Born to be wild. 2012. No apologies. (Via JakeFogelnest.)

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  1. So much passion! Future member of Krispy Kreme or a jugaloo!

  2. Born to be mild.

  3. Sorry, kid, some of us choose to be different

  4. If you go to Harry Garlick’s Youtube page, there’s a pretty sweet solo a capella cover of Queen’s “Somebody To Love”.

    There’s an original song on there, too, but I’m not going to poke fun at that because he wrote it for a girl he likes.

  5. Say what you want, but he nailed the extended “yeeeeaaahhhh yeeaahh”.

  6. Harry Garlick stinks!

    But is great in Italian food.

  7. Harry Garlick is born to be PRIVILEGED because a lot of white people would kill to be able to wear such a fierce hi-top fade.

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