an old man, going on a walk in the woods in this weather with my dogs. They all lay down in the snow with me as my heart attack peters out and I slowly die. One of them, the oldest, stays with my while the others run back to my house, to lead my wife back to me.

    • i am SO STOKED that my two terrible years of living in the northeast are done with. IT’S SEVENTY DEGREES WHERE I AM! i rode my bike last night in a tshirt and light cardigan! everything is still green! there are morning glories blooming outside of my office! fuck you, seasonal depression! NEVER AGAIN NEVER AGAIN.

      • Everything about that sounds terrible. There are other months of the year for that.

        • you mean the summer? nah, that’s when it’s 100 degrees and you drink daiquiris by the river to catch the cool breezes, and go swim in hotel pools and double feature at the cinemas just to get a break.

          seriously, 70 degrees is actually kinda cold to me at this point. i am a reptile person. the south has turned me into a reptile.

        • I agree! I like places that are only 90 degrees for a few weeks. The thought of hot weather all year round makes my skin crawl.

    • I’ve spent a few winters on the east coast, and I don’t need another, ever again. One of the winters was 7 months long!

      Also, growing up in California I used to think it was just warmer here all the time, but nope! It’s just milder and less disgusting all year round.

  6. Did you guys notice that this was all one take? Pretty impressive

  7. This is really fun to look at as I sit in sunny San Francisco!

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