Eeeeeek! How horrible! Uhhh…At least you’re not in a three-day traffic jam? Something about the traffic in LA, and abou how sometimes it rains there? Something about how we all willingly enter into what feels like a three-day traffic jam every day when we log onto the Internet? Something about…web…traffic? Buzzfeed? I don’t know! This is terrible! (Via NYTimes.)

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  1. It’s important to know when to give up in life.

  2. How many lorries are in a kilometer? I can’t remember.

  3. Pump up the three-day traffic funk jam!

  4. Oh my god, this is worse than Maroon 5!!

  5. How can you have a three day Traffic jam without Steve Winwood?

  6. The traffic is only jammed in one direction. I know U-turns across the double yellow are illegal, but are they, like, gulag illegal?

  7. My life is this traffic jam

  8. “Believed to have been caused by heavy snow”?

    What kind of lazy ass reporting is this? Walk up the line of blocked cars until there are no more cars and see what is occupying the road instead of cars and that, I’m guessing, will probably be the cause. Don’t wait for someone to tweet it at you! #giraffecrossings #girafficjam

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