There comes a time in every friendship when one friend must swallow their pride, reach out to the other friend, and ask for help with deciding what their new rap name should be, because their current rap name the name of a popular chain of donut restaurants and that popular chain called their dad’s house recently and now everything is ruined. That time came for our dear friend Krispy Kreme today. Please listen to his announcement that he took the time to record when he should’ve been at school, and take some time out to help him pick the best rap name out of the six replacement rap names he has come up with. Feel free to leave another suggestion in the comments, as well. If we all pull together I’m sure we’ll be able to figure it out. Love you, KK and MMM!

What Should Krispy Kreme's New Rap Name Be?

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Thanks for voting! I know it was probably difficult! All of these names are pretty good and I’m almost positive that at least one of them could possibly work!

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  1. Duncan Donuts.

  2. “Uh, yes, hello, this is Krispy Kreme, yes, that’s right, the world-famous doughnut factory. Well, sir, we need to talk.”

  3. Crispy Cream

  4. When I was a Teen Trash I used to work at Home Depot with this kid who used to sound and look just like DMX except he was Puerto Rican so we called him PR (because racism?). I don’t know why I just thought of this now instead of in the DMX thread, but If you’re Puerto Rican and thinking of a rap name feel free to steal that.

  5. This is just a crummy day. First, he needs to change his name and now I just heard the Department of the Treasury is investigating Money Maker Mike for counterfeiting.

  6. Honey Dipt’

    MC Sprinkles

    Kuntry Krueller

    Kokonut Kreme

    Rap-berry Jelly

  7. “Some people call me ‘White Chocolate’ because I’m good at basketball.”

    Uhhhh…is anyone else worried that Krispy Kream’s neighbourhood sounds kinda racist?

  8. Das Racist is now available.

  9. He should change it to James for the ultimate in rap music revenge.

  10. Krazee Eyez Killa

  11. Pituitary Gland

  12. Santogold

  13. Chet Haze

  14. THIS IS A TRAVESTY. If anything, listening to Krispy’s raps make me want to go out and buy doughnuts. It’s good marketing! C’mon Krispy Kreme Doughnut Factory, GET WITH IT.

  15. What about Axel F? And also why has Axel F not been sampled more? Is it bacause it’s too tied to the Crazy Frog now? C’mon, beat makers sample Axel F more. For me?

    How about Crazy Frogg?
    Krisp Frogg?
    Fresh Frogg?

  16. He should literally have the name “Psuedonym” but with more rap-appropriate spelling.n Sudonim, maybe?

  17. Koffee Kup.

  18. Jelly Belly

  19. My nickname in high school was Jelly Bean. True Story.

  20. Old Fashioned
    Apple Fritter
    Bear Claw
    Raspberry Danish

    would also have been good choices.

  21. Oh my gosh, those are Krispy Kreme’s actual proposed rap names, and not just Kelly’s funny haha rap names? Well color me DELIGHTED. Also, I vote Jelly Bean Jack.

  22. Crunchy Custard

  23. I don’t know why, but typing the word “Kuntry” makes me feel like I should get detention or something.

  24. Can’t he just call himself Crispy Creme with C’s and be fine? Wouldn’t that solve the problem. Hate to see him change the name.

  25. Krispy Kareem

  26. Wonder Bread. I heard it’s available.

  27. I kept thinking that the video was freezing. But no, little Froggy Fre$h was just getting all emotional. Poor kid.

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