Because great Hollywood ideas come in a minimum of twos these days, the CW is looking to cast a 5’8″ish actress in her mid-20s to star in their upcoming Wonder Woman adaptation. ARE YOU THIS WOMAN?! (Quick Q: 5’2″ is close enough to 5’8″, yes?) (No reason.)

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  1. No thanks, I’m holding out for the CW batman show we all know is coming.

  2. If I wear REALLY tall shoes, then I think I could get the role.

  3. Why can’t it be a tranny?

  4. Is 29 close enough to mid-20s? I still get carded at bars. I’m not wearing tiny shorts and a tube top though, but I am A-OK with underoos on the outside of a pair of tights.

  5. Being that I am 34 and prefer to wear as many clothes as possible, I am probably not the best choice. But! If they recast Sigmund and the Sea Monsters, it would be a crime if I was not the new Sigmund.

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