Star Trek Into Darkness

STAR TREK! Into Raincoats! Historically, I imagine Star Trek was primarily a guys’ thing, but not anymore. For what it’s worth, I do not care for the franchise, but the last movie was super fun and I am excited for this one now too.

A Glimpse Inside The Mind Of Charles Swan III

Huh? Roman Coppola is one of those late-90s early-00s dudes of the Jonze and Gondry generation who has just never managed to distinguish himself in my mind. That doesn’t mean that he isn’t talented or an artist or anything, maybe he is, I don’t know, but his stuff always looks so muddled in that quirky, music video director, aesthetic flash overcompensating for lack of substance thing. This too. It’s like if Wes Anderson made Boogie Nights, and I don’t want Wes Anderson to make Boogie Nights. WINNING!

Upstream Color

This looks really great. Primer was good although I did not love it as much as some people, but it was clearly good, and this looks really weird and interesting and I would like to see it. How do you feel about it?

Sound City

Everyone who obsessively talks about and makes documentaries about what it’s like to be ROCK N’ ROLL should just drop dead. No one cares, you old warthogs. Take a bath!

The Summit

THE SUMMIT TRAILER 2 from Nick Ryan on Vimeo.


Storage 24

I would have loved to have been in the pitch meeting for this movie. “So we were thinking, what’s a location that hasn’t been used for a horror movie before? Storage units! So we were like, let’s make a horror movie in a storage unit. The end.” A plane crash locks people in a storage unit? At least we are starting with a real and believable premise before we bring in the can-opener-hands monster.

Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie

People made this. A bunch of people got together and spent their time and energy making this. Good for them! We should all make stuff. And maybe if we make stuff, people will be more understanding about why we didn’t see the stuff they made without us having to say, “Because it looks like the worst?”

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  1. A Glimpse Inside The Mind Of Charles Swan III looks pretty not good from that trailer, and I have no interest in supporting the career of Charlie Sheen, but CQ (Roman Coppola’s first movie) is one of my very favorite movies. So I will see it and hope for the best.

  2. No Jason Schwartzman do not talk like Mystery the Pickup Artist, be glad you’re one of my favorites

  3. Storage units are really having a moment. (That last one brought to you by We Will Watch Men Do Anything.)

  4. Thank you, Gabe, for being as excited about the new Star Trek as I am. The rest of the internet doesn’t seem to be and it’s making me really sad. I think it might be Abrams backlash and not Star Trek backlash. Really, everyone go watch the movie again! Chris Pine is great! Zachary Quinto is great! Simon Pegg is great! All of them are great!

    Also, it seems that the trend in sci-fi/superhero trailers is they have to be REALLY SERIOUS (thanks a lot, Dark Knight). I hope that it’s only the trailer and the rest of the movie has humor (the same goes for you, Ironman 3).

    • I’m really excited. Like Hunger Games excited for Star Trek 90210: 2. The first movie is so fantastic. And Spock’s super bitchy “Live Long and Prosper” was the greatest!!! Yeah, I really hope this is as funny as the last one. I really love that movie.

      • I’ve kind of watched it an inappropriate number of times since the DVD came out. It made me as giddy as the first time I watched Star Wars. Just so much fun and doesn’t take itself seriously, so therefore I can ignore any silly time travel plot holes or lens flares. Kind of like Doctor Who.

        Completely like Doctor Who.

    • That, and the trailers all have to haBWAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH! BWAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!

    • Seriously, the last Star Trek movie was the best Star Trek Anything since 1982 (or whenever Khan happened) and I am only annoyed that it took them 7 years to make the sequel (because it feels like 10 years!).

      ALTHOUGH, as I was walking home from the theater after the SECOND time I saw the last movie, I passed a coffee shop that is, I kid you not, called “Ten Forward.” Yes, it is owned by ST fans, hence the name (Ten Forward is the name of the “bar” aboard Picard’s Enterprise, for anyone who hasn’t been keeping up). So I stopped in and got a coffee! What could be more appropriate! And I mentioned I’d just seen the movie! The owner curled her lip in disgust. “I have refused to see it,” she said. “But from what I’ve heard, I have many issues with it.”

      So! Who knows what is going on with these people and their so-called internet.

      • You are such a nerd.

        • Whatever. If you went there, you’d probably order the Data.

          • I don’t watch other Star Treks because I like campy sci fi and the reboots were too sincere for me to enjoy. There I said it.

            And I would order the Q because I would assume it would cause chaos and that actually means I would get some bourbon in my coffee. Good stuff.

          • Similarly, I tapped out with the Next Generation. It was all sincere do-gooders earnestly working together. Where’s the zing? Here’s my impression of 98% of Next Gen:

            SOMEONE: If we don’t escape this conundrum, we’ll be killed, and worse — we’ll never deliver the Antaran ambassador to the Symposium.
            WESLEY WHO IS 12: Maybe if we reversed the polarity of the warp core…
            JEORDY: Hmm. I’ll go have a 15-minute meeting with the captain to discuss it in real time, even though it’s all made up.

            Was there even one bar fight outside of the Kirk years? WHO CARES ABOUT SPACE WITHOUT BAR FIGHTS?

      • I guess I should add that I have no proof she was the owner, maybe she was just an employee, so who knows what is going on with me and my internet.

    • Don’t be sad, neverabadidea. I’m really excited about the new Star Trek movie too. There a lot of trekkies out there who are genuinely excited about the vision Abrams has for Star Trek. I’ve seen the complaints about the lack of science, exploration, too much Earth! and all in the name of the greater good.. Well, all that is nonsense. Star Trek is not just ONE thing, it’s many things. It’s always been a science fiction action adventure series/franchise and this movie looks like the best possible version of it.

    • I was already done to see the Stark Trek sequel even before I knew Benjamin Cumberbatch would be talking all sinister in it.

    • I’m sorry, I’m that person, I’M THAT NERD. This to me is just not Star Trek – it’s Battleship: Rise of Promethesus. I get why that is awesome for some people. I won’t stand in the way of anyone’s love but this movie breaks my nerd heart. I’m Ben Wyatt at the party talking about Lord of the Rings with the new Star Trek movies.

      • I respect your opinion. Can we at least agree that Enterprise was The Worst, though? And that anything mildly interesting after that deserves to be praised? AND that if these movies continue to do well, another series is kind of inevitable. And that would be The Best?

      • Well said, I see what you mean, but to me the last movie was closer in spirit to the original 1960s cast stuff than any of the serieses since.* I wish it did not break your heart!

        *The caveat here is that I have seen about 40-50 episodes of Next Gen, 20 of Enterprise, 2 of DS9, and 0.5 of Voyager. That is not an exhaustive study and possibly I just saw all the clunkers, so I might be like someone who firmly believes TOS was terrible but the only TOS they ever saw was “Spock’s Brain” NO NERDO.

        • I saw a parody of the new Star Trek that mocked up its posted with the phrase, LENS FLARES INSTEAD OF HUMANISM. To your point on TOS, as campy and full of bar fights as the original series is, at its core, it was still trying to say something about humanity. For example, as much as it cracks me up when Spock talks to things like cave rocks and whales, there is a sweetness, or a heart behind that idea. The new Star Trek just thinks, oh yeah bar fights, hot alien chicks for Kirk to bang, and EXPLOSIONS YEAH!!! To me, the explorations of what human nature looks like after we enter a not just global, but multi-universal society, is why Star Trek is unique. If it’s just boobs and explosions, it could be generic anything, so why reboot it as Star Trek without anything that made it compelling?

          • *poster
            *other spelling mistakes – I am a terrible proof-reader at work!

          • Hmm. I thought they did a decent job with Spock and Kirk as individuals with personalities, and hopefully the sequel develops their friendship. RE explosions, I feel like Lens Flare Star Trek injected a sense of jeopardy that was missing through Next Gen. Picard’s ship could do anything, it was invincible, it was carpeted. Meanwhile it was also a vast city of families we never saw — with one crummy bar, and not much joking around. There was sweetness to the idealism but it rarely felt like real people dealing with the ideals. This is a very long reply but I thought your statement was worth replying to HOWEVER LONG IT TOOK.

          • Capsulekei,

            I couldn’t possibly agree more with everything you said, except maybe to talk about Abram’s cynicism towards both the idealism and the camp of Star Trek.

      • To be fair, Abrams has said he was basically rebooting Star Wars and also actively hates most Star Trek.

        I do get it. I’m a nerd, I know how it feels when your “thing” isn’t done well. I’m worried about the Hobbit like woah.

        It’s less the Trekkies I’m annoyed with and more the general populace who seem to have turned on this film for no reason except to seem cool.

  5. Only a true 90s kid comes to chat this early in the day.

  6. Oh my gosh! I’ve been so excited about Die Hard 5 that I forgot about the new Star Trek. Now I have two reasons to hope the Mayan apocalypse isn’t real.

  7. quotes not heard in the new Star Trek movie…”This Universe deserves a better class of criminal”…”some men just want to watch the stars burn”

  8. Where is the After Earth trailer??

  9. I’m confused why the Angry Video Game Nerd movie even gets a mention. It’s only audience are the people who watch the guys video game and movie reviews, and while I like his history of horror films series I don’t like his humor enough to watch an hour long version.
    “What are all these fucking boxes doing here?” did make me laugh though.

  10. The Angry Video Game Nerd Movie. From the director of The Innocence of Muslims

  11. I am not a fan of any of the Star Trek shows–my hubs loves them, but I can’t get past how ridiculously dated they look (those crazy wool jumpsuits in TNG??). However, he drug me to the Abrams movie when it came out and I LOVED IT! I am superpsyched for this new one, except I don’t really understand what is happening in the trailer? Is this villain canon? Or something new entirely? Does it tie into the Romulan thing from the first movie? Halp!

  12. I’ll admit I’m excited to see Star Trek.

    I’ll also admit that 99% of the reason is due to Cumberbatch.

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