For awhile now, we have ALL been wondering: “Would Billy Bob Thornton be willing to go to Brad Pitt’s and Angelina Jolie’s wedding? I know that they are not necessarily even getting married, and no one has been invited to anything, but pretend for a second that they were getting married, and then pretend that they sent Billy Bob Thornton an invitation, OK, in that case would he go?!? Oh man, would he?!?!” And we just had to guess in the dark, until now. From TMZ:

Billy Bob Thornton tells TMZ … he’d be “more than happy” to attend Angelina Jolie’s wedding (whenever she and Brad Pitt decide to tie the knot) … if he’s actually invited.

Several reports have surfaced that Angie already made the decision to invite her ex-husband to the eventual Jolie-Pitt wedding-palooza. But when we spoke to Billy at the Sunset Marquis last night, it was clear he hasn’t received an official invite … yet.

Well, it’s nice to have that cleared up. Still no word on whether or not Brad PItt and Angelina Jolie are even going to get married, and once we know that it will still probably be awhile before we know who they invite, and they still might not invite Billy Bob Thornton, but if they DO invite him, he would be “more than happy” to go. Not just happy. More than happy. A lot of ifs still, but we are starting to nail down this story.

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  1. I heard he’s going to be the ring bearer and they’re going to just tie the rings to his disgustingly long soul patch.

  2. The real question is would Jennifer Aniston be willing to go as BBT’s “plus one”?

  3. I hope they seat him near Jennifer Aniston’s mom!

  4. Billy Bob is another guy who is giving people the creeps with his hair. PUT A HAT ON IT.

  5. “I shared a tune on the dance floor with William Robert Thornton at my former Paramore Bradley’s nuptials in Southern France a fortnight ago. I recommended he make a purchase of this Antique Ivory Shaving Kit [$14,699.99] and groom himself properly” – an upcoming GOOP newsletter from a similarly “More Than Happy” Gwyneth

  6. I’m okay with my knowledge of the Angelina Blood Vial Necklace; less comfortable with the time I spent watching Hearts Afire. PUT DESIGNING WOMEN ON IT.

  7. I think if it was my job to ask Billy Bob Thornton this question, I would take a long, serious look at myself and ask, “Is the insurance here really that good?”

  8. Will Guy Fieri be catering this star-studded event?

  9. It has to be kind of rough on celebrities to deal with their exes. I mean, if a non-celebrity couple breaks up, they don’t have to see every detail of the other one’s life played out on “the news” and all over the internet. Well, maybe the internet if you remain friends on Facebook.

    I doubt most ex husbands are ever asked if they will be attending the second marriage of their ex wife.

  10. He should go, but as Karl from Swing Blade.

  11. Look, TMZ, I don’t want to tell you how to do your job, but the real question that should be asked is: Billy Bob Thorton, are you making a Mr. Woodcock 2?

  12. This is only kosher if he and Angie give back each other’s blood vial necklaces beforehand. Angie should then give her blood necklace to Brad now, obviously.

  13. If he goes as Billy Bob, I’m guessing there won’t be much of a scene. But if he goes as Bad Santa, LOOK OUT. That guy is liable to do/say just about anything.

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