Sometimes it’s fun to go to a party, and sometimes it’s nice to just curl up on the couch and watch a movie. The weekend is really what you make of it. Do you want to get interviewed by Larry King for his web series about how having a kid is going to be “tight”? It’s the weekend! Enjoy it! Do you want to make your own Donkey Sauce with Guy Fieri? Then put on some rubber gloves even though he isn’t wearing rubber gloves, how come you have to wear them but he doesn’t have to wear them, oh well, rules are rules, besides your hands are filthy from partying so it’s not a bad idea. It was the weekend! We were all doing different stuff, man.

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  1. I am glad someone else noticed the glove thing. That raised so many questions for me.

    • Maybe he was chopping jalapeños? I often forget to wear gloves when I do that and then like an hour later I rub my eyes and it’s terrible.

  2. “Drake and Bake, buddy!” *Fist Bump* “Gotta Drake it to Make it!” -select Fieri-Drake dialogue

  3. Oh ok, I finally get all the Rap Game jokes now.

  4. I managed to have one of the best and one of the worst NYC dining experiences I’ve ever had in one weekend!

    The worst: New York Beer Company

    We went for brunch for the ladyblog’s brother’s birthday. It was somewhat early for brunch (11:30) so the place was pretty empty. For some reason it took the server 20 minutes to take our order. Then another 45 to get the food. There was literally 2 other tables in a giant restaurant. Then when the food came the french toast was burnt, the bacon was amazingly both burnt and raw, my “breakfast pizza” was a flatbread with some overcooked scrambled eggs, no cheese, and raw onions, even though I had asked for no onions. There was no apology for the delay and it wasn’t worth sending the food back because we didn’t have another 45 minutes to wait, plus the waiter disappeared for another 20 minutes. The beer selection is very good, but the food experience was so terrible I will never be going there again.

    The best: Empellon Taqueria

    My mom was in town to visit a friend of hers, so last night we all went out to dinner (me, ladyblog, mom, and friend). The ladyblog and I had been there before and it was delicious. This time was equally delicious. But what set it apart was the service. The difference between good and great service is when something goes wrong. There was some miscommunication with the kitchen, and they were out of two of the tacos we ordered. The waiter returned, very apologetic, and offered us whatever other tacos we wanted. Then the hostess came over with free tequila (a really good reposado), then they brought us a whole extra order of tacos. Then free dessert! Then we got the check and all of the tacos were comped! It was truly above and beyond. And that is why I will be dining there many times again and give it my strongest recommendation.

  5. Larry King’s clothes have come back around. They both look like 80′s lady power lawyers. Just add some floppy bows and you’re done!


    I hope it’s a boy and they name it James after Prince Harry’s real father.

    I am too into royal gossip.

  7. I finally finished the most awful book ever. I was going to just quit it altogether, but I hadn’t finished a book for adults in so long that I forced myself to finally end the damn thing. It was dreadful. (The Marriage Contract. Ugh.)

    I also watched Homeland, which is pretty good for propaganda. Does anyone else get that feeling? That the show exists to sway probably left-leaning types to be more sympathetic to the CIA and the Patriot Act in general? I can get over the whole unstable CIA genius who is always crying or Brody’s weird mouth and that he’snot hot enough AT ALL for that character (though the actor is very good at acting minus the mouth thing)… but the propaganda / illegal spying / USA! jingoistic nationalism stuff stuff really irks me. A lot.

    Sorry, I am sure there have been other Homeland posts before but this is a new show (to me) and I can’t get over the underlying message of “losing your civil liberties was in your best interests, liberal Showtime viewers.”

    • You know what is a much much better show? Revenge. Possibly the best show… mostly because of Nolan. And because revenge is the greatest driving motivation of all motivations on TV. Oh how I love Revenge!!

    • I never thought of the propaganda thing. I get what you’re saying. I think it makes the CIA look crazy and dumb more than anything. I mean, sure, I love the show but they are always grasping every last straw and making crazy rash decisions which is entertaining but makes for a lousy gov’t department. Also, I’m left leaning and I’m definitely not more sympathetic to the patriot act I mean if anything it makes less sense since Carrie would drag me in and talk about how much she loves gingers. And then play jazz.Torture enough? Yes! But you may be on to something here.

      • I love jazz. And Mandy Patankin. But when the whole underlying message is “we’re watching you to protect you” and the show in general is definitely aimed at a demographic that is wealthier and more liberal than most, it’s hard to not connect the dots… or color code them and put them on a cork board in my living room. It’s a decent drama — the acting is fantastic and the personal relationships are interesting and realistic — but the bad guys v. good guys nonsense does not sit well with me. And the opener REALLY pisses me off, but that’s mostly because my blood pressure spikes whenever I hear Reagan’s voice.

        • I haven’t seen Homeland, but I feel that way about every single cop/FBI/CIA show and movie ever.

        • Ok. I love jazz too but not the jazz she listens to which is not Thelonius Monk (supposedly her fave) or if it is it’s a really bad cover or has been altered in some way – or just a shitty recording. I hate the jazz they play on the show.

          Yes, I love Mandy Patinkin. I have had a crush on him since he said “My Name is Inigo Montoya…” and I have to say I love his beard and I love him in this show even if it gets a bit ridic. The acting is outstanding and yes the opener is annoying.

    • Life is too short to read bad books!

  8. Maybe it’s because Drake does not want to touch Guy Fieri

  9. I watched Killing Them Softly, not as great as that Jesse James flick, but still pretty awesome. I liked that the political allegory, while obvious (organized crime is just like the regular economy, but in miniature) wasn’t too obnoxious to interfere with the movie’s plot.

    Also, Gyp Rosetti died as he lived: being an off-putting weirdo.

  10. i had a pretty great weekend, i met gabe in echo park at some club’s christmas party, he was really nice!

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