This is what we get for the international music embargo that the United Nations Security Council has imposed on Ireland for decades now. If only he had ever had a chance to hear what music sounded like!

P.S. This video has gotten four million views in three days. Swag! Excuse me, Yasha Swag! (Thanks for the tip, Tim.)

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  1. Where I used to have Krispy Kreme, I must now have Pickles. Fuck, I feel like I’m on a diet.

  2. Way to ruin all the good will that Jedward built up for Ireland!

    • I know that I am supposed to hate Jedward but if I close my eyes I find “Lipstick” to be an incredibly catchy song. Whoa-oh! I’m heading for a car crash!

  3. Not kosher.

  4. Was he supposed to be dancing, because it looked like we has just gherkin around.

  5. Oy, Pickles is the craic! Wait til me dear mum sees this, tis sure she’ll be shi*tin’ herself!

  6. So we’re sure he’s not rapping about how he has lots of dicks, right?

  7. I can’t find “pickles” anywhere on MTV’s pretty sweet glossary of all the new Millennial slang…

    • When I was your age, we hustled all of our swag-words from Urban Dictionary, which tells me that pickles are “the horrible mess created when one passes out so drunk that he or she not only pisses him or herself but poops some as well.” So there you go.

      • Also: “Nickname for defencemen Marc-Edouard Vlasic on the San Jose Sharks because Vlasic is a popular brand of pickles in the USA.” OBV THIS IS WHAT HE IS RAPPING ABOUT GUYS

  8. People find ‘plosive consonants’ intrinsically enjoyable. Hard K, B, D, G, P, T sounds. Alliteration will get the words extra points.

    Examples: PicKles. KrisPy Kreme. DunKin DonuTs. BlisTering BarnaCles, etc

  9. Its a new word in the rap game , Defiantly a game changer.

  10. Actual YouTube comment:

    “gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa­ay” – Elio Ipuche

  11. I feel it is worth pointing out that this kid is definitely Russian. something something un security council russia.

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