The holiday season is a time to get together with the people you love most, people who trust you because you know them and their strengths and weaknesses better than anyone else, people who have loved you and cared for you for your entire life and who know that you would never do anything to spoil this one time during the entire year when the whole family gets together, because apparently throughout the rest of the year everyone is just too involved in their own lives to come home and visit their poor mom and dad, as if you’d even have a life to be too involved in without them. It’s the time of the year when you get to put on your best pair of #PRANKINGSHOES and GET TO WORK! As we all know, pranks are wonderful little pieces of joy shared between humans throughout the entire year (just kidding) (they are always the worst!) (never ever do them) (you know that), but holiday pranks add a little extra sparkle to the whole prank occasion. For example:

BOOM! Gotcha, nerds. You’ve just been #HOLIDAYPRANKED by a #SNOWMAN. Even if the cameraman had to prompt you to do it. For more examples:

  • Tell your family you’re going to cook Christmas dinner. When Christmas dinnertime rolls around say, “Just kidding!” They’ll say, “What?” You’ll say, “About cooking dinner.” They’ll say, “What? Seriously?” And you’ll say, “Yup! PRANKED!”
  • At the stroke of midnight on New Years, kiss someone other than your date. #HOLIDAYPRANKED!
  • Give a baby a gift for an adult.
  • Tell all of your employees they have to work on Christmas day. “But don’t we normally get that day off?” they’ll cry. “Yes, normally, but not this year,” you’ll say. And then when they show up leave a note that says they don’t actually have to work that day.
  • Give a teenager a donation to charity in their name.
  • Give someone snakes in a can but fill the can with REAL SNAKES!

Well, there you go. Lots of fun stuff to try out. Remember: It’s never too early to prepare for the holidays! (Via LaughingSquid.)

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  1. •Give a baby a gift for an adult.

    All my sister-in-law wants for christmas is legos, so it’s kind of the opposite of that. If I get her an adult gift, is that a prank? Please advise.

  2. I was going to suggest faking your own death and making people think you’re dead for three days, and then being all “surprise, bitches!” But then I realized that’s a prank that’s really better suited for Easter.

  3. All I know is if that’d been me, that snowman would probably have a black eye. (I don’t react well to surprises is what I’m saying)

  4. “At the stroke of midnight on New Years, kiss someone other than your date. #HOLIDAYPRANKED!” this happened to me. as in, i watched my boyfriend make out with someone else, and then we spent the rest of the evening in a bathroom at the party breaking up, with like, all of our friends in the next room. and then i walked home across town crying. i fucking hate new years.

    • I’m so sorry. That’s…amazing?

      Had there been earlier signs that he was a giant asshole, or did he just jump straight to MAKING OUT WITH SOMEONE ELSE RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU? Did he think you wouldn’t notice?

      Also, did anyone else have to use the bathroom during that time?

      • there were two bathrooms at the house, so that wasn’t too much of an issue. but the door to this particular bathroom wouldn’t shut the whole way, so the level of privacy was debatable. luckily i was pretty drunk at this point, so i don’t remember it all too well?

        and, i mean, there were signs that he was “troubled”, for sure. i’m actually still close to this person? it took many years for me to detach / deal with it all / he ended up having to hit super rock bottom with booze and drugs and mental health issues. i was just super taken with him, and should’ve been more careful with not dating total messes that inevitable drag me into the mess / make me into a mess. hahaha, let’s all pretend that i learned my lesson and have not repeated that mistake at least 4 times, and am not possibly doing it again.

        • Noooo. Don’t do it again! Walking away is best for both parties — this coming from a person who spent time as a total mess and lost someone they loved because of it.

    • Last year my boyfriend just didn’t show up. He just “didn’t feel like going out” and didn’t tell me.
      Yours is worse.

  5. The saddest thing about this video is that it captures the beginning of the end for the couple at the forty five second mark. They walked the two miles home from the mall in complete silence. She walked in front of him and even though there was a light but pervasive rain, neither of them opened their umbrellas. At one point, when she stopped to stare slack jawed at the christmas trees for sale on the corner, he reached out and almost touched her hand, but she moved away at the sound of the salvation army bell. “I’ve never known him,” she thought. Weeks later she would do naughty things with the Santa at her holiday Christmas party.

  6. is both Kelly’s and Gabe’s Netscape Navigator homepage.

  7. On Christmas Day Obama should give a press conference. He will talk about how he was a born in a Kenyan village. He’ll invite Fox News and all the conservative/Tea Party/birthers. Give Trump VIP status. End the conference with “Psych! Joke’s on you, not only am I American-born, but all you 1%s are getting higher tax rates next week.”

    Anderson Cooper shows up and pies Trump in the face.

    End of prank.

  8. Give a teenager a donation to charity in their name.

    My brother did this. No, worse, the kid was 12. That’s what a 12-year-old wants… a donation to the Sierra Club.

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