• Please enjoy this printable DMX “Rudolph” Holiday Card that you can print, color, and give to your only IRL friend who has seen the video yet. “You’ll go down in history…FOREVER…you’ll go down in history…FOREVER…” -RapColoringBook
  • A new episode of Speakeasy is up! This episode’s guest is Aziz Ansari. It’s a very good watch and made me want to type at least 3 hearts but I will resist. -PaulF.Tompkins
  • Bed Bath & Beyond’s Twilight Engagement Ring is something you should just see now because you will obviously be getting one (first item on your gift list). -Dlisted
  • Frankie Muniz was hospitalized last Friday after suffering a “mini-stroke.” The worst part is that he took to Twitter and called himself ‘old.’ Frankie you are not old! -Perez
  • Disney has signed an exclusive deal to stream its movie collection on Netflix. That one scene from Fantasia can still inappropriately terrify you, now at the click of a button! -/Fim
  • Timberlake pageant? TIMBERLAKE PAGEANT. -Rewind
  • Steven Seagal says he’d fight Randy Couture, “any time, any place.” Urelated/sorta related: Is anyone else still a little bit curious about Gabe’s ‘punched in the face’ story?  -FilmDrunk
  • The Hobbit is making some moviegoers feel sick and nauseated. Do you know what makes me feel nauseated? Super Mario Kart! Not fun. Ugh, feel better soon moviegoers. -TheWeek
  • Holly Madison has that radiant pregnancy glow happening. No snark here, she looks better than ever. -TheSuperficial
  • It’s Jay-Z’s 43rd birthday, so here’s “99 Problems” as Performed by Movies. HBD H.O.V.A.! -CollegeHumor
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  1. The Bed Bath Twilight post made me laugh. If it were titled “That’s Your Engagement Ring: Twilight Engagement Ring” and featured more purple and better commenters, it could have been a Videogum post.

  2. Sure, you could spend $3,000 on the Twilight ring at Bed Bath & Beyond, or you could just buy it at Forever 21 for $3.80.

  3. I like that ring too. Thanks for ruining everything twilight.

  4. I was probably not going to see The Hobbit anyway, but can I just tell you guys that every movie makes me sick now, and it’s becoming upsetting. I barfed during “The Hunger Games”. I barfed during all the Bourne movies, and I barfed, then had to go sit in the lobby for a while during “Beasts of the Southern Wild.” The only movies I see in the theater that don’t make me barf are teen dance movies.


    • I’m sorry to hear that!! As you probably know from all your experience :( when your inner ear becomes too confused about whether you’re sitting still or moving, it’s only a matter of time until BARFTOWN USA.

  5. Mario Kart is actually very fun

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