Are you afraid of death? Specifically, are you afraid of the idea of spending your entire afterlife in a coffin, even though the sheets and pillow seem similar to the sheets and pillow on your bed? Is one of your REAL fears, perhaps your greatest fear, that you will somehow be buried alive and bugs will get into your coffin and you won’t be able to let anyone know that you’re alive, first of all, and second of all you won’t be able to get away from any of the bugs? Like, seriously, that is something that deeply scares you and even just typing it out made you feel a little tense? Well a coffin producer in Ukraine has something for you, my friend! Come on in to his coffin producing place and lie down in a coffin for a while, imagining what it will be like when you’re in their dead, forever. It should put you right at ease!

WHAT IS THAT STORY ABOUT THE GRANDMOTHER? She came over because she didn’t have an attic, so they made her a coffin couch so she could get used to being dead? I’m so sorry and I don’t mean any disrespect to the crew at ITN, but is it possible to get a different translator for this one? Is it possible for that grandmother to get a different family?! “Yes, I spent my entire life putting myself last and my family first, sacrificing whatever I could just to give them a bit of peace and comfort in what can often be a scary world, and then in my twilight years they built me a coffin couch so I could get used to being dead.” Wonderful family. Plz try coffin therapy, everything gets easier with practice. (Via Abroath.)

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  1. This seems a little extreme. I find a little preventative Robitussin everyday helps my fear of coffin.

  2. Just another classic example of why ITN was nominated Independent Production Company of the Year. Congrats, ITN! Keep cranking out the goods.

  3. At Six Flags fright fest this year they had a ride where you get into a coffin and they CLOSE THE LID and then it moves you around and makes noise as though you’re dead and getting buried. I only know this because my husband did it because OF COURSE there is no way I would ever be able to do it.

  4. Cremation, guys. Because being burned to ash is way less scary.

  5. My Italian grandmother was obsessed with death. She used to take me to funeral parlors for fun. Not kidding! She wanted to see what the people were wearing and how they did the make-up etc. She also collected pictures of dead celebs she cut out of magazines. So basically, she was every goth kid’s ideal grandma.

    • My parents called it the “corpse house”! Not kidding!! I didn’t think much of it until I left town and realized that the rest of the country called it the funeral parlor. I swear they went there once a week and did some socializing in the line.

    • I got my grandma some long johns with my first paycheck in high school (Korean tradition to buy underthings for elders with the first paycheck – I was 16 so basically underthings for parents and grandparents was my whole paycheck) and she immediately declared she would set them aside so she could be buried in them (underneath a Korean dress). She’s still alive ten years later, and that’s still the plan, and it’s still a little horrifying.

    • I constantly make funeral plans for myself and tell them to my close friends, because i want that zhit done right

  6. Is this anything like Death Therapy? Because that’s a guaranteed cure.

    Baby steps, guys.

  7. No thanks. I wouldn’t be caught dead in that place. I prefer a normal bed where I can rest in peace.

  8. Nope. No thanks. No way. Nope nope nope

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