I watched a lot of shows this week. The end. They were good, the end. You should be watching New Girl THE END. Haha. That was a really funny bit, but I do have to say more things! Bob’s Burgers “Tina-Rannosaurus Wrecks,” featuring Bob Odenkirk as the blackmailing insurance agent, was really great! The opening scene in which Tina had to drive the car and kept making the noise she makes was L.O.L. funny, maybe my favorite Bob’s Burgers scene OF THE SEASON? Strong words. Great episode. Pretty much every show this week had guest stars, and The New Girl‘s guest star was Olivia Munn. She was very pretty and not even terrible! This episode was not one of my favorites because, honestly, I felt too much anxiety about Jess and Winston having to deal with Schmidt’s ruined suits and about Schmidt having to deal with his Cece issue to enjoy any of it. The comedy that came out of the Jess/Winston/Bathtub plot was just not worth the amount of pain I had to go through to watch them sort it out. JUST GET THE SUITS CLEANED! Overall not a great episode. Oh well. C’est la vie. I watched Ben & Kate, a show I don’t normally watch, and it was totally fine! I definitely see why someone would watch that show, and maybe even sometimes that someone will be me, but this episode didn’t really grab me. And Kate, good luck finding anyone that’s going to deal with your grown up brother calling to you from his bed at night and including himself in your getaways. That shit is weird, you should’ve met your handsome, wealthy, nice boyfriend halfway! You goof! (Let’s continue this after the jump.) I also watched The Mindy Project this week, featuring the Duplass brothers, and it kind of only made me upset. I do not like that show very much! I don’t find the Mindy character very funny or charming and all of the other characters feel like empty shells. In this episode specifically I didn’t like how lazy the conflict was between the midwives and OB/GYNs. The speech that Mindy gave to win her patients back basically just explained to them that there could possibly be a complication during their pregnancy, in which case they may need medicine? Did they not know that? Why does Mindy Kaling hate midwives so much? Do not like. I hope you find joy in it, though! While The Office was good, and I’m loving the New Jim and Erin plot + who can dislike a holiday episode, Parks and Recreation seemed like the clear winner of NBC Thursday night. (Let’s set aside the fact that Parks and Recreation is almost always the clear winner of NBC Thursday night.) I loved how the idea of Ron Swanson’s new girlfriend having a problem with Leslie’s close relationship with him was handled. Loved Gerry’s family. Loved when Andy said the thing about sushi. Loved all of it. Great show. And then, finally, thank god, It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia was also great. This season has been fairly Charlie-heavy, which I think would be a mistake if they kept the Charlie character simple, but watching Charlie Day “act” in such a big, awful way is just never not wonderful and hilarious. Loved it. Good shows. TV rules. What did you guys think?!

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  1. I almost missed this post because of my Gerry filter.

  2. Christie Brinkley as Gayle Gergich? Brilliant. I couldn’t stop laughing! Also she looks great, what eye cream do you think she uses?

  3. Two words: Man Perkins

  4. The Mindy Project has the most god-awful theme song I’ve ever heard. It’s like something off of the WB circa 1995.

  5. Parks and Rec was much better than last week! I was kind of sad that Leslie wasn’t part of the Christmas party plot, but the Ron/Diane/Tammy plot was really funny so I would have been sad if she wasn’t in that. A real catch-22! I loved Ann and her terrible jokes. I think they’re handling her character better this season than in the past.

  6. Did she call him Gerry or Garry? I honestly did not notice.

  7. I wouldn’t say this week’s New Girl was bad. It’s just disappointing because the last few episodes have been so great that this one kind of falls flat in comparison.

    • I really wanted to hate The New Girl but there is just no way. I think it has to do with Zooey Deschanel not being able to fix everything MPDG-style and instead focusing on solving stuff in a more organic way. I loved this episode! Winston hasn’t really had much development until now,. He’s mostly relegated to playing straight man to the wacky room mates. I’m guessing it’s cause he was a last minute replacement for another character but I’m digging that they’re not forcing him.
      I feel like this show sometimes casts people and dares you not to like them, I hope this is the case with Olivia Munn, who was just out of her league, show-wise. She’s pretty, but also very bland. A+

    • why did they have to cast Olivia Munn? I just do not like her. Also, the stripper angle is so boring. I hope that ends real fast. Overall, this episode was the most disappointing of the season.

  8. I really wanted to like the Mindy Project. I read Mindy’s book , enjoyed it and was looking forward to it, but like Kells (I’m calling Kelly Kells now) said it just doesn’t click. Her character is not strong enough to be a lead and her costars are really bland and uninteresting. C-

    • Don’t like it. I tried and it’s not good. It tries to be kind of a mean comedy and a super sentimental comedy at the same time and it just doesn’t work.

    • What really gets to me about the Mindy Project is how everyone is so nasty to each other. I know that it’s supposed to be workplace ribbing, but with characters that have barely been fleshed out, it doesn’t really work for me. I am disappointed because I liked her book and I liked the episodes of The Office that she wrote, but this is just not working. I did hear that they had some casting shifts recently, but I don’t know how much that will help.

    • Trying…not…to…agree…with…you! *exhales* so hard.

  9. So I knew that the late(r) night comedies on FX like Sunny and the League could use curse words to a certain extent. And I’m fighting off a cold, and may have been hallucinating at the time. But was that Nadine Valezquez’s (or more likely a body double’s) ass on my television screen last night during the League? I need to so that I can DVR the replay.thx.

  10. Apt 23 was good. Don’t really care about the characters but it’s pretty funny. Almost too quirky for its own goo, meaning that I don’t see it evolving without being arbitrary. Really hope I’m wrong, I just don’t see it. But then I’m just some jerk wasting time I should be working A-

    Ben & Kate is kind of the opposite, where you care about the characters but it’s just too vanilla, hepcats. It feels almost too safe. Not really interested in watching it week by week but would love to fire up a full season while doing chores or data input. B+

  11. Raising Hope – This is another show I really wanted to like. No thanks, bro. They’ve managed to take a one camera show and make it hokier than a 3 camera one. What’s with the music cues, does Sammy Hagar do the sound for this show? C-

    I really wanted to like it because Greg Garcia is the grandson of classic Mexican film star, Cantinflas. If you speak Spanish go watch some of those movies instead (they’re too language based to properly translate). I really liked the premise of My Name is Earl but it just felt like it was trying too hard past season 2.

    • I still kind of love Raising Hope. Joke for joke, it’s one of the more hilarious shows on TV, but I agree that it can get hokey. Its first season, it was appointment television, but now it’s just something I’ll put on on Sunday afternoon if whatever football game I’m watching sucks.

  12. I agree with Kelly about Bob’s Burgers. Great show A++
    Best show of the series. I love Kristen Schaal and Eugene Mirman riffing (or reading lines very naturally with each other) and the show has the kind of heart not seen in an animated show since mid-200s KoTH or early 90s Simpsons. Very hyper-surrealistic (it’s a word I made up cause I was going to say it’s realistic but also surreal then I realized that’s kind of what a satire is but it really is easier to keep typing rather than to erase stuff and proofread.) This show went from being very good to great recently.

    Peep Show. Guys watch Peep Show. I could say some of the same things I said about Bob’s Burgers about Peep Show and they would still apply. I got a grass skirt made of dicks. A+++

    • I just want to say I have been nodding in agreement with all of your comments on this thread. I raise a glass to our similar opinions of network comedies these days.

  13. so, my favorite thing to happen this week in comedy was Padma’s non-verbal reaction to that tall guy with the tiny hands trying to bring his partner in to defending their shitty hamburger. she snort-laughs and then looks off camera to someone clearly reminding her to “SERIOUS FACE”. i rewound the DVR like 8 times.

  14. Watching my pets chase each other. Highly entertaining and instantly rewarding but tedious after a while. There’s not much story developing but the characters are endearing. B+

  15. No Peep Show gifs?

  16. I started watching S1 of Bob’s Burgers a few weeks ago. At first I think it was just to listen to H. John Benjamin’s dulcet tones, but now I really enjoy it! I need to find season 2 somewhere, since hulu only has some of S3 online.

    Also, I used to love Kristen Schaal but her character on 30 Rock has kind of destroyed that.

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